Most mattress companies see a pillow as an optional and often neglected accessory to a mattress. At Sunday, we see a pillow as an integral and natural extension of a mattress.     

We put in as much effort to develop the pillow as the mattress. Yes, we spent more than 12 months iterating and deliberating over smallest of the details. We tried different types of pillows: latex pillows, memory foam pillows, micro spring pillows (yes! some pillows have these fancy springs inside them), buck wheat pillows, microfibre pillows, down & feather pillows etc.,

Our way of trying was pretty simple. We actually used each pillow for at least two weeks with different combinations of mattress and in different weathers. We realised that most of the pillows suffered from 4 different issues - 

  1. The pillow was simply not the right fit for the mattress. This one was easy to solve as we were going to design a pillow just for Sunday mattresses and not a universal pillow that would work for any mattress. This basically meant that the pillow's softness/firmness was not working well with that of the mattress.
  2. The pillow felt hot in summers. This was especially the case with memory foam pillows and down & feather pillows. 
  3. Some pillows such as the latex one felt weird because they are too bouncy.
  4. Microfibre came pretty close but the pillows that we tested either felt too coarse or would flatten out in a matter of weeks. 

So, how does a Sunday delight pillow address these issues?

Out of all the pillows that we tried, we felt that microfibre had the potential to make a great pillow. However, most fibres and notably recron fibres are coarse and do not make the pillow comfortable enough (super comfortable is what we mean!). So, we used 0.7 Dinear polyester fibre. To put that perspective, the diameter of the fiber we used in our pillow is 1/8th the diameter of human hair! With a fiber so thin, the result is that we have a pillow that is super soft.

Then we went on to address the second but a more common problem. Most pillows are nice and fluffy for the first few weeks. However, they flatten out very soon. We solved this problem by stuffing the pillow with 70% more material. 

The result was a delightfully comfortable pillow that works in all weathers and is super comfortable. 

Note: Luxury hotels typically use pillows made from down & feather, but hotel rooms are air conditioned. So, if your bedroom is air conditioned for most part, down & feather pillows are great.

Here's an article on how to choose a pillow to suit your sleeping posture.


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