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Perfect Pillows for Perfect sleep..

  • 02 January 2016
  • By Aditya venkat

Good pillows, like a good bed help you have a good night’s sleep and recharge batteries for the daily grind. Do not under estimate the importance of the right pillow for health and well being.

Doctors and orthopedics are of the opinion that a pillow could carry infections, mites and if not of the right level and filling, also end up giving you a stiff neck and aggravate serious problems.

But how can you determine if yours is allergy proof and meets health parameters.

We tell you How:

  • Firstly, ensure you change your pillow every two years, as if a pillow has past its time, it could contain skin cells, fungus and dust mites, that are not necessarily visible to the naked eye.
  • Buy a pillow according to your sleep position. Your head should be in neutral alignment, meaning your head is sitting squarely on your shoulders without bending back too far or reaching too forward. Side-sleepers usually need a firmer pillow compared to other, back sleepers thin but filled up for neck support and someone who sleeps on their stomach, a flat one.
  • In terms of filling, check the making. The most common ones are down-feather combinations, foam, or polyester fiberfill. Memory foam and latex pillows have become quite popular in recent years, particularly among people looking for neck support. Micro fiber filling is very fine but good quality.
  • Different Fillings for different peeps- Down feather is considered good as natural and consistent, considered good for the head and neck. Also it is can be soft yet firm. Memory Foam comes in different shapes and people suffering from specific neck problems can choose an S shape. In Foam, higher the density, more the support. Latex which is the firmest kind, is known to resist molds and dust mites.
  • You could  try out a pillow for a week to check you’re not allergic to any material used. If you suffer from asthma or any pronounced allergy, a synthetic filling option is wise. That means a microfiber or polyester filling or even a memory foam would do.

So don’t scrounge on this important element of bedtime. Get yourself a good pillow and Rest Easy!


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