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Outrageously comfy pillows
designed for the Sunday mattress

  • 0.7 denier super microfibre for extra softness
  • 50% more filling for longer pillow life
  • Dimensions: 18"x27" & 20"x36"
  • Hypo allergenic pillow
  • 220 GSM microfiber fabric for pillow shell
  • Royal blue piping for premium look
  • Price mentioned is for one pillow

Designed Specially For The Sunday Mattress

An outrageously comfy pillow with the finest filling designed for the Sunday mattress.

Recommended for:

  • - Side Sleepers
  • - Back Sleepers
  • - Tummy Sleepers
Sunday pillows are designed for Sunday mattresses

Super Soft & Long Lasting

We use the 0.7 denier, the softest microfiber available and put 50% more filling than regular pillows, making the pillow soft as well as giving it longer life without flattening out.

Sunday pillows last longer with extra filling

Tested For Comfort

The Delight pillow was developed after testing with various materials and fillings. All to get the most ideal pillow configuration that is comfortable for all sleeping positions.

Sunday pillows are comfortable for all sleeping postures

Weather Proof

We simulated rigorous weather conditions to ensure that the Delight pillow is long lasting and true to form.

We tested the pillows to be suitable for all weathers

Hypo Allergenic

The filling is treated to make sure that pillows doesn’t become a home to bugs.

Sunday pillows are hypo allergenic

Wash Care

The complete product is machine washable ensuring that the pillow remains hygenic for every day use.

Washing care instructions for Sunday Pillows

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Arijit A. Arijit
Soft Pillows yet have great support

It's soft but supportive with a nice finish and a prominent blue lining which gives it a royal feel. I hope there were transparent pillow covers available so that I could flaunt these pillows. And it's surprisingly cool to sleep on.

Rahul R. Rahul
Luxury Pillow

The luxury pillows are big and comfortable. 2 of them completely cover the width of my bed so there is always a pillow below my head(I toss a lot during night). The quality is nice and the pillows look durable too.

Kapil K. Kapil
Worth the price

I always used to buy cheap pillows from supermarkets before. Never knew a pillow can also play a part in the quality of sleep. These pillows are well designed and provides good support to my neck, as I am basically a side sleeper

Aradhya A. Aradhya
Best pillow!

I have tried so many pillows and I have not liked any of them.Sunday delight pillow wins hands down.The combination with the Sunday Mattress is amazing

Gagan G. Gagan
Perfect fit!

The pillows are a great fit for Sunday Mattresses. It has the right amount of thickness and a soft nice feel about it.