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Sunday Mattresses & Accessories Reviews

Based on 413 reviews
Surprisingly enjoyable! Would highly recommend

We have Sunday Ortho 2G mattress for 2 months now and we are not giving it back! It is the perfect combination of softness and hardness. The foam below gives the adequate support and I love the way Latex takes the shape of the body while lying on it. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a reasonable priced good mattress. The delivery was quick and the delivery staff was cooperative(they even took back our old mattress).

Comfortable Pain free sleep at last

My wife and I are both in our 60's. We have chronic arthritis, and my wife as a degenerative spine disease. One of her colleagues told her about Sunday Mattress and all the great reviews, the return policy, and how inexpensive they were compared to other mattresses. We purchased a King Size Mattress on line.Our mattress arrived in 2 days, as promised. If you want a mattress that helps your body relax, and heal itself from what ever ails you, then this is the ONLY mattress to purchase!! From quality, price, ease of delivery, there is absolutely nothing out there that can compare.

Best sleep we've had in a long time

The 100 nights trial sold me. The traditional mattress we bought 5 years ago ended up failing in the first week we had it and it's been a miserable night sleep up until we got our Sunday last week. I wish they had been in Chennai(4 stars for that reason only) so that I would have got the mattress even faster. Nonetheless it was delivered in 3 days as promised.If you're not sure, you really can't go wrong with the 100 day trial. If you like a hard mattress, this probably isn't right for you and you can consider the other model maybe, but my wife and I have been sleeping on this for nearly 100 days and we have experienced no back pain or discomfort.

We are glad we made this decision..

We got our Sunday about 5 days ago and have been loving it ever since. We had a tough time deciding between Sunday and other e commerce players. After reading a lot about Sunday online, I decided to give it a try. The mattress remains very cool, which is a big selling point for my husband. We had a memory foam mattress before and it got very hot. It's also very supportive, but still has a little bit of squish to it. It's great for me as I sleep primarily on the sides.

Perfect Combination of soft and comfortable top and firm bottom

Your website had enough information to make me feel comfortable buying online. It's good for someone who likes a firmer mattress. And I have a sense of relief knowing that if the mattress doesn't work for me , then we can get a complete refund . The delivery time, follow-up emails are, I feel, remarkable and I would imagine your customer service is as well. You guys do a great job. Keep it up!

It is more comfortable than I expected

I slept on my Sunday Mattress for the first time last night, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I didn't wake up with any back pain like I usually do, and the mattress is exactly what I wanted. Besides being pleased with the product itself, I had the greatest experience with Sunday's customer service. The Sunday team followed up with me via email about the status of my order and I didn't even have to ask for status updates! For the quality of my mattress and the superb customer service, this might be the best money I have ever spent. Thank you Sunday.

Great deal for getting a quality Mattress

Firstly, your business model is unlike any others which immediately drew me towards purchasing your mattress. After years of back pain from my old spring mattress, I thought I'd give Sunday a try. With no extra cost for shipping, I received my new mattress in 3 days in Mumbai, which blew my mind. Packaging was nice looking and proper.The return policy is excellent, even though I will never be using it. After 2 weeks of sleeping on it, I have minimal pain, and I can actually get a full nights rest. You guys are awesome.

This is everything it said it was..and more!!

I have neck issues and lower lumbar with severe arthritis . I had been sleeping directly on a bed base for the last few months. It's just been a week since I am using Sunday Mattress and it has brought a revolution to my sleep. I don't toss and turn the whole night to find the right position to sleep on.The mattress gives great support and the right amount of comfort.We had a great experience from beginning to end. Customer service was great during the ordering process. The delivery guys were courteous and quick. Really can't say enough good things about our experience with Sunday Mattresses.

You can believe the reviews!

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. The ordering process is easy and although you may be skeptical about buying a mattress on line, you don't have to be with Sunday Mattress. Customer Service is excellent and the delivery and set up was very professional. I have had the best night's sleep ever. This mattress has totally exceeded our expectations already. Soft yet firm. I don't know how they do that. The pick up of our old mattress was done with the same grace with which they delivered a new one.In all, a very good buying experience, and for this price, it has an incredible value.

This mattress really makes me happy

I don't write a lot of reviews, but I got the Ortho Plus Mattress about 2 months ago, and it is really exceptional. Having always slept on very firm mattresses, I was worried that it would be too soft. It wasn't. You don't actually notice how good the mattress is the moment you lie down, but after about a minute you realize that all of your pressure points, mine at least, have disappeared, and you feel almost like you are floating. And, when you wake up in the morning, you still feel that way. The only problem is that there is no urge to get up. Just lie there. It's cheap for what it is, if not in absolute terms, but it's a worthwhile investment.

