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Mattress Sizes Chart and Bed Dimensions Guide 2021

  • 27 October 2021
  • By priya rao

Choosing the correct type of mattress is the first step if you want a luxurious sleeping experience. However, the glory of a bed is enhanced if you select the right mattress size. So, if you are confused about the available mattress sizes in India, here is our comprehensive guide to help you understand all the common (and some selected) mattress sizes you could choose from. We have also shared tips on choosing the perfect mattress size and answered some frequently asked questions about the same towards the end of this article.

Feeling Lost In The Vast World Of Countless Mattresses With A Variety of Sizes?

Your journey to buy a new mattress can become a lot easier if you know the right mattress size. However, it is common for people to select the wrong mattress size for their new bed and regret it later. Choosing the right mattress size can improve sleeping patterns as it promises a comfortable sleeping experience. After all, a mattress is a heavy purchase that you do not want to replace every other year. Right? Some people select bed mattress sizes that are way too small to accommodate both sleeping partners or their kids, while others end up buying a mattress that is too big to fit in their rooms. Large mattresses offer you ample personal space, but you do not want to pick a bed that makes your room look cluttered either. So, the question is whether you should opt for a small or a big mattress? What is the ideal way to select the right mattress size? What are the standard sizes available in India to choose from? How do you measure your bed perfectly to pick the right mattress size? Are there any additional factors that you need to consider while selecting your ideal mattress size?

If you have such questions popping up on your mind, we have got you covered! By sharing detailed information about different mattress sizes, we have curated this ultimate mattress size guide so that you can easily find your perfect mattress match for your bed without any hassles.

Mattress Sizes In India: Table of Contents

Here are some quick navigation links if you are interested in particular details about different mattress sizes that you can find in the Indian market.

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Available Standard Mattress Sizes In India You Need To Know About

An infographic displaying the mattress sizes and dimensions according to each person

Generally, there are six mattress sizes you can explore in the Indian market. These standard sizes accommodate an average Indian family as per their preferences. However, be assured if you do not find your ideal mattress match with Sunday, you can get your mattress customized depending upon your preferences and size requirements.

Here is a breakdown of the standard mattress sizes you can consider:

  1. Single Mattress

The single mattress size measures 36 inches wide along with 72 inches in length. This mattress is most suitable for a single person, be it a child or an adult. You can position this kind of bed in your kid's room or guest room. However, the single-sized bed is the most common choice made by parents for their kids.

Dimensions: 36 inches x 72 inches

Ideal Room Surface Area: 10 ft x 7 ft

Approximate Cost: Rs. 8,999 onwards



Perfect to be placed in the kids room or guest room

Limited to sleeping with only one child or adult

It is meant for use by a single child or an adult

Not suitable for two adults at all

It is affordable and space-efficient


  1. Double Mattress

It is also known as a full-size mattress; the double mattress is 48 inches wide and 72 inches long. This type of mattress size is ideal for two adults sharing a medium-sized bedroom. Ideally, this bed size could be uncomfortable and not recommended to share with kids as it can feel uncomfortable. However, this mattress size is ideal for adults who sleep with a teenage sibling or a pet.

Dimensions: 48 inches x 72 inches

Ideal Room Surface Area: 10 ft x 10 ft

Approximate Cost: Rs. 10,999 onwards



Perfect for average-sized couples sharing the bed

Cannot accommodate one child comfortably

Ideal for a medium-sized bedroom; Can also be placed in kids bedroom


It can be shared with one adult and one child or between two children.


  1. Diwan Mattress

Measuring 30 inches wide and 72 inches long, the Diwan size is perfect for growing children who sleep alone. However, this mattress size isn't suitable for sharing. It is ideal for kids and teenagers instead of full-grown adults.

