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2 inch latex +2 inch memory is the best combination for the othro plus 8inch mattress

Hi Ravi Hooda,

Thank you for your informative review!

Very Good Product

The pillow is perfect, soft and cosy as expected

Hi Pankaj GUpta,

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Matress Protector Cover

Perfect size, smooth and high quality product.

Hi Shiva Krishna Nallabothu,

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Love each bit of it ....the way its packages ....delivered....the comfort all in place. Difficult to wake up in this comfort ...wonderful work team Sunday matress ...keep it up


We are delighted to know this, thank you for your review!

Its good as expected and described on the website

Fluffy, soft and comfortable. Highly recommended.

Hi Asif Raza,

Thank you for you review!


Good product

Hi Balaraj V,

Thank you for you review!


We are enjoying the protector cover. It’s quality is excellent. Thank you.

Hi Thomas Daniel Christudas,

Thank you for your review, we are glad to know that the protector cover works well for you !


The mattresses are really comfortable and have been getting a really good sleep since

Hi Sonal Harlalka,

Thank you for your review, we are glad to know that our mattresses provide you good sleep and comfort.

Good product

I liked it. Price is little on the higher side.

Hi Abhinav Goel,

Thank you for your review, will take your feedback into consideration.

Value for money

Good choice and worth for the money paid. Getting a perfect and nice sleep


Thank you for your positive review !


Good quality.

Hi Mallesha Shivamurthy

Thank you for your positive review !

Good product

Very organic product feels very natural

Hi Vikram,

Thank you for your review!

best value product

for me matress is best but i has extra factor that is have a good company and great value

Hi Shashidha,

Thank you for your positive review !

Very beautiful

It's great mattress, i really liked it

Hi surekha reddy,

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Must buy!

Very happy with the matters and pillows. Thanks Sunday:)

Hi Manju H ,

Thank you for your positive review !

Good Pillows

Happy and delightful

Dear Nandan Somashekhar,

Thank you for your review !

Kids bed

We have been using Sunday mattress for more than 5yrs and when it was time to chose a mattress for our kids bed we did not think twice and bought a single mattress for kids bed. Really like the comfort that is provided and have not faced any issues till now.

Hi Prem Tilak,

Thank you for you review, It is always great to hear from our existing customers. We are glad to know that your kids enjoy the mattress!


Lovely mattress

Dear Nirav Kothari,

Thank you for your review !


My sleep is complete after using Sunday mattress

Dear Dr Ravi Ramachandra,

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My Dream Mattress

When I slept on it for the first time, it gave me the feeling Yes, this is what I was looking for.

Hi Priya Singh,

Thank you we are delighted to know that, thank you for your positive feedback!

all in one protector

Awesome Jabardast my cat peed on the mattress but thanks thanks for the mattress protector but it didn't leak to the mattress very nice material thanks for Sunday mattress

Hi Zaid Assadi,

Thank you for your detailed feedback, we are glad to know that our Sunday protector cover work well for you.

Great Experience

I am using the bed for 4+ months now and I must say it is good. Also, it was great experience with the store people.

Dear Amit Chowdhury,

We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a positive, we are happy to know that our services and products have been satisfactory

Sunday comfort with Sunday mattress is excellent

Sunday mattress is excellent in comfort in all week days and especially in Sunday because its feeling of smoothness.

Hi Sriharsha pilimetla,

We are very happy to know that , thank you for your detailed and positive feedback!

Lovely product

I bought it for a friend who was not able to sleep well. It has worked great for my friend who claims to be sleeping very well now. Thank you Sunday mattress!


We are glad to know that our Sunday delight pillows work well for you friend. Thank you for your positive feedback.

Sunday Memory Plus 4 Mattress

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