Good stuff

The mattress is good. Their service is better. I had initially ordered a 78" mattress, however it wouldn't fit in the bed (bed specs said 78"). I called Sunday and they asked to raise an exchange request. Very satisfied with the product and service.

Best Latex Mattress that I could find in the market

After reading a lot of stuff online, I narrowed down on Latex Mattresses, given that they do not generate heat and there is no partner disturbance. Sunday Ortho Plus mattress is the perfect combination of firmness and softness. I love how it contours my body yet allows me to move freely without any effort. I am 100% satisfied with the entire experience.It was ordered just at a click of a button, delivery was fast and service was top class!! The most important part is that my quality of sleep has increased dramatically. Sunday has made it so difficult for me to get up in the morning and go to work :P

Great alternative to a traditional spring mattress

I had been using a spring mattress for the last few years. I had a slip disc problem and the spring mattress was making it worse. Few friends suggested Sunday Mattresses. On going through the reviews and the policies(they are as transparent as they could be), I did not think twice before making a purchase. Mattress felt harder than expected initially but I was not too worried because the 100 nights trial period was always there. I tried it for a week and it really helped improve my situation. I no longer get up with back and shoulder pain and also fall asleep quickly. I heard they have started free home demo in Hyderabad too now.

Must buy to keep your mattress hygienic

To test the protector cover, I had poured an entire cup of water on the cover. It remained wet on the outside, but my mattress below was absolutely dry.
The water resistant layer ensures no liquid passes through. Above all it's washable too. It also helps in keeping the bed bugs away(if there are any). I would highly recommend this product if you wish to maintain your mattress well.

The best till now

This padded microfiber material topper is the best that I have purchased till date. It is reasonably priced as compared to the market and has a great quality and finish. Sunday's service is impeccable and they delivered the product in 2 days, as promised. Great job guys.

Best in quality, size & worth for money

The pillows come vaccum packed.Once you unpack it, it become fluffy. I have spent numerous nights in hotels and was looking for one of those comfortable pillows. Being a mattress user of Sunday mattresses gave me the confidence to buy their pillows and they did not disappoint. The best part is that when you lie down on these pillows, the material does not shift to the sides, which I had experienced with almost all of my earlier pillows.

Look no further- you've found the perfect mattress!

After doing a fair amount of research and reading through the numerous positive reviews here, I decided to purchase my mattress back last month.The shipment was fast and well packaged.There’s no transfer of motion with this mattress so you won’t disrupt your partner.I purchased a queen mattress and two pillows and I have not been happier. 0 back, neck, or shoulder pain. These days, I'm asleep in no time, which has never been the case before. In short, this is perfect mattress+perfect price+simple ordering.

Never buy a mattress from a store

For some reason I always thought that the mattress has to be touch and felt before making a purchase. Sunday Mattresses completely changed that thinking. Sitting in Delhi, after seeing their 100 nights trial period, I just placed an order online and the mattress was at my doorstep in 4 days. Initial 2-3 days were hard to adjust to but as we started getting used to it, our sleep started improving day by day. The mattress is hard, but that's what we wanted. The finishing is nice with a white top zipper cover. The mattress was properly packed in 2 layers of waterproof cover. Also, Sunday Mattresses kept on sending the updates regarding our order so we did not have to follow up anytime. It was a hassle free experience.

Out in the market , looking for a mattress?- Give them a shot!!

Right from my first call to enquire about the product, I've experienced arguably the most involved and attentive customer service I've seen. I doubt I would have had a better experience in an offline store. I could not see the mattress before purchasing but somehow I knew that this ought to be good. The product was shipped promptly, and upon arrival I found it to be of the advertised quality. After a week of using the mattress, my wife and I agree that this is the best mattress we've ever owned. The pricing is reasonable as compared to the similar products in the market.

Just what I was hoping for

What a great bed and terrific sales process. I wanted to buy something that didn't require going into a store that would try to upsell me. I did a lot of research and found that the Sunday mattress was literally the best fit for me! I just placed an order online and the mattress was delivered in 2 days, as promised. The first two months sleeping on this bed have been a revelation and I have absolutely not gotten out of bed with any sort of body pain .This bed is neither too hard nor too soft but just right! With Sunday Mattress , I believe I got the best quality for the best!

