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Sleep Needs for Different Star Signs

  • 25 January 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat
  • Aries, need to dull themselves to sleep
    The baby of the zodiac signs are headstrong creatures and, therefore, often suffer from issues related to the head, which can range from depression to mental health issues. Just like their symbol, the Ram. If their usually high energy is not channelized properly, they suffer from sleep issues.

  • Taureans love their beauty sleep but need familiar setting
    Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet representing everything beautiful. They want their clean sheet and soft pillows to sleep well at night. But a Taurean is very set in its way, therefore, doesn't do well with changes, so can get fitful sleep if not comfortable.

  • Gemini's need to calm their minds & chatter less close to sleep time
    Geminis are restless sleepers. Known as the communicators among the zodiac signs, Gemini is very curious and loves to know everything about everything! Because they suffer from information overload, they can be very chatty or cannot calm their minds enough to sleep well.

  • Cancerians need a comforting environment to sleep well
    Cancerians, the home-makers are house-proud folks and look after the well being of their people. But they are moody too and over-sensitive. They are ruled by the moon and this star represents sleep. So a Cancerian may suffer from either sleeping too much or from bouts of insomnia. If a Cancer needs to sleep well, they need a comforting blanket.

  • Leo, the lazy sleepers need space to rest
    Leo, much like the regal lion are lazy sleepers. Ruled by the sun, it is natural for the Leo to love sleep but they sleep best when surrounded by loved ones. Like the king of the jungle, a Leo loves comfort and needs space to rest. Leos usually like to sleep on their back.

  • Virgo, the worrywarts need to take it easy
    Virgos are known to be very organized and disciplined. But their minds are ruled by Mercury. This makes them perpetually finicky and worrisome. They will go over and over again about work, household chores, not letting their minds rest for a minute. Maintaining a diary about their day can help calm them.

  • Librans need to stick to balance
    Librans love balance and being grounded helps them. Their personalities are a combination of spirituality, materialism and homeliness. They love a peaceful and beautiful environment. Librans need to make sure they maintain a sleep time.

  • Scorpio, the night owl needs to meditate
    Scorpios usually love to venture into the unknown and are ruled by the dark side of Mars. They are intense, instinctive and intuitive, and are prone to becoming night owls. For a Scorpio, everything will depend on their mood and they might forgo sleep with their obsessive minds. To ease this habit, meditation is important.

  • Sagittarians need to get realistic and catch more sleep
    Sagittarians love to daydream. They are always on the go and think they can survive with little or no rest. However, their bodies and mind eventually pay the brunt. But there is no stopping them from exploring, however they need to stay realistic and realize they also need their sleep to achieve some of those dreams.

  • Capricorns need to stay practical and not let work overtake
    For the practical Capricorn, sleep is a must do, as they are conscious of health requirements. Sleep is essential and not only do they enjoy it but can often sleep despite noise. But restlessness due to work can cause this workaholic to forgo sleep. This can be a cause of concern to watch out for.

  • Aquarians, the most sleep deprived need yoga
    Aquarians are always thinking. Among the 12 zodiac signs, they are the ones who need to sleep the most. They are always thinking about solving one problem or the other! When trying to sleep, they need to stay away from gadgets too and have an unwinding routine. Yoga is a great solution for them.

  • Pisceans need to sleep to keep their imagination alive
    For a Piscean, dreaming is a medium of healing, of getting away from all the negativity and hustle-bustle of the world. Being the most spiritual among the zodiac signs, they are very receptive to their surrounding and need sleep to stay energized. Sleep is a must for Pisces as it helps them rejuvenate.


Goutham March 08, 2016

Never thought zodiac sign will have some significance in our sleep pattern. An eye opener..

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