Most of us vary our sleeping postures several times during our sleep. However, each of us have a favourite sleeping posture in which we tend to spend most of our sleeping time.   

A mattress can be comfortable to someone who sleeps on his back but the same mattress can be uncomfortable to someone who sleeps on his side. So, one needs to keep this aspect in mind when choosing a mattress.  

The underlying philosophy is pretty simple. A great and comfortable mattress is something that helps maintain the spine posture when lying down same as when the person is standing up.

So, here are some common suggestions that you need to keep in mind depending on your most common sleeping posture:

  1. Side sleeper: If you are a side sleeper, you need a mattress that is more on the softer side so that it can absorb the more pronounced body contours that come in contact with the mattress. You also need a great pillow to support your neck.
  2. Tummy sleeper: If you are a tummy sleeper, you are lucky. You can generally sleep well on a firm mattress or a soft mattress. Another good news is that you probably do not need a pillow or at best a very thin pillow. More about choosing the pillow here.
  3. Back sleeper: If you are a back sleeper, then you are fine with either a soft or a firm mattress. However make sure that you choose a pillow that is not too firm.

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