Note: Please note that same day delivery applies only to Bangalore. 

All orders that are placed before 11 AM are delivered on the same day. Orders that are placed after 11 AM are delivered the next day.     

In rare circumstances, if we are unable to adhere to the same day delivery, we will let you know beforehand and give you an estimate of the approximate time. However, this is a rare possibility.

We try to accommodate any specific time requests only on a best effort basis. However, please do understand that guaranteeing a specific time for delivery is near to impossible - traffic delays, unforeseen delays at customer premises such as customer has just stepped out or lift issues, etc. Having said that, we do not want to wash off our hands: we will try out best to accommodate any individual requests in the case of mattress deliveries. 

Here's how we schedule our deliveries and what you should expect.

  • Given the size of the product, we deliver mattresses in a mini truck with each truck delivering about 10 mattresses in a given day. All the ten mattresses are loaded into the truck in the morning which goes for deliveries one after the other. 
  • The route plan is prepared in the morning so that we get an optimal route. This will help us complete the deliveries at the soonest. 
  • You will receive a call around 12 noon on the day of your delivery with a rough time slot (which will be a 4-hour window). 
  • Given uncertainties involved, it is not possible to give a more accurate window, even though, we would love to.
  • We request you to be at your place during the time slot so that the delivery is completed smoothly and we can move on to the next delivery. For obvious reasons, delay in one customer place has a knock-on effect on subsequent deliveries. So, to contain this and make it reasonable for everyone involved, we wait for a maximum of 15 mins at each customer's premises in case they are not available. After which, we reschedule your delivery to another day and move on to the next one. This is done for practical reasons than for any personal reasons :)

*COOL TIP* - We are trying out a technology, where you receive an email with tracking link just before we start towards your house. For example: If yours is the 5th delivery for the day and after we finish the 4th delivery and start towards your house, you will receive the tracking link and a call from our delivery executive. Using the link you can track the truck in real time and even guide the truck to your exact location.