Dimensions: 30 inches x 72 inches

Ideal Room Surface Area: 10 ft x 8.5 ft

Approximate Cost: Rs. 7,399 onwards



Perfect for small-sized kids rooms

Generally not meant for single sleeping adults (a single mattress is a better choice)

Suitable for one growing child


It can also accommodate one adult when needed


  1. Queen Mattress

The queen mattress is perfect for couples sleeping with a newborn or a toddler in the same bed in a medium-sized master bedroom. It is pretty large compared to a double bed and is perfect for tall couples who enjoy enough leg room while sleeping. Generally, the mattress measures 60 inches wide and 72 inches long.

Dimensions: 60 inches x 72 inches

Ideal Room Surface Area: 10 ft x 12 ft

Approximate Cost: Rs. 13,999 onwards



Perfect for taller couples

It is not the perfect choice for small-sized rooms

Ideal for two adults sleeping with one infant

It does not provide enough personal space if shared with two infants

Meant for medium-sized master bedrooms or large guest rooms


  1. XL Queen Mattress

An XL-Queen mattress is larger than standard queen-sized mattresses because it measures 66 inches wide and 72 inches long. The mattress is an even better choice for taller couples who want to accommodate twins in their bed but do not have a huge master bedroom. This mattress size is ideal for couples who wish to have an uncompromised personal space while sleeping with the baby.

Dimensions: 66 inches x 72 inches

Ideal Room Surface Area: 10 ft x 13 ft

Approximate Cost: Rs. 14,999 onwards



It offers a wider personal space for taller couples

Not meant for sleeping with grown-up kids or three adults

It can also accommodate two infants in the same bed

Not an ideal choice for small-sized rooms

It is wider than a queen-sized mattress

Bulky and expensive as compared to a queen-sized mattress

  1. King Mattress

Measuring 72 inches wide and 72 inches long, the king size mattress dimensions are perfect for tall or plus-sized couples who want to share the bed with a grown-up kid. This mattress is meant for large master bedrooms and is ideal for couples who prefer more personal space even while sharing the bed with their children.

Dimensions: 72 inches x 72 inches

Ideal Room Surface Area: 10 ft x 14 ft

Approximate Cost: Rs. 15,999 onwards



Perfect for tall as well as plus-sized couples

Not an ideal choice for small-sized rooms

It can easily accommodate two infant twins or a growing child along with parents

Usually very bulky and more expensive as compared to queen-sized mattresses

It offers plenty of personal space as well as legroom to both adults


Mattress Sizes And Their Dimensions Chart

Usually, many mattress buyers think they need to pay the most attention to factors such as the shape, fabric, material, firmness, etc., to buy an ideal mattress. However, little do they know that understanding different sizes of beds is the most crucial and the first step to buy a mattress.

Moreover, it is even more important to realize that choosing the right mattress size is more complicated than one thinks. From enough legroom to ample personal space to room symmetry and interiors to overall comfort and support, a wide array of factors affect an ideal mattress size.

Now that you've understood commonly available mattress sizes in India along with their pros and cons, here's a quick screenshot-worthy comparison table of all those sizes, so you don't have to scroll the screen again and again.

Please note that we have listed this table considering 72 inches in length and 6 inches in height. However, you can usually find 4, 6, and 8 inches thick mattresses in the market along with 72 inches, 75 inches and 78 inches length options. Queen and King sizes are generally available in 6 and 8 inches thickness, whereas Single, Double and Diwan are usually available in 4 and 6 inches thickness.

Mattress Type

Ideal for

Size (in cm)

Size (in inches)


1 child or adult

91.44 x 182.88 x 15.24

36 x 72 x 6


2 adults; 1 child & 1 adult

121.92 x 182.88 x 15.24

48 x 72 x 6


1 child

76.2 x 182.88 x 15.24

30 x 72 x 6


2 tall adults with/without an infant

152.4 x 182.88 x 15.24

60 x 72 x 6

XL Queen

2 tall adults with an infant or two

167.64 x 182.88 x 15.24

66 x 72 x 6


2 tall or plus-sized adults with/without a grown-up child

182.88 x 182.88 x 15.24

72 x 72 x 6

While the width for each of these mattresses usually remains the same, most brands commonly offer three length options to let people choose their preferred size as per their height to get uncompromised legroom while sleeping.

