The short answer is that you do not need to do anything. Just wait for a maximum of a day or two and things will be normal. Read below for more information -   

Below are the actual measurements of your mattress.    

  1. King size: 180cmx200cm (suitable for a 72"x78" or 6ftx6.5ft cot or bed base) 
  2. King size: 180cmx190cm (suitable for a 72"x75" or 6ftx6.25ft cot or bed base)
  3. King size: 180cmx180cm (suitable for a 72"x72" or 6ftx6ft cot or bed base)
  4. XL Queen size: 168cmx200cm (suitable for a 66"x78" or 5.5ftx6.5ft cot or bed base)
  5. XL Queen size: 168cmx190cm (suitable for a 66"x75" or 5.5ftx6.25ft cot or bed base)
  6. XL Queen size: 168cmx183cm (suitable for a 66"x72" or 5.5ftx6ft cot or bed base)
  7. Queen size: 152cmx200cm (suitable for a 60"x78" or 5ftx6.5ft cot or bed base)
  8. Queen size: 152cmx190cm (suitable for a 60"x75" or 5ftx6.25ft cot or bed base)
  9. Queen size: 152cmx180cm (suitable for a 60"x72" or 5ftx6ft cot or bed base)
  10. Double Size: 122cmx200cm (suitable for a 48"x78" or 4ftx6.5ft cot or bed base)
  11. Double Size: 122cmx190cm (suitable for a 48"x75" or 4ftx6.25ft cot or bed base)
  12. Double Size: 122cmx183cm (suitable for a 48"x72" or 4ftx6ft cot or bed base)
  13. Single size: 90cmx200cm (suitable for a 36"x78" or 3ftx6.5ft cot or bed base)
  14. Single size: 90cmx190cm (suitable for a 36"x75" or 3ftx6.25ft cot or bed base)
  15. Single size: 90cmx180cm (suitable for a 36"x72" or 3ftx6ft cot or bed base)

Soon after the mattress arrives, it is normal for the mattress to measure a bit shorter width wise or length wise or both. This is completely normal. The mattresses are tightly packed, stored and transported and that compresses the mattress a little bit. It happens with all foam mattresses and is natural and does not interfere with the life of the mattress at all. 

* All that you need to do is to unpack the mattress and start using the mattress. Trust us and the mattress will come back to its original size *

The mattress may take from a few hours to a day maximum to come to its intended size. Is it a bit like this - you squeeze a piece of foam and measure it soon after, it will measure shorter. You then let the foam aside for a few hours and measure it again, it would have come back to its original shape.

Kindly go through video in the link below to know more.

If you still have concerns, please give us a call and we will happily assist you.