Gets more comfortable with time, just try it out

I was inclined towards the Ortho 2G model but the sales team had suggested me the Ortho Plus 2G based on my requirements. It took a week's time to get used to this mattress and the journey after that has been smooth. My sleep quality has been getting better day by day. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who is looking for a great comfortable sleep.

Firm, cool and comfortable

I have been sleeping on the floor(with just a mat on top of it) all this time. Due to my back pain issues, the doctor had suggested me to start sleeping on a mattress instead. I was looking for something hard yet comfortable. A lot of people suggested memory foam but I figured out that it has heating issues. While researching online, I found Sunday mattresses. The latex on top of this mattress keeps it cool too. 100 nights trial period was reassuring as it shows the confidence that the company has on its products.

The mattress was delivered on time and till now Sunday has kept all its promises :)

A useful and durable product

I had bought the protector cover along with the mattress 6 months ago. After numerous washes, the quality and the finish is still the same. It also helps keep the bed sheet in position. As the mattress top is white, it really helps me maintain the mattress.

Soft Pillows yet have great support

It's soft but supportive with a nice finish and a prominent blue lining which gives it a royal feel. I hope there were transparent pillow covers available so that I could flaunt these pillows. And it's surprisingly cool to sleep on.

A nice firm mattress, just like we wanted

After using the mattress for a week, my wife and I feel that the mattress is a perfect fit for us. We have much less back pain in the morning and there is no heating issue too like our old memory foam mattress. The price is competitive for such a great quality product. Sunday provides 0% EMI option too which also made us take this decision.

Writing a review after 10 days of usage

I had preexisting lower back pain and can feel that the situation is starting to get better as I use the mattress. The delivery was unbelievable. I really liked the detailed product description that is provided on the website which helped me decide the right product. This mattress is way better than my previous one and I hope that I won't be returning it within the 100 days.

I don't usually write reviews..but had to this time!!

If I am usually satisfied with a product, I let it be and don't make the effort of writing a review. I have slept incredibly well since I have received this product. The mattress is not too soft ..just as I wanted as I don't like the sinking in feeling. But it is just soft enough to give you the required comfort.To be frank, I had purchased this product based on the online reviews and I am glad that I have made the right decision. The mattress was delivered at my place in Mumbai in 4 days. Just wish that they had a team in Mumbai to install it on my bed too :)

Great Comfort

I have slept soundly and have had less back pain since sleeping on my Sunday Mattress. I liked the whole concept of 100 nights trial period which makes it a low risk one. The mattress is soft but comfortable and it provides adequate support. My back pain issues and frequent body aches have disappeared. Thanks Sunday.

Same as advertised

The product and service are exactly the same as Sunday mattresses advertise. Probably one of the very few brands doing that these days. I wanted something hard as I have been used to coir mattress but was also looking for longevity as all my previous mattresses didn't last for more than 2 years. This promises to last for 6-8 years so that impressed me. The service was nice where they kept me updated about the delivery and I never had to follow up with them. Great experience

Good one

I was actually looking for a washable mattress top cover(four side zipper cover) which Sunday rest is not providing it currently. Since the top cover is not washable, we ended up making it completely dirty. Washing it over the dirt place too doesn't help. So finally purchased this one to protect the mattress. So far so good as with other Sunday rest products, it's washable and feels worthy for your paid bucks. But I would suggest Sunday Rest to consider selling washable/new mattress top cover.

Blown Away

As we are expecting our first child, we needed to move on from our old spring mattress and needed a comfortable bed for my wife. After a lot of research and going through numerous reviews, we decided to buy the Ortho Plus mattress. As we are still waiting for our bed base, we just laid down the mattress on the floor and started using it. The comfort and support is mind blowing. It is a pleasure to see my wife having a great sleep in this condition. The service is on time and the company delivers what they promise.


The product is a great value for money. The warranty of 10 years and the 100 nights trial period shows the confidence that the company has on their products.The delivery service was great. They give you a specific date and time slot that you will be available and the mattress was delivered accordingly. Also, the interest free EMI option takes care of the financial part. A great overall package.


This is our second mattress purchase . The service quality was as good as the last time. The mattress is a bit firmer as compared to the Ortho Plus range but given the fact that our parents would be using it for most of the time, this one would be a better fit as suggested by the Sunday team. Would definitely recommend Sunday to anyone looking for a mattress


I had always heard about "hard mattress and thus great support". So I was a bit skeptical about going for a medium firm mattress for my lower back pain issue. After using it for a month, the mattress has turned out to be really impressive. There is a huge improvement in my back pain issue and my sleep quality has become better. I wake up much easier in the mornings. Great service too!

