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Comfort mattress

Product provided confort,
we get perfect sleep without any disturbance. but the size is little less like it is 70×75.


Best product, value for money. Now sleeping more time comfortably.

Sunday Delight Pillow

Matters protector cover

Good material but not perfect fit I think so 😶 but it's ok

Great pillow

Soft yet retains shape, full night of sleep.

Top quality mattress, good customer support, fast shipping.

I ordered the Ortho Mattress. Offers good support, ideal level of firmness, absorbs body heat well. Pricing might be tad too expensive, but I felt it was decently priced for the quality they are offering.

I initially ordered the memory form variant of the mattress, i had heat issues with that, contacted the customer support and they offered return of mattress or exchange and upgrade to the Ortho variant. I decided to upgrade. Though I had issues with the memory form variant, the quality of it was good.

Also got a free pillow with the mattress, I would rate the pillow as average.

Customer care is quick to respond, so thumbs up to that as well.

Satisfactory purchase.

We are very satisfied with the product.

Fulfilling sleep

I am using Sunday mattress for the last 3 months and my sleep from then on is very fulfilling and complete

Superb Matreses

Matreses is so good i am sleeping well since I started using this mattress 👌👌

this is excellet

very comfortable for sleeping

Orthopedic Mattress

I bought this product after reviewing it online. It got all good feedbacks. I visited the store to take look and then I bought this mattress. I am really impressed by its quality and value for money compared to other leading brands. It's worth buying this mattresses. Highlight of the product is 100 days trials if you are not satisfied they will take it back. No question asked and 100% refundable. I am really enjoying this mattress and I recommend others to buy to feel the happiness of the sleep

Best ever mattress

The best ever mattress I feel like sleeping in 5 star hotel bed...good sleep provider...relieves all the stress both physical and mental

Sunday Delight Pillow

Head in peace

B(p)illow as I call her ... love to sleep and wake up in her hug.... dreams just got sweeter

Sunday mattress Ortho plus 4.

I am in proud possession of Sunday Ortho Plus mattress 8" height, 72×60" for nearly 2 months. Sleeping experience till now is nice. Waiting to get over the 100 days mark. The product is worth recommending to others.

Finally a pillow am happy with !!

Thank You !! Enjoying the comfort and luxurious feel of the Sunday Delight "Luxury" Pillow ... so glad I decided to get one. Now need to place an order for the next . Just one suggestion though ... it would be wonderful to have pillow covers also sold in basic colours since this size is an odd one which is not available in any of the branded bed linen stores. Thanks, again

Sunday Ortho Plus 4 Mattress

Perfect Choice !

It's a great feel when you really experience the luxury of a well manufactured mattress. It's soft , compact and adds the right balance to the body. I would highly recommend all to go with Sunday.

Pillow for everyday use

Second time purchase and very happy with the pillow, would however want one additional feature if this can be washed :-)

Nice sleeping experience

Very comfortable. We are having quality sleeping experience with Sunday Latex Plus Mattress

Excellent Product

Purchased a queen size mattress and 2 pillows. The products are simply awesome. No more pain while sleeping. Wake up feeling absolutely well rested and fresh. Am very grateful for Sunday Mattress and Pillows.

Sunday Latex Plus -- Great Comfort mattress + Awesome Customer Service

We bought Sunday Latex Plus 4 - King Size 1.5 months back with online order.
The mattress was delivered next day itself with good packaging.
Though mattress turned-out to be smaller in size [our mismake while ordering], Sunday team replaced the mattress in next 2 days without any issues.
Overall mattress is good comfort and improved sleep quality.

Sunday Mattress no IT’s an Everyday Mattress

We have had a very pleasant experience right from online purchase ... prompt delivery by a pleasant team. The mattress has exceeded our expectations and we’ve been having uninterrupted sleep in the cool mattress.

Best mattress ever

i was searching for one of the best mattress to buy which can be hygenic and last long . when i was doing my research i found that latex mattress are the best ,it is natural and avoids heat .so was searching for a good company which can give latex mattress . fully latex is costing too high price. so i finally saw this option in sunday mattress 8inch mattress in that 2inch is latex (which i needed) and then 6 inch with 70d foam. and main thing is its cover is fully of 100% organic . so i was happy with the specs. so i went for it . now i used it for almost 90days. belive me its so soft and cool . my back pain reduced a lot. wen we lie down it aligns as per our body and getting a very nice comfortable sleep. now in summer time also i feel the bed is not getting heated up. i waited so long to give a review only because i wanted to see how it is during summer time. and i am really happy with its performance . thanks to sunday mattress for delivering a quality product like this. pls keep the things going on and on so that more people will be getting benifitted by sunday mattress . my whole family liked it and they enjoy sleeping in it every single night with a smile :-)

Thank you S Ramesh Kumar for the detailed review on our Sunday product!

Very Comfortable mattress

This mattress is really comfortable. I had some backpain and it seems to be gone now. It helped me to get better sleep after I started using this mattress. Its been approx 2 months of use and I did not experience any issue with quality; look to be good quality mattress. I think it is a quality product.

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