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The Best Floor Mattress Guide - How to Choose?

  • 27 October 2021
  • By savita pareek

Everyone looks for comfort when it comes to sleeping and relaxing. And mattresses play a significant role in providing us with the comfort required for a relaxing experience. These mattresses help find the best posture and also help in improving the circulation of blood throughout your body, which also helps improve your sleep cycle. 

However, several kinds of mattresses are available in the market now. But they are also divisible into two broader categories, namely regular beds and floor mattresses. In this Best floor Mattress guide, we are going to discuss everything related to floor mattresses. Additionally, we will also learn about several factors that help us in selecting the best beds. Therefore, if you plan to buy a floor mattress for sleeping, this guide will be ideal for you. 

According to research, resting on a mattress, particularly one that can be changed in firmness, aids relaxation, proper spinal positioning, and excellent sleep quality. If you have body soreness, you should be aware that the surface you rest on may affect how you feel.

Everyone needs a particular sort of mattress to maintain their comfort. Furthermore, there seems to be a variety of beds accessible on the Indian market from which to select. However, whenever you buy a mattress, take the time to understand the many types and which one is ideal for you. Purchasing an expensive mattress will not guarantee an excellent night's sleep. Additionally, there is a floor mattress for sleeping that can be used without a bed frame.

Therefore, floor mattresses are a substitute for traditional beds, and they are highly portable. They can be carried on trips and camping sites due to their lightweight nature. Read through this guide to find the best floor mattress for yourself. 

Table of Contents: 

The Sunday Mattress

If you're looking for beds built with the lowest number of chemical-based foams, Sunday Mattresses is one of the most acceptable options. Each of these mattresses has a therapeutic design that guarantees excellent support and comfort. In addition, they design a product that is true of superior quality. It is the best mattress brand in India because it outlasts the majority of its contenders.

It uses as many organic materials as possible, such as an organic cotton outer cover and tested foam. As a result, it is the go-to brand for anybody who appreciates natural components. These elements also contribute to the mattress being more pleasant to sleep on. They manufacture all kinds of mattresses, such as traditional, foldable, and rollable mattresses. 

Sunday Mattress USP

  • Sunday mattresses are basic materials that have been approved by European authorities and are breathable.
  • The therapeutic design of the mattress aids in the reduction of stiffness and back discomfort
  • All of the mattresses are constructed of organic cotton and contain no chemicals. 

What Is A Floor Mattress?

Floor mattresses are movable, low-cost replacements for traditional beds. As the names suggest, floor mattresses can be utilized without a bed frame, bottom, or structure. As a result, they are suitable for use in the guest rooms. Floor mattresses can be used when travelling, sleeping in caravans, and non-sleeping exercises like yoga.

Several floor mattresses are retractable or rollable, making them easy to store. They typically range in thickness from 3 inches to 6 inches and are manufactured of memory foam, polyfoam, and/or fibre padding. Some mattresses include non-slip bases to minimize unwanted movement in sleep, while others have covers that can be removed with ease and washed. 

Floor mattresses may be an excellent expenditure for homes, especially for people who often entertain overnight visitors. They are incredibly lightweight and can be carried anywhere, which makes these mattresses relatively easy to maintain and carry, and the majority of them are cheaper than regular mattresses. To put it simply, floor mattresses are simple mattresses that can be laid on the floor without any bed frame. 

Why Use A Floor Mattress?

Floor mattresses are very convenient to use, as they are very light and foldable. Therefore, these mattresses can be used anytime and anywhere without using a bed frame. Several people use them for different purposes, depending on the type of mattress they have. These mattresses can be used in place of yoga mats or for sleeping purposes. You can even take these mattresses on trips as they are highly portable and can be easily folded.

Mattress pads and toppers are not the same as floor mattresses. Pads and toppers are different levels of padding that must be placed on top of existing bedding, whereas floor mattresses generally are meant to be complete sleeping surfaces. Pads and toppers can also be laid on floor mattresses, although they are usually too thin (4 inches) to function as beds.

Since mattresses on the floor are much thinner than regular mattresses, many people consider them firmer than conventional mattresses. Some are built with softened foam sheets that balance the hardness to a certain extent; nonetheless, sleepers frequently find that a firmer topper combined with a floor mattress provides a pleasant combination of softness and firmness.

