Once a return is accepted, we initiate the refund process within 2 business days. Depending on the channel that was used for payment and mode of refund, it may take up to 7 working days for you receive the refund.     

For all mattresses ordered online, we refund the amount back to the same account that was used to pay for the order. However, if the refund is happening after 30 days, refunding the amount back to your card may not be possible. In which case, we will initiate NEFT transfer to your Indian bank account. 

In case the order was paid for, using cash-on-delivery or card-on-delivery, we process the refund through NEFT transfer.

In exceptional cases, where the customer does not have an Indian bank account and we are not able to credit the amount through other means, we will mail cheque/Demand Draft to the customer's address in India.

Refunding in the form of hard cash or issuing cheques/Demand drafts in non INR currencies is not possible.

We recommend that you read all the articles that are part of the 100 Nights Trial program to make the best of this program and to be aware of all the details. We especially recommend reading the exceptions policy to the 100 Nights Trial.

Content in this article is for informational purposes only and by no means presents a legal contract. Please write to us at hello@sundayrest.com if you have any questions or need clarifications.