To make it easy to explain, we'll take an example.

Let's say Kiran places an order online for a Sunday Ortho Latex 4 Mattress in Bangalore. However, after the mattress has been delivered to his residence in Bangalore, and within a month, he subsequently moves to Mysore on a transfer. After he moves there, he wants to return the mattress as he does not like it. Sunday  does not have a presence in Mysore.     

It's simple, Sunday bears the charges for reverse pick up across India. In places where we have a direct presence (e.g., Bangalore), we will pick up the mattress ourselves. In other cities, we will arrange for a courier partner to pick up the mattress, but need your support in making sure that the mattress is adequately packed. 

So, once the mattress is picked up then received by us, we will process the refund as per our policy.

Please read all the articles that are part of the 100 Nights Trial program to understand the process and other details completely. We especially recommend reading the exceptions policy to the 100 Nights Trial.

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