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The Difference Between King-Size Bed & Queen Size Bed in India

  • 27 October 2021
  • By Kiran R

The world of mattress sizes can get your mind out of whack if not adequately explained. Hence, if you are scratching your head and wondering about the difference between king and queen-sized beds, you are in the right place to pick the right mattress for your home. From specifying the right queen and king size bed dimensions, we have shared essential pointers on choosing between the two sizes and answered some FAQs about the same.

The Difference Between King-Size Bed vs Queen-Size Bed

Ready to dispose of your old mattress and pick a new one for your bedroom? Not sure if you should buy a queen-size bed or a king-size bed? While queen-sized mattress dimensions might seem to draw all the attention, a queen bed is not the only hot choice available out there.

Many couples cannot settle for anything beyond a king bed. However, choosing between a king and queen size bed depends on countless parameters, including your budget, room size, and preferences. Moreover, once you have determined what type of bed you want, choosing the mattress becomes a lot easier.

After all, apart from what type of mattress you want to buy, your bed size is the second most crucial facet of upgrading your bedding. Hence, understanding the difference between a king and queen size bed will help you pick the right mattress for your master bedroom.

Read through this article to find a detailed comparison between the king and queen size bed dimensions to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type and pick the right one most suited as per your room size and lifestyle.

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King-Size Beds and Queen-Size Beds In India: An Overview

The main difference between a king and queen size mattress lies in width as both these types of mattresses share the same length.

  • King Size Bed size in feet

A king-size bed is ideal for a large master bedroom measuring 10 x 14 feet or more. Such a bed size is hence most suited for couples who enjoy more personal space while sleeping or are parents to an infant looking forward to co-sleeping with their baby comfortably.

  • Queen Size Bed size in feet 

Although quite large compared to a double bed, a queen-size bed is more space-efficient and compact than a king-size bed. Ideal for medium-sized master bedrooms measuring 10 x 12 feet or more, a queen size bed is perfect for couples who enjoy ample personal space while sleeping with each other.

Dimensions Of The Queen-Size Bed & The King-Size Bed

Although the king and queen size bed dimensions vary from country to country, a typical queen-sized bed measures 60 inches x 78 inches, whereas a king-sized bed measures 72 inches x 75 inches in India. In other words, if you are searching for “queen size bed dimensions cm”, a standard queen size bed measures 152 cm × 200 cm, whereas a king-size bed measures 183 cm × 190.5 cm.

However, the dimensions are different from one seller to another. A queen-sized mattress features 60 inches in width, whereas a king-sized bed is 72 inches wide. The length, however, can vary in 72 inches, 75 inches and 78 inches.


Queen Size Bed (in inches)

King Size Bed (in inches)

Standard Dimensions

60 in x 78 in

72 in x 75 in

For 72 Inches Length

60 in x 72 in

72 in x 72 in

For 75 Inches Length

60 in x 75 in

72 in x 75 in

For 78 Inches Length

60 in x 78 in

72 in x 78 in

Note: The length can depend on the size of your bed, family, room, and your budget

Comparison Chart-Queen size bed vs King Size bed

Read about what is a king and queen size bed, whom it is meant for, and what are the sizes available, but still finding it difficult to compare and decide? We’ve got your back!


Queen Size Bed

King Size Bed

Ideal Room Size

10 feet x 10 feet

12 feet x 12 feet

Preferred Room Type

Smaller master bedroom; Large guest room

Large master bedroom

Area Per Person

30 in x 80 in

38 in x 80 in


Less expensive

More expensive

Most Suitable For

Tall couples or adults with an infant

Tall or plus-sized couples with an older child

8 Factors To Consider While Choosing Between A King Sized Mattress Vs A Queen Sized Mattress

An infographic showing the factors to be considered before buying a king-size and queen-size bed

When looking for the most fitting mattress for a bed, choosing the right size from multiple options available in the market can be intimidating. Hence, understanding the main factors to consider while choosing between a king or queen size bed is sure to help you invest your hard-earned money in the bed option.

