Home Demo is available only in Bangalore. If you want to touch and feel the mattress before you buy but too busy to come down to our experience centre in Dodda Banaswadi (on Outer Ring Road), or call us to find out about demo.     

Here are a few things that you may want to know -  

1. Home Demo is free of charge and without any obligation to buy a mattress from us.

2. Once you book a home demo using the link above, we will give you a call and schedule a time with you. It typically happens within 2 days (not counting public and national holidays) of booking the home demo.

3. We will bring three demo mattresses to your place and will lay them on your cot or any firm surface, for you to try the mattress.

4. Our sleep expert will be on call, in case you have questions about the mattress

5. If you need help measuring your cot etc., our demo team will be happy to assist you.

So, why wait. Call us to find out more about home demo in Bangalore.