Latex foam is known to be one of the most expensive raw materials that can be used in mattresses. It is 2 times more expensive than memory foam and 4 times more expensive than PU foam. The reason is that Latex foam has some properties that make it very sought after material to be used in mattresses.      

First and foremost, latex foam uses fewer synthetic raw materials as compared to PU foam and memory foam that use 100% synthetic composition.

The second reason, why latex mattresses are preferred is because of their ability to work well in different climatic conditions. Most mattresses tend to heat up or just become plain uncomfortable to sleep in during summers or winters, but latex mattresses continue to be comfortable.

The third reason, why latex mattresses are preferred is because of their consistent feel. For example, spring mattresses have hundreds of spring components and it is impossible to make the tensile strength of the each of the springs the same. So, spring mattresses feel different in different places. Good latex mattresses on the other hand feel the same in all places on the mattress.

Last but not the least, is the fact that latex foam lasts long, really long, as compared to other foams/springs. The simple reason is latex is nothing but rubber which is a naturally elastic material. Where as, other materials for e.g., spring is made of iron which is naturally not elastic material and hence sags quicker.

Best latex mattresses, work in all climatic conditions be it summer or winter, healthier, feel comfortable and last a good 10 years. 

So, how do you spot a great latex mattress? There are several certifications such as Euro Latex, Oeko Tek and LGA that attest the quality of materials. Read more about the certifications that we qualify for here.

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