We receive requests for refunds and we are as prompt with processing the refunds as we are with delivering mattresses on the same day.       

Most of our refunds are processed without a glitch. Less than 5% of all the mattress we sell are returned. Most of the refunds are without any problem as we ensure that the policy is clearly communicated to the customers and also want to prevent the misuse of the policy (which only happens very rarely!)

However, in some cases, we have had to refuse refund/swap because it was clearly outside the 100 Nights Trial Policy. Our intent is not to say "no" to a genuine customer. In fact, we believe that mattress is not a product that someone would buy on impulse and hence we assume that all our customers are genuine. At the same time, as a business, we need to draw a line between being customer friendly and long term sustainability of the company.

In the interest of current and future customers, we thought it is better that we update the blog with those instances so that any misunderstandings can be avoided - 

1. Dog Pee and Dog Fur - 

We received a refund request and saw that the mattress had dog pee marks in at least 20 locations and with extensive shedding of dog fur. The abuse was so extensive, that there was fungus at the bottom of the mattress because of excessive dampness.

The customer claimed that the mattress was "unused" and that the stains on the mattress were due to defective manufacturing.

Our stand: We did not agree with the customer given the overwhelming evidence that was there in front of us. The mattress was abused and it was beyond reason for us.

Here are the pictures -  

2. Accidental stains when stored - 

This was a difficult one for us. Apparently, the customer did not like the mattress and wanted to return the mattress. For whatever reason, the customer had to keep the mattress in storage for a while, before informing us to pick up the mattress for the refund. For whatever reason, the mattress packaging was torn and the actual mattress had stains and dirt marks.

Our stand: This probably was a genuine accident that the customer wanted to return the mattress and stored it in an improper place/way. However, there were large stains on the mattress itself and they were in more than one place. Hence we had to refuse a refund to this customer.


3. Paint marks -

The customer was having her home painted and because of a shoddy job of the painter, there were paint marks on the mattress in ample number of places. The customer wanted to return the mattress.

Our stand: This again was a genuine accident, but since the mattress had stains and that too of paint, we could not accept it as a part of our 100 Nights refund.

We have no pictures to share as the customer was upfront about the situation on the phone which avoided having to go to the customer's place and the back and forth that typically follows.

4. Stains on the mattress -

The customer wanted to return the mattress because he was not comfortable. The pictures received from him did not show any stain marks. Based on this, our operations team visited his place to reverse pick up the mattress and process the refund. However, when we visited the customer's place, we noticed large stain marks on the mattress in multiple places and hence had to refuse the refund. The stains were in multiple places and in some places the mattress was uniformly soiled. 

We do not refuse a refund for minor dust marks, but however, stains on the mattress are not something that we accept. We try and make the customer aware of three conditions governing the 100 nights return policy - (a) no stains (b) no damage (c) original invoice, multiple times and even send an email after the order is placed and before the delivery is done.

5. Stains on the mattress - 

The customer requested for a refund because the mattress was not comfortable enough. The customer sent these pictures of the mattress before the reverse pick up was arranged.

The pictures that were sent to us were only of the back of the mattress. We asked the customer if there were any stains, and he replied in the negative. So, without troubling the customer we went ahead to pick up the mattresses. However, large stains were noticed on the mattress in multiple places at several places and hence a refund could not be issued. The customer insisted on us making an exception but given that the stains were large and in several places, we, unfortunately, could not do anything about it. These were the images taken by our team at the customer's place.



 Few more cases