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7 Ways to pamper yourself to sleep

  • 28 June 2018
  • By Shveta Bhagat

A sleep routine is sacrosanct to good sleep. Pay some attention, pamper yourself and enjoy your deepest sleep. Here are some ways to indulge yourself into good sleep-

  • Massage
    A good massage is known to relax the muscles and soothe the nerves. It is known to help combat depression and anxiety while promoting good blood circulation and rejuvenating the mind and body. Some experts claim that hard massages infact are the best for insomnia. A regular massage routine can banish any sleep woes for good.
  • Sauna
    A Sauna session is best to get rid of any joint pains and headaches. The cooling down of body temperature after being in the wet heat lulls the body to sleep. It also detoxifies the body as you sweat it out and you feel supple and clean like a baby just wanting to slip away in la la land. It is one of the best ways to set your sleep cycle right. A sauna in the evening is most recommended.
  • Gourmet meal
    Treat yourself to a gourmet meal few hours before sleeping. Let it have all the exotic ingredients that help with sleep and finish it off with a cup of hot cocoa. Sea food, hummus, almonds, truffles, carrots are all good to aide sleep. Remember some carbohydrates do help sleep, so don’t rule them out.
  • Play Jazz
    Jazz music is known to have a relaxing effect and is the best music to hear to unwind. It is scientifically proven that regularly listening to jazz can improve health. It is known to reduce blood pressure and any pains in the body. The vibrations supposed to help improve memory and lift mood, banishing any negativity. Try listening to atleast half an hour of jazz before hitting the bed. From Miles Davis to Louis Armstrong help set the mood.
  • Invest in a good Bed
    Better to spend on a good bed than be spending more later curing a bad back. Ensure you change your bed every 5-7 years and that the mattress is just right for you to have a comfortable night. A good pillow adds to the sleep experience so don’t compromise on your night abode. Let it be a pleasure to crawl into your bed as you wake up feeling ultra refreshed next morning.
  • Moisturise
    Any fussing over our body and it seems like our body duly responds by falling into line and going into rest mode. Moisturize yourself from head to toe with a good quality herb or flower based cream. There are creams out there with calming properties, you could look into. You could look for a rosehip or chamomile based cream.
  • Listen to a guided sleep meditation
    Traditionally we have solutions like doing the shavasan or yoga nidra for good sleep. You could just burn some eco friendly incense and play a guided meditation to help you sink deeper. You’ll be surprised how easily your body responds to instructions as every part of your body is put to rest until you can only feel yourself breathing. This relaxation process will shorten your window period to falling asleep and if you make the process a routine, sleep will be your best friend in no time.


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