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Good Mattress protector

Good material and fits the bed profile well ...though the thickness of the material used could have been better

Sleeping posture: Back sleeper
Age: 35-44 yrs
Customer centric and well thought product

My sincere thanks to Sunday team for taking their time in explaining me in detail about various aspects to look into before buying the mattress. The information given to me was good enough to narrow down my choice of mattress.

I had requested my old coir mattress to be replaced, for which one of your team members made sure to make an entry for my order. Thanks for that.

The mattress was delivered within 28hrs, it's an amazing feat with respect to customer satisfaction.

Everyone in my home liked the new mattress. We all have a good night's sleep now. Thank you for bringing a product which is much superior in terms of quality, comparatively lesser price.

Sleeping posture: Rotate between different postures
Age: 35-44 yrs

I wake up completely refreshed in mornings.. It is great product. Good work guys !

Sleeping posture: Rotate between different postures
Age: 35-44 yrs
Very comfortable

This is one of the best mattresses i have used.

Sleeping posture: Tummy sleeper
Age: 45-54 yrs
5 Star Mattress at affordable price

Ordered one Sunday Memory Plus 4 mattress for one of the bedrooms. The quality and feel is awesome. This was more a trial for me. Now, I am very convinced and going to order more. Thanks Sunday.

Sleeping posture: Rotate between different postures
Age: 25-34 yrs
Lovely Mattress - OrthoPlus4

Loved using this mattress. Best one to use when you prefer for a good sound sleep

Sleeping posture: Side sleeper
Age: 35-44 yrs

Am happy with the product.

Very nice

Comfort sleep

Sleeping posture: Side sleeper
Age: 35-44 yrs
Very good

Having a sound sleep thank you

Sunday Spine Care Plus 4 Mattress
Sleeping posture: Back sleeper
Age: 25-34 yrs
Comfy as Fluff

I had purchased 75*48, 8inch thick, spine care Sunday mattress.

The mattress is absolutely good, specially with Natural cotton type cover at the top which gives adequate cooling as compared to other memory foam mattresses.
Also this mattress has 5inch HR foam, 2 inch memory foam and 1nch natural latex layer at the top, so your takes perfect shape and also doesn't sag while changing positions.
This hybrid combination of memory foam and latex is perfect for absolute comfort.
Also you body rests on natural material.

I had problems of Back pains in my old mattress which was cotton made. So switched to Sunday spine care mattress after reading reviews on social sites.. And yes my back pain has vanished now.
When it comes to cooling, it slightly lags behind pure cotton mattress, but definitely better than others memory foam mattress. So that's my small little suggestion, can improve bit on body heat dissipation. Rest this mattress deserves full Marks.

Sleeping posture: Rotate between different postures
Age: 35-44 yrs
Sunday Mattress Protector Cover

Pure love..:) <3

Excellent pillows

I ordered a pair of pillows from Sunday Mattress after suffering from neck pain on my old pillow. The Sunday pillows are fluffy and soft and are ideal for side sleepers. They provide adequate support and now my neck pain has vanished. I am happy with my purchase.

Sleeping posture: Back sleeper
Age: 25-34 yrs
Geting to sleep early

I'm not a early sleeper. Before buying Sunday latex mattress I used to go to bed every night after 10 minutes not getting sleep. Started using cellphone for hours so that my sleep was not enough for next day.
After Sunday latex mattress im going to sleep early.

Sleeping posture: Rotate between different postures
Age: < 24 yrs
It's good and comfortable

It's very much good and comfortable to sleep and we won't feel and body pain if we sleep on the matter it's good and nice


best in class

Sleeping posture: Tummy sleeper
Age: 25-34 yrs

When I decided to buy a Latex mattress, I checked a few brands and all we're expensive except Sunday. Though I was reluctant in the beginning, I decided to go with it because I was already using their Ortho Mattress for the other room. Well, am happy now. The mattress is great. We love it. The top 3 inch layer is softer than the other brands like MM and the rest of the 5 inches are firm enough to maintain good posture. Better comfort and quality for half the price.

Pillow for neck pain for my Mum aged 61

As we are the farmers ,initially I worried about product cost ,But Due to frequent neck,shoulder pain,due to pain most of the days she never sleep at mid night she used to wake and sit in bed because of pain we checked with various doctor but its a temporary remedy then I started searching orthopaedic pillow suddenly I got sunday mattress product and without worrying about product cost I ordered for my mum, after using this pillow continuously now she is having good sleep without pain. Thanks a lot for sunday mattress..

Thank you for the kind words
Sleeping posture: Rotate between different postures
Age: 25-34 yrs
A perfect mattress for comfortable sleep

Have been using the mattress for around a month. Good mattress with nice foam inside. And, customer service is great. Thanks for the quick service for swapping the mattress to another size.

Dear Chandrababu, thank you.
Sundae mattress

We are pleased with the cosy warm and comfy mattress
All flavours in a cup
Sundae Mattress

Hi Vino! We like the play on the word Sunday, you are tres punny! And why not! We like you to enjoy our mattresses like you enjoy your sundaes. Sunday is good for rest after you have had your sundae. Oh we can go on, can't we? Anyway, thanks for the review and the rating. Please feel free to share with your friends and colleagues about our products. Thank you, Rahul.
Like floating on a cloud

I've been using a Sunday mattress for a year now and found that it gives me an extremely peaceful sleep. I decided to try the mattress upper too and it is now a month since I have been using it. I just wish I had done so earlier. The mattress was comfortable on its own but the upper makes me feel like I am floating like a feather . Sunday products are excellent and worth every paisa spent.

thank you!
Sleeping posture: Side sleeper
Age: 35-44 yrs

Strongly recommend for happy sleep

thank you
Sleeping posture: Rotate between different postures
Age: < 24 yrs

Super mattress

Hi Pavan, Super mattress = super review! Thanks for taking time out and leaving us your comments and the ratings! Please feel free to let your friends and colleagues know about us. Best, Rahul.
Sleeping posture: Side sleeper
Age: 35-44 yrs

The memory plus mattress offered by Sunday mattress is undoubtedly the best. Before zeroing in on Sunday mattress, I did a lot of homework; there are plenty of options in other brands and it is very confusing to decide on the right one. However, Sunday mattress makes it easier by offering only 3 options. Completely satisfied with the product.

Sleeping posture: Rotate between different postures
Age: 35-44 yrs
My Review

I have not been able to use the product till now as I am away from hoe

Hi Chandresh, This one had us in splits! But thank you anyway for the review and rating. Now get back home soon!! Best, Rahul.
Sleeping posture: Side sleeper
Age: 45-54 yrs
Sunday Latex Plus Mattress

Excellent quality ! I was having back ache every morning due to quality of my earlier mattress. Now, the stiff back in the morning is a thing of past.
Thank you for a wonderful product.
- Yogesh Lowalekar

Hi Yogesh, We are stumped! We advertised our other two mattress for stress relief or relieve you from back aches but not this because it is a soft mattress. Maybe this suits your style more and that's why you see it complimenting you. Anyway, just want to say so that the others reading there know that this is not a Too Soft mattress. This is just alright, at a level 5. Not hard nor soft. It's only because we as a society are not used to these kinds of mattresses that we do not lean toward Latex Plus but the 100 nights trial should help you lots. Anyway, thanks for purchasing such a lovely mattress. Have a great year ahead. Best, Rahul.

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