Best Floor Mattresses: Buyer’s Guide

A floor mattress could be something you don't even know you needed, and these elevate comfort to the next level with their small storage and convenience. Furthermore, higher-quality floor mattresses may be extremely comfy. However, these mattresses come in different shapes, firmness, dimensions, thickness, and budget. Therefore, let us see the different types of beds available and the best for you to purchase. 

Type of Floor Mattress

On a broader aspect, there are two types of floor mattresses depending upon how they can be stored. These mattresses can either be folded or rolled. However, all the other categories of beds are categories of these two. Therefore, let us learn about these two mattresses in detail.

Types of floor mattresses

Foldable Floor mattress: 

All the foldable mattresses have creases in them that allow these mattresses to be stacked and then stored. There are two types of foldable beds, bi-fold and tri-fold. All the bi-fold mattresses have one crease, and they can be folded once into two halves. Whereas, Tri-fold mattresses have two creases and can be folded into three halves. These mattresses are thicker and can be easily used in place of beddings and other things.

Features of Foldable Floor mattress

There are several features of the foldable floor mattresses that make them unique. Therefore, let us see some of the features of foldable beds.

  1. Materials used for padding

The padding material used to manufacture these layers is a memory foam or firm latex. They have to have a firmness because any frame or structure does not support them to hold them together. Therefore, they are made of multiple foam layers to provide them with more stability and firmness. These mattresses also have a layer of conforming memory foam. 

The padding material is generally made of organic latex or formed plastic, making it durable and long-lasting. However, in comparison to other materials, these mattresses are more firm than traditional mattresses. Therefore, multiple layers of foam help these mattresses to provide the cushioning required in general beds. 

  1. Cover material 

The covers of the foldable mattresses must be made of material so that they can be easily washed and dried. Additionally, it has to be made of material that resists dirt and dust. Therefore, the covers of these mattresses are removed so that they can be washed. The material for the cover of these mattresses is cotton, synthetic fabric, polyester, natural fabrics, etc. 

Hence, the covers are very soft and are easily washable. Additionally, they come along with a zipper so that they can be removed easily. 

  1. The base of the mattress

Unlike regular traditional mattresses, mattresses laid on the floor may be folded, or rollable, all of them have a different base. Generally, when the conventional mattress is used as floor mattresses, they slip a lot. This makes sleeping on them very uncomfortable. 

Therefore, to remove these problems, the base of the foldable floor mattresses is rubber. These textured rubbers make the beds non-slip. Yet another material is also used to provide additional resistance against slipping, so the mattress doesn’t slip when you are sleeping on them. These bases are made on bi-folds as well as tri-fold mattresses alike. 

  1. The thickness of the mattress

All the traditional mattresses have different thicknesses, which are made to meet the needs of other customers. However, with floor mattresses, the thickness of the beds lies between 3 inches to 6 inches. Therefore, this makes these mattresses extraordinarily light and portable so that they can be carried easily. The thickness of the beds allows them to be used on every kind of floor. 

  1. Weight of the mattress

These mattresses are said to be portable and can be easily carried on trips and picnics. Therefore, they are made lighter so that everyone can carry them easily. These mattresses weigh anywhere between 18lbs to 30 lbs.

  1. Cleaning & Maintenance

These mattresses can be easily cleaned as they come with covers that can be easily removed. Additionally, the layers of the foam can only be spot cleaned, and therefore, it is effortless to keep these mattresses clean.

  1. Versatility

The folding mattresses can be used for several purposes. These can be used as yoga mats or can also be used as children's playing mats. Additionally, since they are bi-fold and tri-fold, these mattresses can also be folded into a seat with a backrest. 

  1. Easy storage

These mattresses have creases so that they can be easily folded and can be neatly stacked. Since they can only be folded twice or thrice, they take more space than rollable mattresses. 

  1. Travel-friendly mattresses

If you think that these foldable mattresses can be carried inside travel bags or suitcases, then no. The width of the bed remains the same even after they are folded. However, they can be carried on the back compartments of cars and other four-wheelers. Additionally, you can also place them inside caravans and trailers. This makes these mattresses to be taken on trips and camping sites. 

