We believe in honest pricing. It is easy for us to increase the price and then offer a discount. Most of the brands and even retailers who sell online, follow the same tactic. We do not want to go down this path.      

We have one price irrespective of how many products you buy, and irrespective of whether you bargain or not.

We have one price throughout the year irrespective of whether it is festive season or not.

For example, we sell our Latex Plus mattress (King) at Rs. 46,999. A similar product in the open market might cost as much as Rs. 75,000. So, we could have done it in one of two ways - sell directly at Rs. 46,999 and be upfront about it or price is at Rs. 75,000 and throw unwanted freebies worth Rs. 10,000 or give a 20% discount or something similar.

We believe that the first approach is more efficient to both us as a business and you as a customer. 

We know it is hard to be operating in India especially online without offering a discount, but we want to build an honest relationship with our customer based on trust and not based on fake discounts. So, be rest assured that we have the best mattress at best price in the market with amazing service.