Moreover, buying a new mattress is not just limited to nighttime sleep but poses a direct impact on your overall health, including your peace of mind, productivity at work and a lot more. Hence, here are the eight main factors that are sure to help you pick the best mattress for your home.

1. Availability of Space

First and foremost, the size of your room plays a crucial role in picking the right bed. After all, you need to leave some walking space for easy movement and positioning of other furniture while complementing the layout and interiors of the room.

Preferably, you should leave at least two feet of space along the sides of the bed whereas five feet of distance at the base of the bed. This ensures that your room looks well-positioned, neat and less cluttered. Moreover, your preference between a queen or king-size bed should also depend on the extra furniture you plan to place in the room.

If your room measures anywhere between 9.6 ft x 10 ft to 10 ft x 14 ft, you should consider buying a queen size bed for perfect positioning. However, a king-size bed design will be more suitable if your room measures between 10 ft x 12 ft to 13 ft x 19 ft. However, the ideal room size for a king bed is 12 ft x 12 ft.

2. Your Budget

Secondly, your budget plays a huge role in buying your bed. If your budget is limited, we recommend choosing a queen-size bed as it is moderately priced. However, if the expenditure or space is none of your concerns, you should go for a king-size bed.

However, the cost of the king or queen-sized mattresses further depends on the type of mattress you buy. For example, innerspring mattresses are more expensive than coir mattresses, and natural latex mattresses are pricier than memory foam ones. The build quality of the bed also matters equally. Hence, these parameters also play an essential role in mattress pricing.

3. Your Family Size

Your family size is another essential criterion to determine the right bed option for yourself. If you have an infant and are comfortable with a cosy fit in your bed, you can go for a queen-size bed. However, suppose you think a queen-sized mattress is ideal for you, depending on the other factors listed here. In that case, you can also choose between 6 inches and 8 inches thickness variants of a queen-sized bed to get enhanced spinal column support.

If you do not have any babies, the exact condition implies sleeping with your pet. Conversely, if you intend to share the bed with an older kid or plan to extend your family soon, we recommend choosing a king-size bed. Just like queen-sized mattresses, king-sized mattresses are also usually available in 6 and 8 inches variants.

4. Location of Your Bedroom

Yes. You heard that right! The location of your bedroom plays a massive role in manoeuvring the bed once you seal the deal. If your master bedroom is on the first floor, you can settle for any of the bed sizes you are interested in. However, if your bedroom is on the other floor, you must consider the width of the staircase and determine how you will move the mattress upstairs.

5. House Type & Further Plans

Considering that queen-sized mattresses are compact and less heavy than king-size mattresses, you must take the right decision if you are renting an apartment or moving frequently. After all, it will be challenging to carry and move your bulky, king-sized mattress from one home to the other. However, if you don't intend to shift into another house but are planning to upgrade your living space or have more kids, purchasing a king-sized mattress is sure to offer more benefits.

6. Personal Space Preference

Furthermore, you should not neglect your personal space preferences and sleep positions while buying a new bed for yourself. If you toss and turn throughout the night and enjoy a lot of personal space, you must get a king-sized bed, but if you prefer just one sleep position and do not require a lot of space while sleeping, a queen-sized bed might be enough for you.

7. Your Body Size

No body-shaming, no awkwardness! Remember that each body size and type is beautiful! Hence, complementing your body size is equally important while choosing between a king or queen bed. If you are tall, both queen and king size beds are acceptable for you, but if you are on the plus size, we recommend choosing the king-size bed design over the queen so that you can be more comfortable as you sleep without compromising with your back support.

8. The Total Weight

Whether you are just a couple, parents to an infant or a kid, or share the bed with your cat or dog, you must analyze the total weight you will put on the mattress. This is because usually, a six-inch mattress is intended for people falling in the normal weight range. In contrast, an eight-inch bed is recommended by osteopaths, chiropractors, and physiotherapists for people who are obese.

Sleep experts and medical professionals recommend overweight people select a thicker mattress to help them sleep comfortably on a more supportive surface. This ensures that the high-stress pressure points in the body are relieved, and the mattress life also remains high.