Rollable Floor Mattresses

Rollable Floor mattresses are thinner than traditional as well as foldable mattresses. These mattresses can be rolled easily into a cylindrical shape. All these mattresses come with a strap so that they can be bundled after they are completely folded. These can also be folded to fit in smaller overnight or gym bags and can be easily carried anywhere. There are several features of rollable mattresses that make them easy to use and portable. 

Features of the Rollable floor mattresses

There are several features of the rollable floor mattresses that make them feasible. Therefore, let us see some of the features of the rollable beds. 

  1. Material that is used for Padding

The padding in these materials is generally done with only one layer of foam, made of synthetic fibre or any other cotton. The padding made from these materials allows them to be more comfortable. Therefore, they can be easily carried from one place to another in compact bags. 

  1. Cover material 

The cover of these mattresses is general, not removable. The foam is woven together with the fabric and thus cannot be removed. However, some covers can be used to cover these. Therefore, the mattress has to be washed along with a cover. 

  1. The base of the mattress

The base of these rollable mattresses is not no-slip, as folding them into cylinders would become difficult. However, some rollable mattresses are thicker than others because they have a no-slip base and different rubber material.

  1. The thickness of the mattress

All the rollable mattresses are thinner than the traditional as well as the foldable beds. The average thickness of these mattresses is 2 inches to 4 inches. Therefore, they come in very handy when you are going camping. 

  1. Weight of the mattress

A rollable mattress is made very light so that it can be easily rolled and also carried. The average weight of these mattresses is 12lbs to 20lbs. 

  1. Cleaning & Maintenance

Very few rollable mattresses have removable covers. Therefore, they can only be spot cleaned. However, if they have covers, they can be quickly taken off and washed.

  1. Versatility

The rollable mattress has extra padding that makes them ideal for purposes such as yoga or a child’s play mat. They can also be used in camping as they are very portable. 

  1. Easy storage

These mattresses can be easily rolled into cylindrical shapes, and with the help of straps attached to them, they can be bundled and fastened. 

  1. Travel-friendly mattresses

Due to its lightweight design, it can be easily carried anywhere. Some rollable mattresses come with travel cases so that they can be easily moved. They are preferred when people are going camping or hiking, as they are very comfortable.


Firmness is essential, just as it is with ordinary beds. Firmer structures will be more comfortable for heavier sleepers and those suffering from acute and continuous rheumatic discomfort. Plusher mattresses are ideal if you are light and love the softness.

The form, size, weight, and habits of the body affect the firmness of these floor mattresses. This feature varies from person to person. Some individuals prefer hard mattresses, whereas others favour softer ones. Individuals weighing more than 60 kg should generally pick a hard bed, whereas thinner people prefer soft bedding.

The firmness of a floor mattress is measured on a scale of 1 to 10. Most floor mattresses are categorized as ‘Medium' (5) or ‘Firm' (8), leaving people who prefer softer mattress surfaces with few alternatives.

Dimensions of Floor Mattresses

An infographic displaying the floor mattress sizes and dimensions according to each person

Before shopping for a floor mattress, consider the number of people the bed would support and the size. Fortunately, floor mattresses come in all standard mattress sizes, including twin, twin XL, queen, king, and California king.

The dimension of these mattresses is critical. You should only buy beds that are big enough to meet your purpose. Unlike traditional mattresses, floor mattresses cannot accommodate two people. However, people tend to sleep more comfortably on separate beds rather than sharing one. Therefore, always make sure that you are buying the correct size, which will be helpful for you.

Floor Mattress Thickness 

When compared to rollable mattresses, foldable mattresses have a larger thickness. They can, for example, range in thickness from two to eight inches. However, decent ones are available in thicknesses ranging from four to six. On the other hand, rollable mattress thickness can range from four inches for luxury models to two inches for ordinary models.

Therefore, always consider the purpose of these floor mattresses before choosing the thickness. Additionally, you would also have to keep in mind the weight of the individual. The thickness of these floor mattresses is always lesser when compared to traditional mattresses. However, the layers of foam provide them with the required padding.

