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7 Reasons why Indians Dont Sleep well

  • 21 October 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat
7 Reasons why Indians Dont Sleep well

1. The best time to sleep is anywhere between 10-11 pm. People who do not go to sleep between 10-11pm have 25% more likelihood of having trouble falling asleep. Our research has shown how majority Indians, atleast in metropolitan cities despite work schedules are in the habit of stretching sleep time. The statistics infact are startling. Mumbai has the highest proportion of night owls who sleep after midnight. Only 37.27% of Bangaloreans sleep by 10 PM; compared to 10% for Delhi and 12.8% for Mumbai. Rest all sleep by midnight if not later.

2. A late night meal invariably leads to a restless night and weight gain. As per research, people who eat less than 2 hours before going to bed are 50% more likely to have sleep related issues. Delhi-ites lead the pack in this regard with a late night meal and a heavy one at that, which directly relates to a restless night and resulting obesity and heart issues.

3. The more the gadgets, the more the disturbances. More than 90% of all bedrooms have a mobile phone. The trend is the highest in the IT capital Bengaluru at 97%. Bengalurians and Delhi’ites are more likely to have laptops in their bedroom as compared to Mumbaikars. 44% of Bangaloreans, 47% of Delhites, and 37% of Mumbaikars have a laptop in their bedroom. The gadgets make them hyper vigilant that leads to a disturbed night of sleep. Unless one feels completely disconnected, chasing a peaceful sleep is a challenge. In the west while people own gadgets they are not as heavily dependent on them. Also Indians are turning into couch potatoes more and more, watching TV into the wee hours, leaving them with less sleep hours to put in before a new day of work.

4. There is also a very strong correlation between sleep and exercise. People who do not exercise are 3 times more prone to having issues with sleep as compared to people who exercise regularly (go to the gym at least 2-3 times every week). Those who exercise also sleep more deeply. The percentage of people exercising on a regular basis in our cities is hardly 15%, that too owing to the increasing number of fitness clubs wooing them.

5. In India people use their mattresses as almost heirloom. While in the west, they are in the habit of changing one every five years, in India people abuse their mattress and use it for almost 14 years. As the mattress begins to sink or lose its form, it also leads to restless sleep and joint pains.

6. Indians are also in the habit of sharing their bed with kids. As per survey, close to 50 percent parents share their beds with their small kids, instead of getting them used to their own. This invariably leads to disturbed sleep.

7. The common reason for not sleeping soundly is also noise. Around 13 percent Indians across Delhi, Mumbai and Begaluru complain they can't sleep due to high noise level.


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