Customization Available Within Sizes

People have different lifestyles, body frames, preferred sleep positions, and sleep routines with India’s diversity. Hence, sticking to some limited standard sizes can be those who do not fall under the average height and weight bracket. Therefore, mattresses can be customized for people with specific requirements.

However, most brands offer customized sizes under both king and queen mattresses to let people choose. If their requirements still do not match, couples can order the manufacturer to make a customized mattress for them.

Here are a few commonly available customized king and queen mattress sizes available in India:

A cyclometric image showing the customizations that are available for the various mattress types

1. Split Queen Mattress

Couples who prefer different types of mattresses on each side of the bed can opt for the Split Queen Mattress. Also known as a dual queen, a split queen mattress is a combination of two mattresses put together per the different firmness levels required. The standard split queen mattress measures 30 in x 78 in.

This type of mattress resembles a traditional queen-sized mattress and offers each sleeper its unique mattress style. Split queen adjustable beds are widely available to fit these mattresses, thus allowing one side of the bed to be moved independently using a remote control.

2. Olympic Queen Mattress

Although not very commonly available in the market, the Olympic Queen Mattress measures 66 in x 78 in, making itself six inches wider than a standard queen-sized mattress. This ensures each partner gets to enjoy an additional three inches of personal space to stretch out and relax without having to hinder their partner’s personal space.

3. Split King Mattress

The Split King Mattress is just like the Split Queen Mattress allowing both partners to sleep comfortably on their preferred mattress and firmness level. Split king mattresses are two twin XL sized mattresses pushed together. However, these mattresses are backed by a special connector in the middle. Unlike traditional king-size beds, these mattresses are easier to move as they comprise two smaller mattresses instead of one large block of mattresses.

4. California King Mattress

The California King Mattress is the lengthiest and the biggest mattress you'll probably come across that measures 72 inches x 84 inches. This massive mattress is widely available in the market and is best suited for taller people looking for highly spacious beds. However, these mattresses are four inches long compared to the traditional king mattress but are four inches narrower.

5. Split California King Mattress

A Split California King Mattress is just the California king mattress split in half. It allows both the partners to have their preferred firmness and ideal mattress type on their side of the bed. Measuring the same as a California King, this type of mattress isolates motion transfer.

King-Size Bed And The Queen-Size Bed-Pros and Cons

Here are the significant advantages and disadvantages of choosing a king or queen-sized bed:

Bed Type



Queen Size Bed

A queen-size bed offers a comfortable sleeping space for a couple with an infant or a small child.

The mattress can soon become smaller for you once your baby starts to grow.

This bed size allows you to sleep without any discomfort while having ample legroom.

If you choose a box bed, you will get limited storage space.

A queen-size bed is more suitable for apartments with smaller master bedrooms.


Moreover, due to their compact size, these beds are more economical as compared to king-size beds.


King Size Bed

A king-size bed is perfect for adults who enjoy enough personal space – even with a growing child.

Due to its bulkiness and large size, a king-sized mattress can be very challenging to manoeuvre.

This bed size not just gives you plenty of legroom but also allows you to toss and turn while sleeping without making a tight fit.

Since a king-size bed is less popular than a queen-size bed, you will likely get slightly fewer options while choosing new fitted sheets, quilts, blankets, etc.

A king-size bed is perfect for apartments with large master bedrooms.

Not just the mattress but the bedding accessories for king-sized beds are also more expensive.

With a slight variation in the width, king-size beds are costlier but are worth every penny spent.


How Do You Measure Bed Size Correctly To Find Your Ideal Mattress?

Measuring your bed carefully is crucial to choose the right mattress size. However, bed frames are usually manufactured in standard sizes like single, double, queen, and king-sized. However, the standard sizes generally have the same width but can vary in their length. Here is how you should take the measurements of your bed to get the right kind of mattress for yourself.