Great Experience

I had a great buying experience with Sunday Mattresses: the product quality, on time delivery and well behaved staff. I hope these guys made such good bed bases too: just a suggestion :)
About the product, it is beautifully designed, the zipper cover just makes it easier to maintain. It took us a week to get used to the product but after that, we have had a nice sleep(have been using it for 7 months now)

Luxury Pillow

The luxury pillows are big and comfortable. 2 of them completely cover the width of my bed so there is always a pillow below my head(I toss a lot during night). The quality is nice and the pillows look durable too.

Bought this for my parents

As mentioned on the website, the mattress is a good fit for elderly people. My parents(both above 70) are satisfied with the support they get from this mattress and that makes me happy ultimately. Sunday had delivered the mattress in 2 days, as promised and the delivery staff even helped us remove our old mattress too.Great customer service I must say

Ultimate comfort

The Ortho Plus model has that plush feeling that I was always looking for. I had tried various pillow top and all mattresses before but could never get the required softness that I was looking for in a mattress that comes in my budget. Ortho Plus is reasonably priced plus I had the cover of 100 nights trial period so I did not think twice before investing in this product. Would definitely recommend Sunday to my friends and family.

Nice Product

I was waking up with lots of back pain when sleeping on our old mattress. A friend suggested buying the Sunday Mattress which comes with a 100 nights trial period option. It was easy to decide as they have only 2 models. I chose the softer one the Ortho Plus, which gives the required comfort and at the same time, my back pain issue has vanished. The delivery team was really patient and had shown me other accessories also at the time of mattress delivery.

Worth the price

I always used to buy cheap pillows from supermarkets before. Never knew a pillow can also play a part in the quality of sleep. These pillows are well designed and provides good support to my neck, as I am basically a side sleeper

Time to invest in sleep

My persistent back pain issue at the age of 35 made me realise that rather than investing in a new phone, I should be investing in a new mattress. While researching for the mattresses online, I came across Sunday Mattresses. Some friends from office also had recommended the same. Got the mattress delivered in 2 days. I have been using it for a month now and the sleep quality has really improved. Great product , amazing service. Also availed their EMI facility; that's a good option

Back Pain Gone

Great product, great service, great price. My back pain every morning due to spondylitis has disappeared. The mattress is firm enough for great support and has the right softness that just makes me sleep like a baby.

Just wow!!

I love everything about your philosophy and brand. Then the cost is reasonable. The product came sooner than expected. And I LOVE the bed. It is so comfortable. We're going to order another for our guest room, probably the Ortho 2G model.

Good Product

The firmness of the mattress makes me feel comfortable to sleep, which is the key point I was concerned about.It has the right sink. The sales support is very well informed and helped me at different stages to choose the product. I wish they would have delivered it themselves as Bluedart is very unreliable regarding their services

Comfortable and Affordable

This mattress is far more comfortable than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, considering the reasonable price.The 100 nights trial period and free home delivery are icing on the cake.

Heavenly Mattress

What wonderful experience. The 100 nights trial period is just amazing. We bought the Ortho Plus mattress and it is perfect. The delivery was right on time . The people I spoke to before making the purchase were extremely helpful and did not try to "sell" me a mattress. We could not be happier with this experience. Great initiative by Sunday in this field.

So Happy

By far the best mattresses I have ever purchased. I have never slept better. Sunday's customer centric approach is something that should really be appreciated. They followed up with me religiously and patiently answered all my queries each time. Just having 2 models to choose from makes it easier as a customer to decide. The quality seems to be great and I am sure it would easily last for a decade.

It's been great

I just liked the whole concept of 100 nights trial period. Such a simple yet amazing concept. You sleep and decide, that's it. The product has a great finish too. Right support. My back pain issues have just evaporated and my overall lifestyle has improved because of the great sleep. Can't thank Sunday enough for that

A Great Experience!

I was hesitant to buy a mattress online but went ahead and made the purchase with Sunday. Though I live in a high rise, the delivery guys placed the mattress till my bed and had set up everything including the protector and the pillows. Very professional I must say.

It is a great feeling to wake up refreshed every day without any aches and pains. I have been telling all my friends and relatives to check out Sunday Mattresses before they make any decision. The 100 nights risk free trial just makes it much more effective.

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