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Here are the terms and conditions concerning the mattress exchange offer. Please read all the details carefully: 

  • Mattress exchange is valid only when you are exchanging your current mattress for a brand new mattress from Sunday Mattress only
    • This is valid only for Bangalore customers at the moment
  • A Sunday Mattress needs to be ordered first and the exchange bonus is given at the time of delivering the new mattress
    • You can only exchange one mattress for each Sunday Mattress purchased. e.g., if you are buying 2 Sunday mattresses, then you can exchange a maximum of 2 of your existing mattresses only. 
  • Your existing mattress will be inspected first for the following. As, we donate these mattresses, we will not accept any mattress that we consider to be a health hazard
    • No bed bugs
    • No excessive stains or odours
  • Upon inspection and acceptance, we will proceed to offer a Sunday gift certificate (which will be emailed to you instantaneously).
    • You can redeem this gift certificate only against purchase of Sunday accessories. This gift certificate is not valid against purchase of mattresses
    • If the mattress were to be returned as part of the 100 Nights trial, then the entire value of the gift certificate will be deducted from the refund amount. 
  • Mattress exchange program does not apply to the following types of mattresses:
    • cotton mattresses (irrespective of size or thickness)
    • all mattresses that are less than 4 inches thick and
    • any mattress that is less than 72 inch in length
  • The value of gift certificate will be as follows
    • Single Mattresses (all mattresses that are between 30-40 inches wide) - ₹499 Gift certificate
    • Queen Mattresses (all mattresses that are between 41-65 inches wide) - ₹799 Gift certificate
    • King Mattresses (all mattresses that are at least 66 inches wide) - ₹999 Gift certificate
  • This program can be combined with Referral program, 0% EMI 
  • Sunday Mattresses reserves the right to withdraw the program or change any aspects about the program without any prior notice 
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