  • To measure the exact size, strip the bed of all bedding and measure it from the inner edges.
  • Measure the length and width carefully using a retractable measuring tape and cross-check the dimensions.
  • Keep a pen and notepad handy and write down the dimensions you just measured.

Once you have measured the bed sizes, consider the following information:

  • For 36 inches width, you should look for a standard single size mattress.
  • If your bed is 48 inches wide, you should buy a full-size mattress.
  • You must purchase a queen-sized mattress if your bed is 60 inches wide.
  • Moreover, if your bed has a width of 72 inches, you must get a king-size mattress.

Please make sure to cross-check whether the sizes you measured are available with the mattress brand you are considering. If you haven't yet purchased a bed and want to buy both the bed frame as well as the mattress, we recommend you find a bed size that is at least four inches longer than you or your partner's height.

While the king and queen-sized beds are typically measured in inches, you can also take king or queen size bed dimensions in feet. The standard queen bed dimensions measure 5 ft in width and anywhere between 6 to 6.5 ft in length, whereas the standard king size bed dimensions in feet measure 6 ft in width and 6 to 6.5 ft in length.

Other Mattress Sizes Widely Available In India

If you think a king or queen mattress would be too large for your room or cannot fit into your budget, you can also consider other mattress sizes. Usually, single and double mattresses are the most common options for people living in small-sized rooms. Further customizable like king and queen sizes, single and double mattresses are generally available in three length options viz. 72 inches, 75 inches and 78 inches.

1. Standard Single Mattress

Ideal for single sleepers, a typical single mattress measures 36 inches wide and 72 inches long. This mattress size can be chosen for growing kids as well as adults who don’t share their beds with anyone. This mattress size is ideal for rooms measuring 10 ft x 7 ft and is perfect for kids’ rooms, guestrooms, dorm rooms, etc.

A standard single mattress is highly affordable, space-efficient, cheaper than any other mattress size, and easily available. However, this mattress size cannot accommodate more than one sleeper, not even a small child with an adult. Moreover, it is not very suitable for plus-sized sleepers due to its limited width. Such sleepers should rather consider the twin-sized mattress.

2. Standard Double Mattress

A double-sized mattress is also commonly known as a full-size mattress and measures 48 inches wide and 72 inches long. Ideal for two adults sharing a bed in a medium-sized bedroom, this mattress is comfortable if you are not too tall or heavy. However, a typical double size mattress cannot accommodate your baby and can hinder your personal sleep space if shared further.

This mattress size is also very common and usually opted by most couples living in small or medium-sized apartments. A standard double size mattress can also be placed in kids’ rooms if you have two kids sleeping together. This mattress is a common choice for most couples who don't have a big master bedroom but want to share their bed.

Which Mattress Size Is The Best For You?

No one can tell what choice you should make as both king, and queen-sized mattresses are excellent choices for couples and growing families. You should understand the pros and cons of each type of mattress and deeply consider the factors that play a huge role in buying king vs queen-sized mattresses.

You should make a well-thought decision depending upon what factors and choices outweigh the others. Just remember, understanding the right mattress size is not enough. You need to pay equal attention to the type of mattress you buy to be able to sleep relaxingly all night long.

Choosing A Cover For King Size and Queen Size Beds

Using your mattress without a cover is an unnecessary risk as even the minutest spills can turn your sleeping surface into a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. A mattress cover is a removable bedding accessory that can help increase the hygiene and durability of your mattress while protecting it from general wear and tear.

You cannot even imagine how many food particles, dead skin cells, germs, and moisture your mattress could acquire if you used it without any protective covering. When you cannot take any risks of using your expensive smartphone without its mobile cover, how can you let your mattress be left uncovered without a mattress protector?

Choosing the right cover for your mattress is highly important to safeguard it against microorganisms and allergens. So, if you want to purchase the best mattress cover to protect your mattress, here are some crucial factors you must consider:

1. Choose The Right Size

Depending upon whether your mattress is King or Queen sized, smaller or even customized, selecting the right size is highly important. If the cover won’t fit properly, it would neither give your bed a prim and proper finish nor ensure utmost safety and protection.

