Yes! We do pick up your old mattress. However, unlike most brands that offer you a discount for your old mattress against purchase of a new mattress, we are unable to do so. We actually charge Rs. 500 for removal of old mattresses (up to 3 mattresses per house hold). This is for a few reasons -    

1. We are unable to make good of the old mattress in terms of re-cycling the material into "new mattresses". We think it is not ethical or fair to customers apart from the fact there are several health related hazards arising out of such a practice.   

2. All our mattresses are already priced pretty aggressively. This leaves us with little room to offer any sort of schemes or discounts either in the form of festival discounts or exchange bonuses.

3. We also do not dump mattresses recklessly on empty streets. We either donate these mattresses on your behalf to charities or to the needy, or in case the mattress is completely unusable, we will transport them to the designated dump yard of the municipality. 

So, we only charge for the transportation of the old mattresses (a total of Rs. 500 for up to 3 mattresses from a single household). We do not make any profit or charge you for the service (manpower).

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions regarding the same.