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How to have a well-dressed Bed..

  • 02 February 2016
  • By Krishna Kumar N
How to have a well-dressed Bed..

What is the proper way to decorate a bed? Is a coverlet, topper or comforter important? How many pillows are appropriate? These are all questions to consider when decorating a bedroom. While it largely depends on your personal preference, here are some bed basics to keep in mind.

1. Decorative pillows, lend additional support while sitting up in bed to read. They are used behind the night-time pillow to ensure they don't get dirty, while also keeping one’s space looking beautiful at all times. The coverlet is usually a lighter weight blanket or soft quilt of sorts. The comforter or duvet is used for colder nights and is laid upon the top bed sheet when not being used. A topper gives extra sink to the bed and protects the mattress when not in use. A topper comes of great use when you are going out of town, as you can strap your bed with it for extra care.

Eclectic Bed ideas

2. Biggest to smallest, back to front is the rule. If you’d like numerous decorative pillows, use a limited palette so it doesn't overwhelm the room.

3. Sometimes varied sizes and shades of pillows can look interesting. Just ensure the overall look is pleasant and doesn’t look too busy. Play with pillow placement and shapes. For a twist, rotate the back pillows so they are on the diagonal.

4. Play with color and patterns for a more casual look. Simple, clean white bedding can be offset with a highly patterned coverlet for an artistic feel. For a modern look, the palette can be kept simple: grays and white, with strong punches of color.

5. For a more contemporary look, tone down the colour and attend to the details. For a high-end luxury hotel feel, have simple white linens, a luxurious throw at the end of bed and one simple decorative pillow or two completing the look. The straightforward palette comes across as sophisticated and calming.

6. Consider a simple, elegant and tailored, look. A subtle striped bedspread and upholstered headboard create a luxurious yet cozy environment. Some faux fur pillows bring in a bit of whimsy in the rest of the sleek finish.

7. Bedskirt is used to further enhance the elegance of a bedroom. It is a decorative piece of cloth placed between the mattress and the bed box. Especially used in palatial spaces and luxury homes. This is one bed accessory that continues to hold its own amongst the discerning looking for that touch of class.


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