2. Determine The Primary Material

As important as selecting the right material used inside the mattress, it is important to pay attention to the material used to make the top cover. Usually, you can find cotton, polyester or vinyl mattress covers in the market. It is best to look for a 100% organic cotton mattress protector cover to ensure you are safe against all sorts of allergies without compromising with the softness, comfort or breathability.

3. Choose The Right Fit

Mattress protector covers are available in various types of orientations. Some covers can simply slide over the corners and edges of your mattress to cover it. Others might be zippered or can have an elastic band beneath to hold themselves in place.

4. Consider The Other Factors

Furthermore, you can also consider other factors such as the type of finish: quilted or non-quilted, total thread count to understand the fabric quality, and breathability of the mattress cover.

Explore The Sunday Mattress Protector Covers

Backed by 100 nights of free trial and 1-year warranty, the Sunday Mattress Protector Cover is available in all sizes as its orthopaedic memory foam and latex mattresses. Budget-friendly and beautifully designed to protect your mattress against spills, stains, perspiration, bed bugs and allergens, the Sunday Mattress Protector Cover is the perfect bedding accessory that will take care of your mattress's durability over the years.

The cover is highly breathable and waterproof to ensure you are not concerned at all even if there are any mishaps. Our mattress protector covers are hypoallergenic and add a layer of cool comfort. Moreover, this cover is tested for 40 wash cycles so that you can get a much healthier sleep environment for a long time without burning a hole in your pocket.

Choosing Mattress Topper for King Size and Queen Size Beds

If your existing mattress needs an added layer of softness, comfort or support but cannot be replaced so soon, it is time to add the right mattress topper. Although not a replacement for worn off or old mattresses that can no longer support your spine, a mattress topper works wonders if your mattress is mid-aged and needs some help.

However, selecting the best mattress topper might be difficult given the types of choices available in the market. Hence, if you want to top your mattress off with a mattress topper, here are a few important things you must keep in mind:

1. Determine If You Need The Topper

All mattresses do not need toppers, especially if you have recently bought the perfect one. Mattress toppers are only meant for people looking for added thickness, comfort or support in their existing mattress because they don't really need a replacement at the moment but feel like something is missing.

2. Choose The Material

Like mattress covers, mattress toppers are also available in various primary materials such as memory foam, latex, wool, fleece, cotton and polyester.

3. Pick The Right Size

A mattress topper should be the same size as your mattress. Hence, depending upon the size of your mattress, you must carefully select the size of the mattress topper.

4. Consider The Other Factors

The firmness level, thickness, warranty period, of the mattress topper must be considered before purchasing.

Explore The Sunday Mattress Topper

The Sunday Mattress Topper is a perfect bedding accessory to add some softness to your bed without breaking the bank. Our Sunday mattress toppers come with 100 nights of free trial and a 1-year warranty. Specifically designed for people who like to relax on a soft, fluffy mattress without compromising with their back support, the Sunday Mattress Topper gives the perfect extra cushioning your body needs.

The topper aligns your spine naturally and helps in alleviating sore pressure points and pain from your body. Highly breathable and comfortable, this mattress topper is made from super soft microfibers that mould to your body perfectly. The silky smooth touch and deep-pocketed construction ensure you don't miss on comfort or therapeutic support at all.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Difference Between King-Size Bed And Queen-Size Bed

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about king and queen size bed sizes.

1. Which is better: a queen or king-size bed?

What’s better between a king or a queen-sized bed is subjective of your lifestyle choices, preferences, family size, budget, and availability of space in your room. As a general rule of thumb, if you have a 10 ft x 10 ft room and an infant to sleep with, a queen size bed is a wiser choice. On the contrary, if your master bedroom is large and you intend to share your bed with an older child, a king-size bed is a better choice.

2. Is a queen size bed bigger than a double bed?

Yes. A queen-sized bed is bigger than a double bed as it is 12 inches wider and 5 inches longer in size. In India, a typical double bed mattress is 48 inches wide, whereas a queen-size mattress measures 60 inches in width. However, both these mattresses are available in 72 inches, 75 inches, and 78 inches length to let you choose the correct size as per your bed frame dimensions.