Please note that these mattress dimensions may slightly vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Miscellaneous Mattress Sizes: More Mattress Sizes You’ve Probably Not Heard About

If you thought that's all we needed to share, hold on. There's still a lot you might need to know. Although the standard sizes are ideal for most people, more unique body sizes and family types might not fit into that "standard" measurement chart.

So, here are some other types of various mattress sizes you could get for your family upon persona; request from your favourite mattress brand if you don't think you belong to the limited sizes commonly available.

  1. Twin Mattress

A twin mattress measures 42 inches wide and 72 inches long. Suitable for single adults who cannot opt for a full-sized bed or enjoy more personal space than a single bed, the twin mattress size is primarily ideal for two children or teenagers.

Dimensions: 42 inches x 72 inches



Popularly used in bunk beds

Not meant for two adults

Offers more personal space than single beds

Not ideal for common bed sizes

Perfect to fit in small-sized rooms


  1. Twin XL Mattress

The Twin XL mattress also measures 42 inches wide but varies in its length as it is 80 inches long. While offering the same width, the mattress provides additional legroom for taller teenagers or single adults.

Dimensions: 42 inches x 80 inches



Popularly used in college dorm rooms

Can not accommodate two adults

Offers more legroom and personal space as compared to single beds

Not specifically meant for normal household beds

Perfect for taller teenagers or adults living in limited room size


  1. Split Queen Mattress

A split queen mattress is ideal for couples or adults who share the bed but prefer different mattress materials on their side of the bed. Hence, you can call it a combination of two mattresses that are put together but have other primary materials and/or firmness levels. A standard split queen mattress measures 30 inches x 80 inches on each side and shares the same size as a standard queen size mattress.

Dimensions: 60 inches x 80 inches



Can let the sleepers choose their preferred type of mattress or firmness level on their side

More expensive than standard queen-sized mattresses

Resembles a traditional queen-sized mattress but is unique in its style

The gap in between the two split mattresses might feel uncomfortable or hinder your romantic life

Perfect for taller adults sharing the bed


  1. Olympic Queen Mattress

The Olympic queen mattress measures six inches wider than a traditional queen size mattress to give both partners an additional three inches of personal space while sleeping. This mattress size might resemble an XL-queen but is also longer than the standard size.

Dimensions: 66 inches x 80 inches



Longer and wider than a traditional queen-sized mattress

Pricier than a standard queen-sized mattress

It offers even more personal space and legroom for both adults

Not meant for smaller master bedrooms

Perfect for tall adults sleeping in a medium-sized master bedroom


  1. Split King Mattress

Think of the split king mattress as a split queen mattress with the only difference in the mattress size. This type of mattress lets both the adults choose their ideal firmness level and the primary material used in the mattress. Moreover, it usually comprises two individual mattresses divided in equal half instead of one large block of a mattress, making it easier to move around whenever required.

Dimensions: 72 inches x 72 inches



Easier to move as compared to a traditional king-size mattress

Expensive as compared to a standard king-size mattress

It lets you choose your preferred mattress type or firmness on your side of sleeping

It is not as easily available as a split queen mattress

It usually comes with a special connector in the middle so that the mattresses don’t feel separate

It has a slight gap which makes the centre point of the bed slightly uncomfortable.

  1. California King Mattress

The California King Mattress measures 72 inches wide like the traditional king-sized mattress but is 84 inches wide, thus being the lengthiest and the biggest mattress possible. This type of mattress is custom made for taller adults who want to sleep in highly spacious beds.

