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A Good Reason to Sleep

  • 17 November 2020
  • By Alphonse Reddy

Feeling tired but finding hard to sleep is the real irony we have all been victims of. The only time your body and mind get rest is when you sleep. Sleep is as important as food is for one’s life as every cell in our body demands the right proportion of rest and energy for survival. There is nothing more convincing than knowing that you are going to hit the bed after a long tiring day! Most complications in life arise when sleep-related issues are ignored and taken lightly. Sometimes, it even takes years for people to realise that sleeplessness is the reason for their troubled health and routine. It is easy to blame your sleep cycle when you don’t know the factors reasoned behind a disturbed sleep. The mattress at your home is all you need to release the pressure on the other factors you have been assuming to be the reason for your nightmares. 

Tips to choose your mattress

It’s high time we come to terms with the fact that sleep isn’t just about falling on the mattress and dozing off, it is also about choosing the safest one for your comfort and satisfaction. Though the choices are many our body does not adapt to a certain space rather it requires the right environment to feel the warmth. Here are some amazing tips to help you with choosing your mattress because it will be terrifying to end your day on a mattress ‘not for you’. 

Choose a mattress that best supports your sleep position

People tend to choose a mattress that is soft and looks beautiful rather than considering their sleeping positions. Sleep position differs from one person to another and a mattress that does not support your sleeping posture will lead to serious health issues like back pain and body pain. There are three main sleeping positions to be considered that directly link to an individual’s personality out of the eight conceded ones. 

Side sleeping is one of the common sleeping positions. Though not accepted widely due to the curve and bend in the spine, hands, and legs, it is definitely a very comfortable posture. If you are a side sleeper, go for a mattress which is soft and thick to support your body position and to relieve pressure points. 

Sleeping on your back with hands on the sides is labelled as the healthiest way of sleeping. Back sleeping sometimes causes snoring and sleep apnea which can be rectified by a mattress designed specially to ease the pain caused in the lumbar area. Mattresses with a thin upper layer are highly recommended for back sleepers to make sure that the entire body is evenly placed. 

Sleeping on your stomach is risky at times as the pressure on your neck, when turned, gives discomfort and bends your spine but if this posture helps you sleep then you got to look for a mattress that braces your sleeping position. To make the right choice, look for a mattress that is firm and has a thin layer to protect the parts needing comfort. 

Mattresses with a good middle layer play well for people who practice all three sleeping postures. Problems like snoring, back pain, insomnia, headache, and body pain can be avoided if a proper mattress is chosen for your sleep schedule. 

A medium-firm mattress is a wise choice

Plan for the purchase of a mattress after researching the types of mattresses and their firmness. The softness of a mattress is attractive and luxurious but it is surely not going to help you in the long run. For back and stomach sleepers, a soft mattress causes back pain and disturbed sleep. The main problem with soft mattresses is that when a heavy body sinks in, discomfort is caused for the person sleeping next to you. At the same time, firm mattresses do not support all the parts of your body as they leave gaps between your body and the bed causing restlessness and body pain. A medium-firm mattress is designed to rectify all these problems and makes sleeping easier and healthier. Nothing’s more interesting than seeing luxury and rigidness in the same mattress!

Size and Durability

The size of a mattress is one of the important factors to be considered before buying. If the mattress is purchased for a particular individual, make sure that there is enough space for body movements because restricting our movements while sleeping will lead to incomplete sleep cycles and sudden wake-ups. The height and width of the individual are to be regarded before purchasing a mattress to ensure that the body fits in properly. If you are looking for a mattress to accommodate two to three people, review the width of the mattress and avoid soft mattresses. The quality of the mattress material determines the durability of the mattress. Considerable investment is required in-case you want your mattress to last long. Research on the construction and quality of the mattress before investing in it if you are not ready to change your mattress for another few years. Latex bed is long lasting, responsive and its mild firmness supports the person’s body without any impressions making the mattress durable and the best quality one. 

High price does not mean High quality

High priced mattresses are not necessarily good quality ones. All it takes is a lot of research to understand personal preferences while choosing your mattress. It is a myth that costly mattresses meet all the requirements but what’s best for you can also be purchased at an affordable price. Cent percent natural latex is expensive as well as durable thus, choosing these types of mattresses is a wise decision. High density memory foam mattresses are quite expensive but do not support body movements. Studying your requirements and body positions will definitely be the answer to your questions and concerns before buying a mattress.

Mattresses are designed to educate you on the benefits of sleep to make life healthier and complete. You can visit the best mattress brands for good quality and affordable mattresses to make your sleep an experience and not a nightmare. Choose a mattress that is a complete guide to sleep and wellbeing because mattresses are not just for snuggling into for an entire day but to help you with great and fresh starts. 


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