Mattress Cover

The cover of floor mattresses is similar to other traditional mattresses. These are also made of organic cotton and natural fabrics. When talking about foldable beds, these have covers that can be removed and washed. The covers can also be made up of synthetic fabrics, as well as polyester.

But Rollable floor mattresses come with mattresses that are usually made up of fabrics. However, the covers for rollable mattresses are generally non-removable. Therefore, they cannot be washed and dried off like traditional mattresses. Also, the synthetic covers might be harmful to kids as they are made up of chemicals. These can cause allergies and skin rashes.


These floor mattresses come at different prices, which are based on their types and thickness. Rollable beds are less expensive since they are less thick and provide less support. Their prices range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000. However, a decent and dependable foldable mattress has a price range of Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000.

When shopping for a mattress, keep in mind that just because something is more expensive doesn't imply it's the ideal. Also, don't compromise mattress quality by opting for a less-priced mattress that isn't suitable. There are numerous unknown long-term health consequences of these kinds of mattresses.


Most foldable mattresses include a detachable and washable cover that can be cleaned in a machine, making them easy to maintain. On the other hand, the foam layers are spot-clean and should not be washed since memory foam quality degrades with time.

As previously said, rollable mattresses are primarily spotless since their coverings are sewn-in and cannot be removed. Some higher-end versions include detachable covers that can be cleaned, exactly like foldable mattresses.

Therefore, if you buy the floor mattresses to carry them on camping or visits, then buy the one that has removable covers to be easily washed. 

What Makes The Sunday Mattress The Best Floor Mattress In India?

How Sunday Mattresses is Better Than Other Brand Mattresses

It is essential to understand the demands and health requirements of the consumers before designing floor mattresses. Sunday Floor Mattress is one of the companies that has come up with scientific concepts and goods to ensure that the needs of their customers are satisfied. The company creates a variety of mattresses made entirely of natural and organic cotton.

One of the most admirable aspects of these floor mattresses is that they are chemical-free and manufactured from the finest foam imported from Belgium. So, let us have a look at what makes Sunday Mattresses the finest mattress in India.

  • Organic Ingredients: All Sunday Floor Mattresses are constructed from organic materials. Top covers made of 100% Latex or organically produced cotton are used by the business, which minimizes the number of chemicals in the mattresses. As a result, the beds are more ecologically friendly. Sunday goods are all highly recommended for youngsters and those who suffer from allergies or asthma.
  • Technical Edge: Sunday floor mattresses use foams with the lowest filler, giving them a technological edge. Sunday is also focused on getting the product right, and customers would have no idea what ingredients went into foam. Quality, on the other hand, is a factor in determining value.
  • Longer Life: Because Sunday mattresses are not compressed, they have a longer life than any other mattress on the market. Several businesses compress their mattresses to decrease the cost of courier service, which reduces the mattress’s longevity. The floor mattresses are crushed against a machine that provides a pressure of about 25,000 kgs on the mattresses. As a result, the life of the floor mattresses is reduced. Therefore, if you are looking for a floor mattress online, then always consider the life span the company guarantees.

As a result, to conserve the floor mattresses and extend their life, Sunday mattresses spend more on delivery services and do not compress the mattresses. One of the reasons Sunday mattresses are so dependable and long-lasting is because of this.

  • Ortho Support: These floor mattresses are firm enough to relieve stress and tension in the body while also protecting you from muscular discomfort and cramps caused by sleeping on a poor-quality floor mattress pad. People suffering from back pain might benefit from the Orthopaedic 5-zone help. Furthermore, it is available at various reasonable rates, allowing everyone to make use of it.
  • Japanese Design and International Quality: The mattresses were designed by Hiroko Shiratori, a well-known Japanese designer. The beds feature a sophisticated design and an appealing design. The main component, latex, is imported from Belgium and complies with European safety standards.