3. What is bigger than a king-size bed?

The king-sized bed is the widest bed that Sunday sells, measuring 72 inches by 78 inches. However, if you are looking for a longer bed, you can custom order the California king mattress with us, slightly longer and narrower. The King and the California King are large enough to accommodate two adults - even with one baby.

These beds are often designed for co-sleeping with large families. However, four oversized beds can be custom ordered if the customer requests it. Here are the bed sizes you can explore.

  • Emperor: 84 in x 84 in (213 cm x 213 cm)
  • Super Emperor: 90 in x 84 in (229 cm x 213 cm)twoThese beds are often designed for co-sleeping with large families. Caesar: 96 in x 84 in (244 cm x 213 cm)
  • Super Caesar: 108 in x 84 in (274 cm x 213 cm)

4. Do couples need a king-size bed?

Not all couples necessarily need a king-size bed. However, partners who enjoy plenty of personal space and have a large master bedroom should consider buying a king-sized bed to be more comfortable throughout the night.

5. Can a king-sized bed fit in a 10x10 room?

Although it can, a king bed would look cluttering in a 10 ft x 10 ft room as there will not be enough space left for movement and placement of additional furniture, storage drawers, cupboards, etc. Ideally, a queen size bed is recommended for a 10 ft x 10 ft room.

6. Which bed size is best for couples?

Double, queen and king - all these bed sizes are good choices for couples. However, a wiser choice is to select between king or queen mattresses if your room offers enough space, as these mattresses provide more space for sleepers to relax and stretch comfortably without fitting tightly in a smaller bed.

7. Do two single beds make a queen?

No. Two single sized mattresses cannot make a queen bed as single sized beds measure 36 inches wide, whereas a queen bed is typically 60 inches wide. However, two single mattresses can cause a king-sized bed as they can double up to 72 inches in width - which is the standard width for king-sized mattresses in India.

8. Do two twin beds make a king-size bed?

No. Two regular twin mattresses cannot make a king-sized bed in India as a standard twin-size mattress measures 38 inches in width, whereas a king-size bed is 72 inches wide. Doubling up two twins will measure 76 inches in width, which is unlikely to fit in a 72-inch king size bed frame.

9. What is the length and width of a queen-size bed cm?

If you are looking for queen-sized bed dimensions cm, a typical bed measures 152 cm × 200 cm. However, you can also find queen mattresses in multiple length and height options. If your requirements are more specific than the standard Indian sizes, you can also buy customized queen mattresses.

10. Can two adults sleep comfortably in a full-size bed?

Yes. Two adults can comfortably sleep together in a full-sized bed if they choose the right thickness, best quality, and optimum firmness level. However, couples who prefer more personal space while sleeping can consider a queen-size or a king-size mattress.

11. Do two full-size beds equal a king?

A full-sized bed typically measures 48 inches wide and 72 to 75 inches long in India. On the other hand, a standard king size mattress is 72 inches wide. Hence, two full-size beds cannot equal a king-size bed.

12. What size bed fits in a 12x12 room?

If you are looking for the perfect bed to fit in your 12 ft x 12 ft room, we recommend purchasing a king-size mattress if your budget allows it. However, if you have more furniture or your room is located on the second floor, a queen-sized bed will also look great in a 12x12 room.

13. How big should a bedroom be for a king bed?

Ideally, a standard king size bed is designed for bedrooms measuring 12 ft x 12 ft in size. However, if your room measures anywhere between 10 – 13 ft x 12 – 19 ft, a king-size bed can fit in comfortably.

14. What can fit in a 10x10 room?

Ideally, a standard queen size bed is designed for bedrooms measuring 10 ft x 10 ft. However, to enhance the bed’s location, place it along the longest wall and keep the room colours light to make it appear more aesthetically pleasing and larger.

15. What is the size of a queen bed in feet?

Queen size bed dimensions in feet measure 5 ft wide and anywhere between 6 to 6.5 ft in length.

