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The Best Mattress In India 2021 - The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

  • 27 October 2021
  • By Parvathraj Jeganathan

Mattresses are known to improve sleeping postures and circulation, which is essential for a healthy sleep cycle. So, imagine how better your sleep could get if you upgrade to a good mattress. Did you know that a mattress's suppleness and silky smoothness result from the combination of foam layers and breathable material? With countless mattress varieties and sizes to choose from, finding the right one can be tricky. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about mattresses. And what factors you should keep in mind before purchasing the best mattresses in India.

According to various studies, sleeping on a mattress, especially one that provides an option to adjust the firmness, helps with relaxation, appropriate vertebral placement, and good quality sleep. If you suffer from body aches and pains, you should know that your sleep surface impacts how you feel.

Everyone needs a different type of mattress that keeps them comfortable. Additionally, several beds are available in the market in India, from which you can choose from. But, before you buy any mattress, make sure you understand the different types and the one that would be ideal for you. It is also important to understand that purchasing an expensive mattress will not ensure a comfortable sleeping posture.

Read through this article to choose the best mattress for yourself.

Table of Contents:

Sunday Mattress

The Sunday Mattress is one of the best mattresses as it is made with the least amount of chemical-based foams. The therapeutic design of all these mattresses ensures that they give great lumbar support. It is the best mattress brand in India since it can last substantially longer than most competitors.

It contains natural elements like organic cotton protective cover and verified foam. These qualities make it an ideal choice for all those who appreciate natural ingredients. These components also make the mattress all the more comfortable to sleep in.

Sunday Mattress USP

Unique features of a Sunday mattress when compared to other brands

  • All the mattresses are made from organic cotton, and they do not have any chemicals.
  • The mattress helps in reducing stiffness and back pain due to its therapeutic design.
  • Sunday mattresses are breathable and made of raw materials that are certified by European agencies.

The Best Mattress In India

If you are searching for beds made with the least amount of chemical-based foams and made of high-quality material, the Sunday Ortho Latex Mattresses is the best mattress in India. Due to its superior durability and use of organic fibres, this is the most recommended mattress brand in India. The organic cotton top cover and approved latex makes it a natural material lover's dream come true! The fabric also helps to keep your bed cooler while you sleep.

The Things You Must Consider When Buying A Mattress

Buying a mattress is not something you do every day. A high-quality mattress conforms to the curve of your body, allowing you to rest your muscles, enhance overall balance, and sleep well. It assists you in waking up feeling rejuvenated every morning. But based on what factors would you pick the best mattress brand in India from the vast numbers of options available in India? Worry not! We will discuss all the critical factors you need to consider before purchasing the best mattress for yourself.

Lifestyle Needs

There are several requirements based on which a person buys a mattress. And also, according to the different needs. Some are more comfortable with a thinner fabric which is hard, and some want to have organic mattresses. People buy beds according to their lifestyle and requirements. Therefore, understanding what kind of mattress you require will help you to make the right choice. Let us see some reasons according to which customers make their choice:

  • To be relieved of any kind of back pain, orthopaedic mattresses are essentially your go-to mattresses.
  • If they lead a busy life with hectic daily schedules, they will need maximum comfort while sleeping to re-energize themselves.
  • If they simply need to upgrade their mattress, quality and cost-effectiveness are the top reasons.

Therefore, it is essential to consider your lifestyle and why you need the mattress. Additionally, this will help you to make a better choice.

The Most Popular Types Of Mattresses In India

There are several kinds of mattresses in the market, each with its effectiveness, durability, style, and level of softness. Let us look at some of the most common beds and which mattress is the best in India.

Spring mattresses: These are a mix of coconut husk and springs that provide bounce and modest comfort. They have a lifespan of around six years and do an excellent job of relieving shoulder and neck discomfort. Also, keep in mind that it has motion transfer. Therefore, one person does not feel what is happening on the other side of the bed.

Coir Mattress: Coconut coir is used to make these mattresses, making them environmentally friendly. They feature a solid foundation that does not allow motion to be transferred, and they are also incredibly affordable. However, after several years of use, its hardness can cause sagging.

Foam mattress: The mattress is composed of a foam and is much more relaxing and fluffier, excellent for hip and mobility issues. These mattresses also help regulate body temperature, although they are a tad more expensive and only last for eight years.

Memory foam mattresses: Such mattresses are much more revolutionary, with an accessible cell structure that maintains all the stress points. These mattresses consist of memory foam and are perfect for abdomen and side sleepers, as well as anybody searching for pressure reduction and relaxation.

