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Plants to deck your bedroom and help sleep better

  • 19 January 2016
  • By Krishna Kumar N
Plants to deck your bedroom and help sleep better

Some greenery in a room always lifts the mood of a place and brings a sense of harmony. House plants while making a house look and feel nicer, also have health benefits as they work as a natural air purifier; help oxygenate the air and lend a zen affect to one’s surrounding. Choosing the right plants, can help you relax and also have a good night’s sleep.

Here are some plants that ensure better sleep while beautifying and adding character to your personal space.

1. Jasmine
Positive effects include the quality of sleep one gets, decreasing anxiety and improved mood. Jasmine plant can also bolster the features of your bedroom, with its sweeping vines and collectives of tiny trumpet-shaped flowers. Jasminum Polyanthum in particular, is very easy to look after compared to other houseplants, plus carries a soothing smell.

2. Gardenia
Gardenia jamsinoides, often referred to as Cape jasmine, apparently has the ability to induce sleep as much as prescribed sleeping tablets. A German study revealed that these flowers had the same effects as valium on a neurotransmitter known as GABA. Indoor gardenias should be kept in a bright room though not placed in direct sunlight. But if you suffer with insomnia or anxiety, investing a little time in one of these beautiful blooms could be an economical and healthier solution instead of resorting to any pills.

3. Lavender
Lavender is one of man’s common natural remedies for many things, it is used as a fragrance for soaps, scented clothes and shampoos. It is also a great cleaning agent but the powers do not stop there, lavender plant can actually help treat insomnia and anxiety. Researchers recognise that inhaling its scent can unleash soothing, sedating effects when we breathe in the fragrance from lavender plants

4. Snake plant
The Snake Plant is great to improve oxygen purity in your home. They are perfect for the bedroom with low maintenance and cost. This plant has even been hailed by a study carried out by NASA that listed 12 air improving plants. As a plus, it is also a hardy and easy to care-for plant

5. Scented Geranium
Who needs a perfumed sachet when you have a houseplant which always smells wonderful. The fragrance is supposed to help put nerves to rest. Relatives of the ordinary household geranium, scented geranium flowers less frequently but make up for it with its leaf fragrance, which comes in an astounding array of scents: apricot, rose, nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon, mint, pineapple, ginger, lime, coconut, chocolate, and more. It prefers warm, sunny, dry conditions, so grow it in fairly high light. The leaves can also be used in your morning tea.

6. English Ivy
NASA also included English Ivy as the number one best air-purifying plant. This is due to it being the most efficient plant when absorbing formaldehyde. English ivy is easy to grow also and survives in moderate temperatures and medium sun light exposure. English Ivy appears to be the best bedroom plant to help you sleep in terms of efficiency and ease.

7. Daisies
These flowers can bring cheer and brightness in an instant, putting you in a good mood. With pink, orange, yellow and white, they should be a welcome addition to any room – and not just because of the way they look. They also release oxygen at night, which helps you breathe easy while you snooze. If you suffer from apnea or allergies, then these daisies are definitely recommended. Just ensure they get sufficient light and watered regularly.

Word of Advise: With plants in your room, remember to clean the leaves once a week atleast.It is akin to changing the filter in your air purifier!


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