16. Is a 6-foot bed king-size?

King size bed dimensions in feet measure 6 ft wide and range anywhere between 6 to 6.5 ft in length. Hence, you can call a 6-foot bed standard king-size bed.

17. How do you make love in a split king bed?

From sleeping to cuddling and making love, a split king bed is not a problem. However, most couples assume that the gap in the middle of the bed can hinder their romantic life or even slide or separate during lovemaking.

While split king mattresses are usually not problematic, couples who are not assured can either use a king-size mattress topper or invest in a quality split king gap filler to bridge the negligible gap.

18. How do you keep a split king bed together?

Keeping a split king bed together is easy if you have a perfect adjustable bed frame. However, you can also use some hacks or tips to avoid any gaps in between.

  • Invest in a good quality king-size mattress topper to make the minimal gap feel seamless.
  • Moreover, consider using a quality split king gap-filler while keeping both mattress sides at an equal level.
  • You can also use a bed bridge pad to fill the seam between the mattresses.

19. What size bed should a 6-foot person get?

People with 6 feet height should look for a bed that offers them enough legroom. Hence, a queen or king-size bed is a perfect choice if you are 6 feet tall.

20. What size bed should I have for my height?

Ideally, mattresses should offer 6 inches of legroom to the people sleeping on them. Hence, depending upon your height, you can choose between the three most common length options from 72 inches, 75 inches, and 78 inches of your ideal mattress size.

21. What is the difference between a king-size bed and a California king?

A standard king size bed measures 72 inches x 72 inches whereas a typical California king is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. Hence, both king size and California King mattresses share the same width but vary in their length. The California king mattress is a better option for taller people looking for more legroom.

22. Is it worth buying a king-size bed?

Yes. A king-size bed is totally worth investing your precious money in if your room measures at least 12 ft x 12 ft in its dimensions. This mattress size is highly spacious, perfect for large-sized master bedrooms for tall, plus-sized couples who prefer plenty of personal space or want to share their bed with a child.

23. What size bed should a single man have?

A single man could also sleep in a single sized mattress that measures 36 inches wide. Although the length selected by you depends on your height and how much legroom you prefer, it is ideal to purchase a bed large enough that offers enough personal space while sleeping.

The mattress should offer fair width and not feel too clustering when you toss and turn at night. Ideally, people sleeping in medium to large-sized master bedrooms with a tall or heavy build should consider a king or queen-sized mattress.

24. Why is it called a California king?

The California king mattress was custom designed by a Los Angeles mattress merchant shortly post World War II. According to him, Californians, especially Angelenos, had really spacious homes and tall builds to easily fit in big beds. That's when he decided to build a 72 inches x 84 inches large mattress and called it the California king mattress.

25. Is a California king better than a king?

What’s better between a standard king size mattress or a California king mattress depends on your overall build, height, body shape, availability of space inside your room, personal preference and budget. However, not everyone requires a California king as it is four inches longer than a typical king mattress, making it perfect for much taller people.

Wrapping Up

Adult mattresses are not like one-size-fits-all crib mattresses. They vary significantly in length, width and height. Hence, it is essential to determine your needs and preferences to pick the best mattress under your budget. We hope this detailed guide made it easy for you to understand the difference between king and queen-sized beds.

No matter what type of mattress you choose, it is wiser to invest your precious money in the right brand. Even if it takes longer, it is better to look for a mattress that comes with a free trial. This makes sure you are satisfied with your purchase and can return it if anything doesn’t go as you thought.

Moreover, if you have a history of back pain or suffer from sleep problems, we recommend looking for an orthopaedic mattress to support your spinal column.

Although assessing all the available options can be a daunting task when choosing a mattress between a king or queen size bed size, paying a little more attention to the details and being sure of your choices will help you make the right decision.

Browse through Sunday’s exclusive range of Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattresses, Orthopaedic Latex Mattresses, and Latex Plus Mattresses to find your ideal one without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also explore our range of pillows, mattress toppers and covers.


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