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Best orthopedic mattress

I am using Sunday orthopaedic mattress from last 5 years and ordered King size for a new COT. Its the same comfort and same quality. If anyone think of buying mattress , Sunday mattress is blind one.

Thank you Priyanka Yadgiri for the positive review!


excellent mattress

Thank you Viraf Kalyaniwalla for the positive review!

Sunday Delight Pillow

Thank you Sumit Behera!

Sunday Mattress

Comfortable to sleep. Protector is a great asset.

Thank you for the positive review, Vijayalakshmi!

Pleasant Surprise - Very comfortable mattress

After using a Kurl-On Mattress for 9 years, we thought that it was time to change mattress. I looked around and visited many showrooms to see mattresses from Peps, Springwell, Kurl-On etc. After extensive reading online, it was clear that Latex mattresses fare better than pocket spring mattresses. I stumbled upon website of Sunday mattress. We visited the only store in Banaswadi and could try the mattress. Several friends and store keepers suggested to go for a tried and tested brand. There were also a few negative reviews online, which was a deterrent. Finally, we went by guy feeling and ordered the mattress. It was delivered ahead of schedule. We have used the mattress for 3 weeks now and are very happy with it. The mattress definitely feels cooler than other mattresses. Every day, we wake up fresh without any body pain. Great job done team! I am a promoter now.

Thank you Vinay Kariwala, We are glad you are happy with our Sunday mattress and hope your Sunday experience only gets better with time. If you still have queries. Please write to us on or contact us on 080 47494649 and we will assist you further

Sunday mattresses and Pillows

We are satisfied with our orders. They are of good quality and comfy. Happy with the service too.

Thank you very much for the positive review, Saraswathi!

Memory plus 4

I was looking for a good budget oriented mattress which would give nice relaxing and soft feeling. I have been using it for 1 month
It has memory form which would reshape itself once weight is lifted and give comfortable feeling.
Just had one small query i have one year baby he did urine couple of time on the bed, will it going spoil the memory form and the bed?

Thank you very much for the positive review, Phaneendra Narayanappa!

To answer your question, if it continues then we would suggest you to go with the protector cover available with us which is 100% waterproof

Sunday Mattress

Very comfortable and we get very good sleep. Thanks for your excellant service.👍👍👍👍

Thank you very much for the positive review, Kasturi S!

Nice Mattress

It's been 3 weeks I have been using the new ortho plus 4 sunday mattress now and my experience has been good. the mattress is soft and at the same time provides adequate back support.

Thank you Ritesh Jha for the positive review!

Sunday Ortho Plus 4 Mattress

Thank you!


So far we are satisfied

Thank you Sunil Kumar for the positive review!

Peaceful sleep

Nice mattress. It reduced back ache.
We are having peaceful sleep. Value for money. Affordable price.

Thank you Nagabhushana MK for the positive review!

as comfortable as it can get

although mine is the basic range it doesnt feel basic at all. right from delivery packing quality to the quality of the materials used is superior. its light weight yet sturdy to hold the weight. just a small suggestion of adding a cloth stitched handle on the thickness side to manuver it easily for lifting in times of cleaning

Thanks Nameet Khakhar. That's really great to hear, thanks for spending time for the long write up. We are glad you are happy with our Sunday products and hope your Sunday experience only gets better with time. Keep shopping with us.

Lovely bed

The new bed form Sunday Mattress is awesome. Very very comfortable. My family keeps asking if the bed is good and keep telling them that my wife and I love it. If one person moves the other person does not know - love it.

Thank you very much for the positive review, Dheeraj Govind Sasi!

Sunday Matress

We are using sunday mattress for 2 weeks now. It is so relaxing and enjoying to sleep in this mattress. Latex in high quality sunday mattress makes a difference.

Thank you so much Jenish Prabhu for the positive review!

Best Investment you can Make

Few Years back I have Bought Sunday Ortho Plus 4 Mattress for my parents and It was an Excellent Mattress and they wer very Happy and Comfortable, Great part about that mattress is 2inc of Natural Latex which is Excellent Natural Materials that's what makes Sunday Mattress different from. Any other Memory Foam Mattress, So Recently I wanted a New Mattress and Again my Choice is Sunday Mattress, But this time I opted for Sunday Latex Plus 4 Mattress, it's Full Latex Mattress and it Amazing, Mattress is Soft and Comfortable and Its an Pleasure to Sleep on this Mattress, For something where we spend one third of our life Sleeping Considering you sleep 8 hrs a Day.. Its an Great Investment, Considering you can get one for an Price of an TV, If you ever planning an Mattress, I Feel Sunday Mattress should be ur Top Choice.
Oh by the way on Special Note,Try there pillows also, it's extremely comfortable, As comfortable as ones you in 5 Star Hotels.

Thanks Utsav Sriram. That's really great to hear, thanks for spending time for the long write up. We are glad you are happy with our Sunday products and hope your Sunday experience only gets better with time. Keep shopping with us.

Sunday Ortho Plus 4 Mattress



Thank you for the review


The sunday matress protector cover very well fits the sunday matress it's best to buy matress cover with every purchase of sunday matress because it protects from spilages and dirt marks etc.................!

Thank you very much Vamshi for the review!

Excellent Product

Kudos to Sunday Mattress team.Excellent and highly satisfying

Thank you for the positive review, Rajagopal Krishnamurthy

AllDay Mattress!!

I got this for my aged parents, till now the feeling is it is not only Sunday mattress! It is Allday mattress.
Excellent service and a honest price.

Thank you for the positive review!

Mattress is Amazing

I get nice sleep on this mattress, its been a blessing to get this mattress, was looking for something like this , had tried many, this one is amazing

Thank you Sanjay Singh for the positive review!

Great Sleep

It's been a month since we purchased the Sunday Ortho Plus mattress for the kids room. The experience has been great so far, however I personally felt the mattress generated some heat. I moved it a bit away from the direct sunlight during day, and it helped. The kids enjoy the bed and are having great sleep. We plan to buy 2 more mattresses soon from Sunday. I really want to try the Latex 🙂.

Thank you Roopa Peters for the positive feedback!

Sunday Memory Plus 4 Mattress

Whenever i want to buy a mattress & protector , i will buy Sunday stuff

For me quality is most imp,
There are very few companies i have been so satisfied with,.
This team has created high quality products, and have the integrity to do what they say will do - like returns, delivery time etc
If you are looking for anything related to mattress go in for Sunday!
Thank you Sunday team - you made my life easier and experience seamless

Kavita Panhans, Pune

Thanks Kavita Panhans. That's really great to hear, thanks for spending time for the long write up. We are glad you are happy with our Sunday products and hope your Sunday experience only gets better with time. Keep shopping with us.

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