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How to find the perfect be Sleep Happy!

  • 17 December 2015
  • By Shveta Bhagat
How to find the perfect be Sleep Happy!

Okay so you’ve decided to buy a mattress and are familiar with all the big brands calling out to you from all the many hoardings. But how do you know which to pick and what criteria to follow.

After all don’t forget, for every night you need something that is health, friendly and practical too. The uber luxe and springy beds in hotels may not be an ideal choice. Like Actress Gul Panag says, “When I spend more than few days in a hotel I begin to get a neck or back pain as the beds are too soft”.

A bed ideally has to be just right, not too soft or hard. Look into brand names, but don't be too biased. Sometimes brand names are better, but that doesn't mean you should go in for one blindly. A well-known name does not imply quality, though often times there is good reason for such a reputation. The important thing is to test one and figure out what feels best for your own body.

Like Shivani Wazir, the dancer, actor and activist prescribes to a really hard bed, contrary to common belief. “I believe what is natural is the best. Rest is fashion. For me a hard mattress works best and keeps all aches and pains at bay”.

A high coil count doesn't necessarily translate into a higher-quality mattress. Mattresses with interlocking coils have coils that lock together. Mattresses with independent coils have a larger number of coils and are better for light sleepers, because they won't fluctuate as much with movement-especially when your partner shifts or gets out of bed.A mattress should support you in a way that keeps your head, shoulder, buttocks and heels in alignment and allows your spine to curve naturally.

Firmness is also an important consideration for your sleeping posture and selecting the best mattress for back pain. For sleeping on your back, choose a firmer not a softer mattress, but avoid very firm mattresses if you sleep on your side. For sleeping on your stomach, a medium firm mattress is likely to be best.

Also, make sure your mattress comes with a warranty, and preferably a trial period, so you can test it to your convenience. So what are you thinking-time to get sleep happy!


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