Airbed Mattress: Plastic, rubber, or polyvinyl chloride are common materials used for airbed mattresses. People with pressure sores or tailbone discomfort may benefit from them. These mattresses, on the contrary, are sensitive to ruptures and leakage, and they may also be pretty noisy.

Gel Mattress: Gel replaces foam in such mattresses, making them perfect for people who want to sleep on their backs or stomachs. Gel-infused mattresses allow better airflow, which improves relaxation and thermal management.

Hybrid mattress: These mattresses are created by combining several types of coils, foams, and latex. As a rule, these mattresses are excellent for everyone because of their superb support, softness, ricochet, and cooling properties.

Latex mattress: These mattresses come in various levels of firmness, making them an ideal choice for different body types and sleep patterns. They are soft, fluffy, and help keep your body fit while regulating your body temperature. These, on the other hand, are extremely hard to come by and incredibly expensive.


Mattresses have different levels of firmness and softness degrees. Therefore, people that require softer and fluffier beddings select the one with lesser firmness. A mattress having more firmness is ideal for patients that have back problems. It helps in maintaining the posture of their backbone. Additionally, it relieves them from any back-related issues.

The suppleness of the mattress is determined by body shape, size, weight, and other preferences. This characteristic varies from individual to individual. Some people like firm beds, while others prefer softer mattresses. Generally speaking, individuals weighing more than 60 kg need to choose firm bedding, and vice versa for thinner adults.

You must choose an exquisite memory foam mattress for relaxing in. Additionally, choose the orthopaedic memory foam mattress to have a combination of firmness and bounce if you want that. Select softer mattresses if you like to sleep on one side. If you like to rest on your stomach or back, therefore, a firm and bulky mattress will be more comforting.

Trial & Warranty

When purchasing a mattress, whether online or offline, it is essential to understand the bed's warranty and return policy. Always look for brands that provide a better warranty period. Some brands even offer a trial period of 30 to 100 days. Therefore, always choose the brand that has a better return policy and warranty period.

Size of the mattress

One of the most important factors while purchasing any mattress is understanding the size of the mattress you are looking for. It should also be according to the size of your bed, and not smaller or bigger. Additionally, you can also get your mattress custom made according to the size of your bed. However, let us see some of the dimensions that are available in the market.

Single-size mattresses: Single-size mattresses are available in sizes ranging from 72 inches wide by 36 inches high to 75 inches wide by 36 inches length. These are perfect for a child's single bed as it is possible for an adult to feel a little confined in it.

Double-sized mattresses: Double-sized mattresses can range in size from 72 inches wide by 48 inches deep to 75 inches wide by 60 inches deep. These are ideally suited for two people who are of average height and build.

Queen Size Mattresses: Sizes of Queen Size Mattresses can range from 72 inches wide by 60 inches deep to 78 inches wide by 60 inches deep. These are excellent for a family of two people and a youngster under the age of one year.

King-sized mattresses: King-sized mattresses can range in size from 72 by 72 square inches to 78 by 72 square inches. These are excellent for two people and a youngster up to 10 years old.


It is very vital to understand the weight of your body and then look for an appropriate mattress. Weight is significant since it has a direct impact on how comfortable the bed would feel. In addition to this, it promotes shape and cools your body. The following are three essential points that you must know before selecting a mattress based on your weight.

  • Universal Comfort Mattresses are designed for people who weigh less than 50 kg. The stiffness of these mattresses varies from 0.5 to 1.
  • Nearly all the different mattresses are suitable for an average sleeper who weighs between 50 and 70 kg.
  • Any individual weighing 70 kg or more and having a healthy and comfortable sleep cycle should choose a mattress at least 4 inches thick.

The Thickness Of The Mattress

The thickness is also an essential factor that people look for in their mattresses. A standard mattress is more than 8 inches in thickness and has multiple layers. Generally, people who have less weight prefer a mattress that has less thickness. However, others go for thick mattresses. Therefore, considering your weight is also a factor to get suitable consistency. The comfort, strength, and lifespan of a bed are all affected by its thickness. Therefore, always ensure while purchasing any mattress that its thickness is suitable for you.

Comfort Level

The mattresses you select must be able to accommodate the body weight, size, and posture of your backbone. It enhances the mattress's degree of comfort, resulting in a peaceful night's sleep. Additionally, pressure points are less likely to occur when a bed has a high conforming ability. Therefore, it is advised to go with a mattress with a higher comfort level since it will last longer. Beds made of rubber or memory urethane often provide the most comfort. Therefore, when you are choosing a mattress, ensure that it provides you with the best comfort.