Dimensions: 72 inches x 84 inches



It offers plenty of legroom for plus-sized, tall adults

Very large and bulky, thus it is difficult to move around

Perfect for large-sized master bedrooms

Expensive when compared to traditional king-sized mattresses

Provides uncompromised comfort and personal space while sleeping


  1. Split California King Mattress

Probably needless to explain, the Split California King Mattress is the split-version of the California King Mattress, meaning you can further customize this enormously large mattress as per your preferred firmness and mattress type on your side of the bed.

Dimensions: 72 inches x 84 inches



Offers ample personal space and legroom for plus-sized, tall adults; Easier to move as compared to one whole block of California king mattress

Expensive as compared to standard king size mattress dimensions or California king mattresses

It lets you choose your ideal material used to make the mattress or firmness level on your side of sleeping

It is not as easily available as a split queen mattress

It has a special connector in the middle so that both the mattresses are on the same level without a separation


How To Choose The Right Mattress Size?

Since selecting the right mattress size is more complicated than you may have thought, here are a few most important things to determine before purchasing it for your home. However, you must note that most of these factors are dependent on each other. Hence, it would be best if you made the final decision based on your priorities.

  1. Your Height

The size of the sleeper sleeping on the mattress plays the biggest role in purchasing a new mattress and bed frame. If you have an average height and have basic requirements, you can select between a single or double sized mattress depending on whether you intend to share the bed with someone.

Suppose you are tall and enjoy plenty of personal space and legroom. In that case, you should consider a wider and longer mattress to offer you uninterrupted comfort throughout the night. Taller people should generally opt for a queen-sized mattress, whereas those taller and plus-sized should consider buying a king-sized bed for themselves.

However, several other factors should influence your decision depending upon the availability of space in your room, your personal preferences, and your budget.

  1. Number of Sleepers

Whether you are a single sleeper or would be sharing the bed with a sibling, partner, child or pet also plays a significant role in selecting the right mattress size. For instance, an adult sleeping alone might buy a single sized mattress for themselves, whereas another adult who prefers more personal space while sleeping should opt for a twin or double sized mattress. The same goes for ones who share a bed with their partner or kids while also considering the room's size and height.

  1. Body Weight & Size

Just the way your height plays a crucial role in determining the length and width of the mattress, your body shape, size and weight also does. It means if your weight lies in the normal range as per your body mass index, you can generally opt for a 6 inches thick mattress. However, if you are on the plus-size or are highly overweight, your mattress should be at least 8 inches thick to offer optimum back support.

  1. Versatility & Personal Preferences

If you are sharing the bed with your partner, there might be two scenarios wherein you may both want to purchase the same mattress while you both might also have specific requirements for your bed. If you prefer a queen or king-sized mattress but want to have different firmness levels or primary materials, you should consider custom split sizes instead. Similarly, if you like tossing and turning a lot while sleeping, a larger bed might feel more comfortable to you as compared to a smaller one.

  1. Preferred Sleep Position

Some people are back sleepers, while others are side or stomach sleepers. And many of them are combination sleepers. Your preferred sleeping position also plays an integral role in the type of mattress you choose to provide moderate contouring to your curves. The same concept as shared in the fourth point would be relevant here. For example, if you are a back sleeper but your partner is a stomach sleeper, you both would have different requirements for your mattresses. In such cases, it is better to look for customized mattress sizes so that both of you sleep comfortably without compromising with your preferences.

Other Mattress Size Factors That Influence Your Decision

A woman sleeping on a bed, with the other factors to consider when choosing the right mattress size shown on the right side

As you already know that choosing the size of your mattress involves a lot of factors into consideration, there are many other factors that you might neglect, but they play a huge role too. Here are some other factors you need to consider before settling on the size of your bed:

  1. Size Of Your Room

Who doesn't want maximum personal space while sleeping? But that doesn't mean everyone can buy a king-sized mattress. Hence, the size of your room and availability of space depending upon the other furniture you have positioned play a significant role in selecting the right mattress size for you.

