All of our mattresses i.e. Memory Plus, Ortho Plus, and Latex Plus are offered in a variety of standard sizes.   

  1. King size: 180cmx200cm (suitable for a 72"x78" or 6ftx6.5ft cot or bed base)   
  2. King size: 180cmx190cm (suitable for a 72"x75" or 6ftx6.25ft cot or bed base)
  3. King size: 180cmx180cm (suitable for a 72"x72" or 6ftx6ft cot or bed base)
  4. XL Queen size: 168cmx200cm (suitable for a 66"x78" or 5.5ftx6.5ft cot or bed base)
  5. XL Queen size: 168cmx190cm (suitable for a 66"x75" or 5.5ftx6.25ft cot or bed base)
  6. XL Queen size: 168cmx183cm (suitable for a 66"x72" or 5.5ftx6ft cot or bed base)
  7. Queen size: 152cmx200cm (suitable for a 60"x78" or 5ftx6.5ft cot or bed base)
  8. Queen size: 152cmx190cm (suitable for a 60"x75" or 5ftx6.25ft cot or bed base)
  9. Queen size: 152cmx180cm (suitable for a 60"x72" or 5ftx6ft cot or bed base)
  10. Double Size: 122cmx200cm (suitable for a 48"x78" or 4ftx6.5ft cot or bed base)
  11. Double Size: 122cmx190cm (suitable for a 48"x75" or 4ftx6.25ft cot or bed base)
  12. Double Size: 122cmx183cm (suitable for a 48"x72" or 4ftx6ft cot or bed base)
  13. Single size: 90cmx200cm (suitable for a 36"x78" or 3ftx6.5ft cot or bed base)
  14. Single size: 90cmx190cm (suitable for a 36"x75" or 3ftx6.25ft cot or bed base)
  15. Single size: 90cmx180cm (suitable for a 36"x72" or 3ftx6ft cot or bed base)

Memory plus is offered in 6 inches thickness whereas Ortho Plus and Latex Plus are offered in 8 inches thickness. Memory Plus is available in 8 inches thickness only for Queen - 60"x78" and King - 72"x78" dimensions.

In addition to the above, we plan to introduce more sizes shortly. So, if you are looking for any size that is not currently available, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email on so that we can get working on those.