Budget Cleaning & Maintenance

According to experts, you must select a mattress that is simple to clean for long-term use. The perfect bed should be cheap and equipped with all the necessary elements to provide you with a comfortable night's sleep. When buying a mattress, you must understand that just because something costs more doesn't mean that it is the best. Also, don't sacrifice the comfort of the mattress by settling for a less expensive mattress that is not comfortable. There are several long-term health implications from these types of beds which are unknown. It is also an essential factor to understand which mattress is best in India.

Most Popular Types of Mattresses in India

Innerspring Mattress is the best mattress in India and is also very popular. It is a traditional and widely used mattress technology in India. Steel springs or spirals are used for the essential support structure of innerspring mattresses. This mattress design is perhaps the most versatile in terms of flexibility and affordability to accommodate any spending plan.

Which Mattress is Good for Health - Coir, Foam or Spring?

Several mattresses are available in the market that provide relief against several problems and are of the best quality. But for comfortable sleep, it is essential to understand which type of mattress would give you maximum benefits, along with comfort.

A substandard mattress can result in several problems such as neck pain, poor quality of sleep, uncomfortable postures that cause body pain, and back problems. But with a better mattress, all these problems can be resolved. But since there are so many mattresses, you can quickly get confused. And, it is common that people often get confused among coil, form, or spring mattresses.

The foam mattress is the perfect option for those who want a versatile bed and has an ultra-plush sensation. A coir mattress is an excellent option if you want a firm mattress. The best spring mattress in India, on the other hand, offers the best motion isolation.

It is important to know your sleeping positions and patterns before going mattress shopping. You will be able to choose and select among beds that have just the characteristics you desire for a restful night's sleep. The cost is probably the last consideration.

Several foam mattresses on the market now provide unique benefits that both spring and coir mattresses can not match. Foam mattresses, for example, are denser than standard mattresses, making them more relaxing and supportive and are considered the best quality mattress in India.

Foam mattresses also distribute weight effectively, so problems like backache and pressure spots should be non-existent while using one. Because they adapt to your body, foam mattresses are great for sleeping because they make the hips, shoulders, and back comfortable.

Foam mattresses are more popular because of their superior ability to isolate movement during sleep. The best spring mattress in India reduces bounces, so your spouse will not be disturbed when they sleep on these. The hygienic high-density latex mattress is excellent for allergies since it doesn't allow bed bugs to burrow into it.

The Best Mattress (Sunday Mattresses) 

It is essential to understand the needs and health requirements of the customers and design mattresses accordingly. Sunday Mattress is one of the brands that have come forward with scientific ideas and products that ensure that their customer's requirements are met. The brand develops mattresses that are made of 100% natural and organic cotton.

One of the best things about these mattresses is that they are chemical-free and made for the finest foam shipped from Belgium. Therefore, let us see what makes Sunday Mattresses the best mattresses in India.

  • Organic Ingredients: All the Sunday Mattresses are made with organic ingredients. The brand uses top covers made of 100% Latex or organically grown cotton to reduce mattresses chemicals. This makes the mattresses more environmentally friendly. All the Sunday products are highly recommended for children or individuals suffering from allergies or asthma.
  • Technically Superior: Sunday mattress employs foams with the least filler content, giving them a technical advantage in the market. Sunday also concentrates on getting the product correct. The customers would have no idea what goes into foam. However, quality is a factor in determining the value. The amount of filler in one kilogram of PU foam determines how much costlier it is.
  • Longer Life: Sunday mattresses have a better life than any other mattress in the market and their quality is never compressed. To reduce the cost of courier service, several companies compress their mattress which reduces its life.. The mattresses are compressed against a machine that applies an approximate 25,000 kgs pressure on the mattresses. This, in turn, reduces the life of the mattresses. Therefore, to save the mattresses and give them a longer life, Sunday mattresses pay extra courier services and do not compress on their mattresses. This is one of the reasons Sunday mattresses are so reliable and long-lasting.
  • Ortho Support: The mattresses are firm enough to reduce stress and tension in the body and save you from getting muscle pain and cramps. The Orthopaedic 5-zone assistance provides support for people suffering from back problems. Additionally, it comes with affordable prices so that everyone can benefit from it.
  • Made with Japanese Design and International Quality: Hiroko Shiratori, a well-known Japanese designer, created these mattresses. The mattresses have an appealing design and a high level of sophistication. Their primary component, latex, is sourced from Belgium and meets European safety requirements. Therefore, these mattresses have an international standard and have a high demand in the global market.

Types Of Sunday Mattresses Available In India

Sunday mattress products

Sunday mattresses are the best mattress in India and are made from various materials, including natural latex foam, memory foam, and high-density foam. They are designed for people who frequently sweat while sleeping. The top layer of the mattress is made of a breathable fabric that helps maintain the temperature so that you can get a good night's sleep.

