The main differences are in terms of height, type of materials used and the feel of the mattress.   

1. Both Ortho Latex and Latex Plus models are 8 inches thick, whereas Ortho Memory is a 6-inch model. Ortho Memory is also available in 8 inches thickness but for select sizes.  

2. In terms of material, Ortho Memory uses 1-inch memory foam on the top, whereas Ortho Latex uses 2 inches of Latex on top of Memory foam. Latex Plus is a complete Latex mattress. In general, Latex foam is the most premium foam and offers much better comfort and longevity compared to Memory foam.

3. In terms of feel, Ortho Memory model is the firmest followed by Ortho Latex model and then the Latex Plus model. None of the models are neither too firm nor too soft. In general, Ortho Latex and Latex Plus models give the plush feel without making you feel that you are sinking in.


So, here are some tips (based on several thousands of mattresses that we have sold so far):

1. If you are a young single/couple, with some budget constraints, then go with the Ortho Latex mattress. You will love the luxurious feel of the mattress without spending a bomb. The model is our best seller and has amazing back support. It is suitable for older people as well.

2. If you are looking for a mattress that is better than even what you experience in five-star hotels, then go with the Latex Plus mattress. Nothing can beat the luxurious feel of a full latex mattress. The 5 zone orthopaedic support in the Latex core ensures that you have optimal back support, and is also cool to sleep during summers.

3. If you are looking for a mattress for occasional use (parents room or guest room) or if you are looking for a great mattress in economy range, then go for the Ortho Memory mattress



Note: An important note is that all the mattresses offer great back support