After determining whether you want to share the bed with someone or not, the size of your room is the second most important thing while selecting a new mattress size.

  1. Your Preferred Sleeping Space

If you have a large master bedroom but do not require a lot of sleeping space or don't frequently change your position while sleeping at night, you don't necessarily need a queen or king-sized bed. Hence, it is essential to consider your preferred sleeping space while choosing your ideal mattress size.

  1. Future Moving Plans

If you rent an apartment, wish to move out to another home soon, prefer rearranging your room frequently or switch turns in acquiring the rooms in case of shared housing, you will need to move your mattress from time to time. Hence, buying an extra large and bulky mattress might be problematic at that time. A smaller or split mattress might be relatively easier and more comfortable to move in such a case.

  1. Location Of The Room

Even if you don't intend to shift out to a new home, the location of your room is equally important. After all, it can be troublesome to physically transport a huge mattress into a room with small doors or the ones located on the second floor. Similarly, if your room is only accessible by a narrow staircase, taking the mattress upstairs can be pretty tricky.

In such cases, you can either consider purchasing smaller mattress sizes or customized split mattresses. Conversely, you can also opt for a compressed mattress that comes in a box and expands to its full size within 24 hours on unpacking.

  1. Room Design & Symmetry

The bed in your room should be according to your requirements and availability of space. However, it must also comply with the geometry of your room. You must consider all the other things in the room, including the table, wardrobes, rugs, etc., to ensure the bed doesn't look too large or small compared to everything else.

  1. Your Budget

Lastly yet most importantly, it is crucial to determine your budget and buy the best mattress available to you. Although the mattress construction and primary materials used play a huge role in the pricing, generally, the bigger the size, the more expensive the mattress is.

You should research the best way to find a good quality mattress that fits your budget constraints and your size requirements. One of the easiest ways to manage this limitation is to buy the mattress via a no-cost EMI facility, but you should never settle for a cheap mattress to find your size requirements or save some money. Or else, you can be exposed to an array of allergies and/or body pain issues.

What Is the Ideal Mattress Height For You?

As mentioned above, your body weight plays a huge role in the support offered by your mattress. Regardless of what size you choose, the height of your mattress is dependent on your comfort. Usually, thicker mattresses are sought to be more supportive and hence, comfortable. However, the thicker the mattress is, the higher is the cost because of the extra material involved in the manufacturing process. Therefore, you can consider the height of the mattress as per your weight, personal preferences, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Different Mattress Sizes

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about selecting the right mattress size in India.

  1. Which is the most common size mattress?

As of right now, the queen mattress measuring 60 inches x 72 inches is the most popular mattress size in India. This mattress size is perfect for average to tall people and offers plenty of personal space to couples without burning a hole in their pockets.

  1. How do I know my mattress size?

By analyzing your height and weight, determining the availability of space in your room, and understanding your personal preferences, you can choose the right mattress size for yourself.

  1. Are there different size queen beds?

The traditional queen bed measures 60 inches wide but usually varies in three length options viz. 72 inches, 75 inches and 78 inches. However, a queen mattress can also be custom-made as an XL queen mattress, split queen mattress, and Olympic queen mattress.

  1. What are double bed sizes?

Generally, a double bed measures 48 inches wide and 72 inches long as per most mattress brands. However, the length options vary as per the sleeper's height and are available in 72, 75 and 78 inches.

  1. What size is a 5 x 6 bed?

A 5 ft x 6 ft mattress refers to a standard queen-sized mattress measuring 60 inches wide and 72 inches long.

  1. Is the Double bed the same as the Full bed?

Yes. In India, a double bed is also usually referred to as a full-sized bed. The mattress is generally 48 inches wide and 72 inches long. However, the length and height of the mattress can vary as per the sleeper's requirement.