Now, let us see all the types of mattresses that are made by Sunday.

  • Ortho Latex 4 Mattress: It is made up of memory foam and latex and has a thickness of 8 inches.
  • Ortho Memory 4 Mattress: It has a lesser price and is made up of memory foam. It comes in two sizes, with a thickness of 6 inches and 8 inches.
  • Latex Plus 4 Mattress: This is a flagship product of Sunday Mattress. It provides the best comfort and is very soft. It is made up of latex and has a thickness of 8 inches.

Unique Features Of The Sunday Mattress

Purchasing a Sunday Mattress is a smart choice if you want a high-quality product that uses the least amount of chemical-based foams. With their orthopaedic design, the mattresses deliver exceptional back and neck support. Several unique features of these mattresses make them the best option for anyone looking for comfort and affordability. Let us see some of its features.

  • Belgian latex foam with European standards has been used.
  • The mattresses are ideal for people who suffer from cramps and back problems because of the several layers of support and zonal support they offer.
  • The mattress offers a ten-year lifespan and provides a 100-night trial period for free.
  • The mattresses are made for individuals who have more weight than ordinary people.
  • The mattress's firmness rating is 5-7 out of 10, with 5-7 being the firmest.
  • The top cover of the mattress is made of organic cotton, and it comes with a zipper. Therefore, it can be conveniently taken off for washing.

Advantages of Purchasing The Sunday Mattress

There are several advantages to purchasing Sunday Mattress. Therefore, let us see some of the benefits:

  • It utilizes sustainably grown cotton to manufacture the top cover and authorized latex, making it an ideal choice for organic materials enthusiasts. This also helps people with allergies who don't want products made from any kind of chemicals.
  • It keeps the bed cooler and removes excess heat, the material is highly breathable.
  • The foams of these mattresses have the least filler content. Whereas the Latex used complies with European regulations.
  • During the shipping process, the mattress is not compressed, and therefore, these mattresses have a longer life.
  • The brand offers a ten-year warranty, with a 100 nights trial period.
  • The mattress provides a relaxing experience for individuals of every age group.

Mattresses For Specific Health Conditions

People suffer from several health problems such as arthritis, back pain, etc. Sleeping on regular mattresses can make these issues worse. This is why people must sleep on mattresses that help them with their medical conditions. Let us see the kind of mattresses you should buy if you are suffering from these medical conditions.

  • Back pain

One of the main problems that people face when sleeping on regular mattresses is back pain. One of the best mattresses that support your back problems is orthopaedic mattresses. They are designed in a way that provides additional support to your back. Additionally, it also supports the posture of your back and makes you more relaxed. It also reduces your back pain and allows you to sleep peacefully.

  • Neck Pain

People often suffer from neck pain and soreness, which is caused due to sleeping in the wrong posture and using substandard mattresses. However, these problems can be avoided if people sleep on mattresses that are made of memory foam. The mattresses that have better firmness provide immense comfort and support for all their pressure points. Memory foam mattresses adjust according to the posture of the backbone and provide immediate relief to the neck.

  • Arthritis

People with older age often have arthritis, and sleeping on standard mattresses can increase their joint pains. Therefore, to help support their joints and relieve the pain, people can use memory foam and latex foam mattresses. It is important to note that not everyone would like to sink into a memory foam mattress. Therefore, all-foam mattresses are recommended for people who have arthritis.

  • Hip Pain

Sleeping on a substandard mattress can cause severe hip pain, and one might feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, one must choose mattresses that are made of memory foam or latex. These two types of mattresses provide better comfort and help you sleep comfortably as they align your tailbone to the correct body posture.

  • Snoring

Several people snore while sleeping and they can not do anything about it. In some cases, it is even a medical condition that requires treatment. However, better sleeping practices can always help in dealing with such problems.

One of the ways to reduce snoring while sleeping is to sleep on the stomach. But sleeping on the stomach puts additional pressure on the internal organs so, one should use a firmer mattress as it helps the abdomen from not sinking in and displacing the spine. Therefore, a slightly firm mattress would provide the best sleep for people that suffer from snoring.

Mattresses For Different Sleeping Positions

Be it an adult, a teenager, a couple or children, every individual sleeps differently. Our body responds to sleep when we are feeling comfortable. And to achieve better sleep, the body finds its most comfortable position, even if it seems uncomfortable to others.

Let us see some of the mattresses that are best for different individuals and their sleeping positions. Therefore, before purchasing a mattress, ensure that you buy it keeping your sleeping posture in mind.

