All of our mattresses, i.e. Latex Plus, Ortho Latex and Ortho Memory, are in various standard sizes.   

  1. King size: Available in 72"x72" (6x6 ft), 72"x75" (6x6.25 ft), 72"x78" (6x6.5 ft), and 72"x84" (6x7 ft).
  2. Queen size: Available in 60"x72" (5x6 ft), 60"x75" (5x6.25 ft), 60"x78" (5x6.5 ft), and 60"x84" (5x7 ft)
  3. XL Queen size: Available in 66"x72" (5.5x6 ft), 66"x75" (5.5x6.25 ft), 66"x78" (5.5x6.5 ft), and 66"x84" (5.5x7 ft)
  4. Double size: Available in 48"x72" (4x6 ft), 48"x75" (4x6.25 ft), 48"x78" (4x6.5 ft), and 48"x84" (4x7 ft)
  5. Single size: Available in 36"x72" (3x6 ft), 36"x75" (3x6.25 ft), 36"x78" (3x6.5 ft), and 36"x84" (3x7 ft)
  6. Custom size: We do all custom sizes as long as the width is lesser than 72 inches (6 ft) and the length is less than 84 inches (7 ft). The process is simple: Order the next higher size, then drop us an email with your chosen dimensions. BTW 100 nights return and 10 yr warranty are also valid on custom size orders.

Ortho Memory is offered in 6 inches thickness, whereas Ortho Latex and Latex Plus are offered in 8 inches thickness. Ortho Memory is also available in 8 inches thickness only for Queen - 60"x78" and King - 72"x78" dimensions.

In addition to the above, we plan to introduce more sizes shortly. So, if you are looking for any size that is not currently available, please let us know in the comments below or email us at so we can work on those.