No, machine wash is not suggested for Sunday Mattress Topper and Sunday Delight Pillow. Sunday Mattress Protector cover can be washed in a machine. Here's how you can wash the protector cover: 

1. Mattress protector can be put in machine as it is.     

2. Fill the washing machine with lukewarm water.   

3. Add mild detergent. If you want to add any bleach, please add only natural bleach as artificial bleaches might be irritating to the skin.

4. Run it through a regular wash cycle in the washing machine or gently hand wash them.

5. Take care not to completely dry in the dryer under extreme heat.

6. Remove your protector cover from the dryer while there is still a little bit of moisture and hang it to dry in natural light and air.


If you have any questions about caring for your accessories, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.