Are Sunday Mattresses available in custom sizes? The answer is Yes.    

We cater to a wide range of mattress sizes currently and add more sizes as we go along. As the mattresses are made of foam, you can squeeze the bed either width-wise or length-wise by up to 1 inch to accommodate any custom size requirement that you may have. 

As an example: One of our standard sizes is 72"x78". So you can use the mattress for a cot that is 71" widthwise and 77" lengthwise. 

Specific custom sizes such as 69"x79" are also possible. Please get in touch with us - either over a call or email and we will assist you.

If you have a bulk requirement for a custom size, please write to us at or if you think we should include a particular size as part of our standard size, please let us know in the comments below.