Features of The Sunday Mattress

If you want a high-quality product that employs the least amount of chemical-based foams, investing in a Sunday Mattress is a wise decision. The orthopaedic design of the mattresses provides excellent back and neck support. These floor mattresses have numerous unique qualities that make them the perfect choice for anybody searching for comfy, low-cost beds. Some of the features of these Sunday mattresses are:

  • Belgian latex foam with European standard requirements was utilized.
  • The mattresses are perfect for those who suffer from cramps and back pain due to the several layers of cushioning and spatial support.
  • The mattress has a ten-year lifetime and a free 100-night trial period.  
  • The mattresses are designed for those who are heavy. 
  • The mattress's firmness rating is 5-7 out of 10, with 5-7 being the firmest.
  • The mattress's top cover is made of organic cotton and has a zipper. As a result, it may be easily removed and cleaned.

Benefits of Purchasing the Sunday Floor mattresses

There are several benefits due to which these floor mattresses are preferred over the other. Let us see some of the benefits:

  • The top cover of these floor mattresses are made with sustainably farmed cotton and approved latex, making it a product for organic materials lovers. This also benefits those who are allergic to chemicals and do not wish to use items that contain them.
  • The material is very breathable; it helps keep the bed cooler and eliminates excess heat.
  • These floor mattresses' foams have the least amount of filler. In contrast, the Latex utilized is compliant with European standards.
  • The mattress is not compacted throughout the transportation procedure. As a result, these mattresses have a longer lifespan.
  • The company provides a ten-year warranty as well as a 100-night trial period.

Advantages & Drawbacks of Floor Mattresses

Advantages and disadvantages of a floor mattress

There are several pros and cons of floor mattresses.

Advantages of Floor mattresses

  • Saves space

It's no secret that many individuals live in small rooms or flats, making it hard to accommodate a standard bed frame and mattress. The advantage of a floor mattress pad is that people can fold or roll their mattresses away in this manner, freeing up space for everyday activities. 

  • Cost-effective

A simple traditional bed frame and mattress can together cost up to Rs 15,000. However, not everyone can afford these mattresses. This is where floor mattresses come in handy. They are cost-effective and do not compromise comfort.

  • Portable

One of the best advantages of using a floor mattress is that it can be easily carried anywhere. Therefore, they are considered the ideal companion for picnics or when travelling to camping locations.

  • Accommodate guests easily

Suppose you like to have friends over to your place for sleepovers and movie nights. These floor mattresses would help in making your guests comfortable. Additionally, it will allow you to easily set up spaces that can be used to provide you with the best resting space.

  • Better temperature regulation

You are sleeping closer to the floor results in a cooler sleeping environment. Therefore, the amount and quality of memory foam and the presence of any breathable or temperature-regulating components help you sleep peacefully.

Drawbacks of Floor mattresses

There are several drawbacks to floor mattresses. Therefore, let us see some of the cons:

  • Bacteria and other germs

Resting on the ground is beneficial for temperature regulation, although it is detrimental to microorganisms that collect on the floor. There it is advised that the floor should be regularly cleaned to ward off germs. Mattresses can be a breeding ground for germs as well, bringing them closer to your body. So, they do not get to your body while you are sleeping on the floor.

  • Backache 

Firmer beds are typically associated with reduced back pain, although the floor is not a viable option. Lying on floor mattresses might aggravate back problems and other rheumatic conditions.

  • Attract dust, mites, and cause allergies

Some mattresses are made of hypoallergenic materials. You may inhale allergens like dust mites when you sleep on the floor, resulting in various health-related issues.

Therefore, you must avoid sleeping on the floor during allergic seasons. This will help you to not come in contact with allergic elements and protect your health. 

  • Exposed to insects 

Wasps, mosquitoes, insects, spiders, and other small animals attract people who sleep on the floor. You may come into contact with reptiles or rodents depending on where you rest. Therefore, it is always safer to sleep in spaces that are free from insects and animals. 

Is A Floor Mattress Bad For The Back? 

Many people suffer from several health conditions that may be increased when they sleep on beds that are not good for them. People who suffer from such health problems require specific beds to support their backs and reduce the issues. Traditional mattresses have been designed to maintain the posture of the spine and reduce joint pains. However, floor mattresses have different effects on the body.

All the floor mattresses are made from layers of foam that are generally firmer than other mattresses. However, firmer mattresses provide better support to the spine, but it additionally causes several problems. Sleeping on the floor is not viable for everyone, and it may result in many rheumatic conditions. Therefore, people that suffer from back problems and chronic problems should sleep on beds and not on the floor. Therefore, if you are looking for floor mattresses online, read the reviews posted by people to ensure if they are good or bad. 

