We are the first domestic brand and probably the only one available in India, that has sought to use certified (from a health & safety and a longevity point of view) raw materials for our mattresses.   

The fact of the matter is that any product (be it food, apparel, automobile) that comes out of a factory is bound to have remnants of unwanted chemicals. The key is to make sure that these unwanted things are within permissible limits.   

Even though mattresses have to adhere to very high standards in the west, there are no such requirements in India. However, Sunday has taken a voluntary standard to adhere to some of the requirements. 

Here are the three types of certifications that our raw materials adhere to - 

  1. Euro Latex Certification - This certifies the Latex is free from the presence of any harmful chemicals, pesticides, and extractable heavy metals. More here.
  2. Oeko Tex 100 Certification - In layman's terms, it is similar to the Euro Latex Certification but done on fabric. More here.
  3. LGA Certification - To test the longevity of the mattress core. Please note that this is certification is valid for our full latex mattress. More here.

We recommend that you read all the articles in the product quality and certifications section to get a complete picture. Please drop us a line on hello@sundayrest.com or call us on 08047494649