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Woman practising yoga on Sunday Mattress

We Could Have Done It In 12 Days
But We Took Over 12 Months

We knew that existing mattress choices in the market were either uncomfortable or expensive or harmful. While we could have re-branded or white-labeled an existing mattress in less than 12 days, we chose to pursue a more ambitious goal.

Our journey in search of a delightfully comfortable, affordable and health-friendly mattress took us over 12 months - in order for us to research the entire supply chain and to re-engineer the mattress inside out starting from the composition of the foam to the fiber used in the fabric.

Design Blueprint of Mattress
Design Blueprint of Mattress

No Stone Unturned

We put together a crack team of sleep ninjas from four different countries who traveled across the globe; spoke to numerous vendors and researched countless products over several sleepless months. When our team was not happy with the quality of fabric available in the market, we worked with experts to design a custom-made cover! All of this and more, just to build the most comfortable mattress available in India.

Weather Proof

We hate summers just as much as you do and wanted something that can help us sleep cool. So, we put our mattress to the test during the summer of 2015 in Bengaluru and in Hyderabad to make sure that there is no issue with hot summers as is typical with spring, PU foam and memory foam mattresses.

Couple eating on Sunday Mattress

Spine Support

This was a tricky one. Although latex is great for Indian weather, it has too much of a springy feel. To fix this, we got our foam custom-poured so that it is medium firm and has an ILD rating of 29-32.

Couple lounging on a Sunday Mattress

Best-in-class Materials

Our mattress is proudly made in India with world-class materials sourced from passionate entrepreneurs who are driven by a commitment to deliver unremitting quality. For example, our latex comes from Belgium - from one of the most advanced factories in the world. While we could have also sourced it from India, we found the density and consistency of latex was not the same! What's more, Sunday's premium quality covers are made by a manufacturer who makes garments for one of the most renowned fashion labels in the world.

Sunday Mattress & Pillows Front View
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  • Euro Latex Foam

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  • Oeko Tex 100 Fabric

Real Human Testers

We were shocked that most mattresses in the market today were never actually tested by real humans! So, we went ahead and enrolled our friends and family as our laboratory guinea pigs. After repeated tests and iterations with different combinations, we knew, with Sunday, we reached our goal of making a ridiculously comfortable bed.

Very Comfortable Sunday Mattress
Sunday mattress comes with 100 Nights Trial

Because Your Health Matters

We spend a third of our life on a mattress. However, unlike the West, India does not have stringent regulatory processes to check for the presence of harmful chemicals in your bed. Because health matters as much as comfort, we took the initiative to make sure that the fabric cover and the latex used in a Sunday mattress adhere to international guidelines and benchmarks.

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