  1. What is a 6 x 6 bed?

A 6 ft x 6 ft bed refers to a standard king-size mattress measuring 72 inches wide and 72 inches long. This bed is perfect for large master bedrooms and is ideal for tall, plus-size couples who prefer uncompromised personal space as well as plenty of legroom while sleeping. This bed size can also easily accommodate a kid.

  1. What size is a 6 x 7 bed?

A 6 ft x 7 ft mattress refers to a California King mattress that measures 72 inches wide and 84 inches long.

  1. What size is a Full mattress?

A full-size mattress is generally called a double mattress in India and measures 48 inches wide and 72 inches long.

  1. How much bigger is a Double bed than a Queen bed?

Although both double bed and queen mattresses are available in three length options viz. 72 inches, 75 inches and 78 inches, a double bed mattress measures 48 inches wide, whereas a queen mattress is 60 inches wide.

  1. What is a full XL mattress size?

The full XL size is not commonly available in India but is five inches longer than a regular full mattress hence being 53 inches wide and 72 inches long.

  1. What is the difference between Queen and Queen XL?

While both queen and XL queen mattresses are generally available in three length options viz. 72 inches, 75 inches and 78 inches, a standard queen-size mattress measures 60 inches wide, whereas an XL queen is 66 inches wide. The added 6 inches of width gives 3 inches of personal space to each sleeper.

  1. What is smaller than a twin bed?

A twin mattress is 42 inches wide, whereas a single mattress is 36 inches, thus making the latter smaller than the former.

  1. Is there a mattress smaller than a single mattress?

Yes. Diwan size is 30 inches wide hence measuring smaller than a single sized mattress which is 36 inches wide.

  1. What's the difference between a single bed and a twin bed?

A single bed is 36 inches wide, whereas a twin bed is typically 42 inches wide. Hence, a twin bed is bigger than a single bed and is ideal for bunk beds. It is also suitable for adults who sleep alone and prefer more personal space than a single mattress.

  1. Are all single beds the same size?

No. Mattress sizes are highly country-specific and can range from manufacturer to manufacturer, even in India. However, single beds are generally 36 inches wide and can vary in three lengths and two height options.

  1. How much bigger should a bed frame be than a mattress?

The bed frame should have the exact dimensions as the mattress. However, if you cannot find the same size, the bed frame can be 2 to 5 inches bigger than the mattress. As for the height, ideally, your bed frame should be tall enough to let your feet be positioned flat on the floor when you are sitting at its edge.

  1. Should the Box Spring be smaller than the mattress?

No. A box spring should have the exact dimensions as your mattress, while its height can be according to your preference.

  1. Can the bed frame be smaller than the mattress?

No. The bed frame shouldn't measure smaller than your mattress and must have the same width and length as the mattress size. Buying a smaller bed frame than your mattress causes your mattress to start losing its firmness and break at the edges after a few months. Moreover, this could also lead to potential injuries in case you slip off.

  1. What can you do when your mattress is smaller than your bed?

Although you must carefully choose the right mattress size that fits your bed frame, there are some possible ways to fill the gap if your mattress is smaller than the frame. You can place pillows or blocks of foam to fill the gap strategically. If the gap is too large, you can get the bed frame fixed by a carpenter or professional to fill in the gap seamlessly.

The Bottom Line

The last thing you want to do while buying a new mattress is to end up purchasing the wrong size. Hence, if you wish to sleep comfortably throughout the night, selecting the right mattress size is highly important, even if you have to spend a few more extra days figuring it out.

Browse through Sunday's extensive range of Orthopaedic Memory Foam, Latex and Latex Plus mattresses available in a plethora of standard as well as customized sizes to select the right one for you. If anything goes wrong, even after selecting your mattress size very carefully, we offer a 100-night free trial and no-questions-asked return policy with 100% of your refund.

And don't worry! Although it might seem intimidating to determine your perfect mattress size, you can ace it by paying a little more attention to the details. Many things in your life depend on how well you sleep every day, and it's okay to spend slightly more time (or money) finding the perfect mattress for yourself.


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