Mattresses on the floor can be used to rest or play around, but people with back problems should not sleep on them for long hours as it will likely aggravate their problems. Therefore, you could lie on floor mattresses for a change, but sleeping on them when you have a back or chronic problem can cause severe pain.

How Can Floor Mattresses Be Made More Comfortable? 

All the floor mattresses are composed of different layers of foam that provide better comfort. Foldable mattresses are primarily made of latex that is supposed to be firmer. However, sometimes, the beds are made firmer to provide them with better support. Therefore, they can be folded and used as a sofa with a backrest to make them more comfortable. Additionally, a mattress that is softer and thicker will provide better comfort.

Rollable mattresses are generally soft and have lesser suppleness, making them perfect for trips and outdoor use. A rollable mattress that will be thicker and softer will be more comfortable than other traditional mattresses. Therefore, you can add a layer of foam and get these mattresses customized to make them more comfortable. 

Additionally, rollable floor mattresses tend to slip a lot when you are sleeping on them. Therefore, the best thing would be to lay down a rug below these mattresses so that they do not slip. At the same time, foldable beds have a rubber base that makes their surface no-slip. This will fix the position of the mattress and provide you with more comfort. 


  1. What is a floor mattress called?

Floor mattresses are generally divided into two categories called Foldable mattresses and Rollable mattresses. Therefore, floor mattresses don't have a particular name for themselves, other than floor mattresses. However, they are addressed with their type and called respectively. 

  1. Is a floor mattress bad?

No, a floor mattress has several mattresses, and they cannot be considered harmful. However, people with certain physical conditions could experience some problems while sleeping on the floor mattresses. These mattresses have several advantages. If you wish to learn more about the mattresses' pros and cons, you can read the above guide. 

  1. Which type of mattress is best for the floor?

The floor mattresses are of two types: foldable and rollable. However, they both have their specifications and come in handy in different situations. Therefore, you have to understand your requirements first to understand which mattress will be best for you. Therefore, if you want to know which kind of floor mattress will be best for you, you can read the above guide. In the guide, we have divided the beds according to the customer's needs, which will hopefully help you find your best mattress. 

  1. Is it good to sleep on a floor mattress?

Everyone has their different comfort zone, and everyone likes to sleep in their own way. Some feel comfortable in traditional beds, while some feel more relaxed with floor mattresses. It is a matter of choice. There are no adverse effects on sleeping on floor mattresses unless you suffer from previous health issues. 

  1. Why is it good to sleep on the floor?

Everyone likes to sleep in their own comfortable spaces. There are no health benefits of sleeping on the floor. It’s a matter of choice and comfort.

  1. Why does my son sleep on the floor?

Some people like to sleep on the floor. Some people are comfortable on firmer beds than softer padding. 

  1. Why is my mattress more comfortable on the floor?

Your mattresses might not be firm enough on the bed frame. Therefore, when you place it on the floor, it provides the mattress with a harder surface, and consequently, you might feel more comfortable due to this reason. However, you can buy special floor mattresses designed to be laid down on the floor rather than using a traditional mattress. 

  1. Which mattress is best for the floor?

You would have to understand which type of mattress provides you with better comfort and choose accordingly. If you want to know more about beds, read the guide above to make a better choice. 

  1. Which is better, sleeping on the bed or floor?

If anyone has any physical conditions, then sleeping on beds is highly recommended. Otherwise, you can sleep on the bed or floor mattresses according to your comfort.

  1. What should I put under my mattress?

There is no need to put anything under your floor mattress, and it has a base that provides it with the support it requires. However, if you want to keep it clean, then you can lay it on a rug. 

  1. How high should a mattress be off the floor?

The nominal height of a floor mattress, in general, is from 6 inches to 9 inches. If you have insects in your house, it is advised to keep them above 12 inches from the ground. 

  1. What is a Montessori bed?

Montessori bedding is a mattress with no restraints around it, and it is near enough to the ground for the kids to climb in and out themselves.


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