Wakefit Mattress Vs Sunday Mattress

Read below to understand the differences between Wakefit & Sunday Mattresses. Mattress Reviews, Prices etc.,

Wakefit has two models of mattresses. The mattresses come in various thicknesses starting from 4 inches to 12 inches. If you are looking for cheap mattress, with realistic expectations on quality and service then you can go with this brand

  • Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Price starts from ₹ 3,999
  • Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory foam Mattress - Starting from ₹6,999

    Please note that the final prices depend on the size and the thickness. Importantly, Wakefit brand is mostly on discount of between 25-30% all the time. So, if you are looking for a discounted mattress, then you should wait for a festive season to buy the brand.
  • Wakefit mattresses come with different warranty.

  • Wakefit Dual comfort mattress - 7 years
  • Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory foam mattress - 10 years
    For both the models, the warranty clause applies only if the sagging is more than 1 inch. Mattress cover, Zipper etc. are not covered. Overall, the mattress warrant clauses are pretty standard compared to what you normally see in the industry
  • Wakefit has two models of mattresses.

  • Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - This is basically economy/cheap priced product. It is a pretty basic product made of entry level PU foam. The product uses two different types of PU foam so that it is hard on one side and soft on one side.
  • Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress - This model uses a combination of memory foam on top of PU foam. The model also comes with a removal zipper cover.

    Both the models come in various thicknesses and different sizes, such as King size, Queen Size, Single, Double etc., They also offer the products in custom sizes as well.
  • Wakefit mattress is rated on several platforms.

  • Amazon - 4.6 stars
  • Google - 4.6 stars
  • Facebook - 4.6 stars

    Purely in terms of comparison with other brands that are on the market, the rating is more or less in line with the other brands (i.e. most of the others brands have a 4.5-4.7 star rating)
  • Wakefit mattresses come with a 100 night trial period. As per the information on the website, one can purchase the mattress, try it for 100 nights. If they do not like the product, then Wakefit offers a 100% cash refund to the customer.

    As per the website, the company is located in Bangalore and has one showroom in Bangalore. However, it delivers across India including all major metros such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata

    Wakefit runs several offers from time to time.

  • You will find up to 30% off normally on Wakefit and Amazon website. These offers run typically over the weekend.
  • If you are looking for a deep discount, then wait for the big online sales such as Amazon prime day sale or Diwali etc., and you will get up to 50% discount

    Tip: If you are looking for a low priced mattress and looking for a discount, then Wakefit is a good bed. You can wait for the offers to start on Amazon (typically over a weekend) and for a mega sale during the Prime day sale.

    In addition, the company also offer mattress exchange but not too many details are available on the website.
  • Wakefit is available on several online channels. On all these channels, Wakefit runs regular promotions of between 25-30% to make the price cheaper.

  • Wakefit.co
  • Amazon.in
  • Flipkart.com
  • Pepperfry.com
  • Wakefit has one showroom in Bangalore. This showroom is located in Koramangala and is open Monday to Saturday.

    The store in Bangalore offers ability to try the mattress before buying. The delivery will be done as though one has placed the order on their website i.e., you will not be able to take the mattress with you after you place the order.

    Their store are not available in other cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata

    Wakefit can be contacted over Telephone and Email. This is in addition to their social handles

  • Telephone: 9883333123 (They operate between Monday and Saturday)
  • Email: support@wakefit.co

    Sunday Mattresses primarily use materials such as Latex and Organic Cotton. The Latex is LGA & Euro Latex Certified, to ensure both purity and longevity. The top cover is made from organic cotton to provide comfort during summer weathers. We are not the cheapest but we think we are the best.



    Please see the way Sunday mattresses are made. This is the actual footage shot in the actual factory. We need not say more about our products, once you watch this video.


    Sunday Latex Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses
    Sunday Latex Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses
    Sunday Latex Mattress
    Sunday Latex Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses
    Sunday Latex Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses

    रविवार लेटेक्स प्लस 4 गद्दे

    Sunday Orthopaedic Mattress
    Sunday Orthopaedic Mattress
    Sunday Ortho Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses
    Sunday Ortho Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses
    Sunday Ortho Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses

    रविवार ऑर्थो लेटेक्स 4 गद्दे

    Sunday Memory Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses
    Sunday Memory Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses
    Sunday Memory Foam Mattress
    Sunday Memory Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses
    Sunday Memory Plus 4 Mattress - Sunday Mattresses

    रविवार ऑर्थो मेमोरी 4 गद्दे



    The mattress is fantastic! I look forward to a comfortable sleep at night. Thanks for the lovely product.

    Phani Sama, Founder, RedBus

    customer image

    The Ortho mattress is a pleasure to use. We purchased it for my father, who was asked to change mattress by the doctor. We did some good research before choosing Sunday and we are super happy with the purchase

    Varsha Bhatt

    customer image

    Lovely feeling when you plunge on to a Sunday Memory Plus Mattress after a long day of work and especially after adventurous Bangalore traffic.

    Chirayu Buch

    Chirayu Buch



    Latex & Organic Cotton

    Latex & Organic cotton have been the best materials to be used in mattresses. Our products are entered around those raw materials.


    Free shipping

    We ship across the country. We dispatch in 24 hours. Bangalore delivery is 24-48 hours. Outstation depends on the dispatch between 5-10 days


    100 Day Trial, 100% Guarantee

    We offer 100 night trial with all the product. You get a full refund if you are not happy.

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