  • Side Sleepers

A side sleeper spends the most of night sleeping on one side or the other. It is regarded as the most frequent sleeping posture, possibly because it relieves pressure on your lower back and groin. This is the preferred posture for women, and evidence suggests that it helps reduce heartburn and improve cardiac circulation, specifically if people lay on the left side.

Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their sides by sleep specialists because it promotes better blood flow, proper spinal posture, and better nerve function. A mattress that supports the spine, shoulders, and back is recommended for someone sleeping in this posture. If you like to sleep on your side, stay away from spring mattresses.

  • Back Sleepers

There are only around 10% to 15% of individuals who sleep flat on their backs. Many people, especially those with back problems, find that it provides proper support and easily relax. Snoring and other sleep problems can both be exacerbated as a result. However, Cosmeticians prefer sleeping on the back because it allows the facial skin to breathe. Additionally, since the face is not in touch with a cushion, wrinkling and oil build-up are reduced, leading to acne.

For those who prefer to sleep on their backs, it is recommended that they have a medium-firm mattress. If you want a bed with a hardness level of 5 to 8, a pocketed coil with a latex top will be highly effective.

  • Stomach Sleeper

Approximately 16% of people fall asleep on their stomachs, and these people require a firm mattress. If the bed is excessively soft, the stomach will sag, and the spine might be out of balance. Stomach sleeping puts a significant strain on inner organs and disproves the spinal column, which is also a cause for worry. Shoulder and neck discomfort might be the outcome of sleeping on your stomach. However, sleeping on the stomach eliminates snoring when resting on your stomach, which is considered an advantage.

Therefore, a medium-firm mattress will be the best mattress for sleeping in India if you sleep on their stomach. Additionally, for a pleasant night's sleep, it is recommended to pick a bed with a firmness rating of 6 to 9. And when you sleep on your stomach, you must avoid choosing a spring mattress. One of the mattresses that will be effective is an Air Weave mattress.

The Best Mattress For A Child or A Teenager

Foam mattresses are generally made of chemicals and materials that can cause health problems for children and teenagers. Additionally, it can also cause problems for children that have asthma. Therefore, it is always recommended that latex mattresses are either made of organic cotton or natural chemicals. It is also recommended to avoid foam mattresses for children at any cost.

The Best Mattress For Senior Citizens & Adults

Due to old age, senior citizens require a proper flow of air and adequate blood circulation throughout their bodies while they sleep. Therefore, they must sleep on mattresses that are breathable and provide good circulation. This is why when you buy mattresses for older people in the family, you must always go for the ones made of memory foam. You can also consider gel mattresses as they allow better air circulation.


  1. Which mattress is good: cotton or foam?

Foam mattresses are often made of chemical substances that are not good for benefits for people suffering from allergies. Therefore, they should be avoided. Whereas beds made of either hard organic cotton are highly beneficial, providing relief against back problems and neck pain. And are also regarded as suitable for patients with asthma, as these mattresses are highly breathable.

  1. What is the most comfortable mattress?

Everyone sleeps differently, and the degree of comfort changes for every individual. However, Sunday mattresses are considered to be the most comfortable mattresses due to their organic cotton. These mattresses provide a relaxing experience additionally, maintaining the spinal posture for your body.

  1. Which type of mattress is best for sleeping in India?

Several mattresses are available in the Indian market that are considered the best mattress for sleeping in India. However, mattresses made up of organic cotton are considered to be the best in the market. They do not have any chemicals that can harm anyone and provide relief against several back problems. One such brand that makes organic mattresses is Sunday Mattresses.

  1. Which type of mattress is best?

A good mattress should give you a comfortable sleep and does not cause any harmful effects. In the blog above, we have discussed what types of mattresses are suitable for different individuals.

  1. Which mattress is best for daily use?

A mattress that is both comfortable and different would be good for daily use. The Sunday Mattresses have a range of mattresses that are durable and affordable as well.

  1. How do I choose a mattress in India?

Read through the entire blog above to understand how to choose the best mattress for yourself. In the blog, we have discussed different types of mattresses and their benefits.

  1. Which mattress is best for back pain in India?

Latex Mattresses are considered the best to treat different kinds of back pain. They help in retaining the natural posture of the spine. This, in turn, reduces back pain and helps in relieving pain and soreness.

  1. Which type of mattress is better: hard or soft mattress?

Everyone feels comfortable on a different mattress. Therefore, it is difficult to generalize which mattress is better. Both soft and hard mattresses have their pros and cons. Therefore, if you want to find your ideal mattress, read the entire blog to understand better.


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