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Different Stages of Sleep

  • 26 March 2017
  • By Shveta Bhagat
Different Stages of Sleep

We get different kinds of sleep over the course of night. Here are the different stages we pass through.
Sleep stage NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement)- This sleep state apart from REMS; comprises 4 stages of sleep.:

  • Sleep stage 1 - A stage of NREM sleep occurring after wake. Its criteria consist of a low-voltage EEG with slowing to theta frequencies, alpha activity less than 50%, EEG vertex spikes, and slow rolling eye movements; no sleep spindles, K-complexes, or REMS. Stage 1 normally assumes 4-5% of total sleep. 
  • Sleep stage 2 - A stage of NREM sleep characterized by sleep spindles and K complexes against a relatively low-voltage, mixed-frequency EEG background; high-voltage delta waves may comprise up to 20% of stage 2 epochs; usually accounts for 45-55% of total sleep time. 
  • Sleep stage 3 - A stage of NREM sleep defined by at least 20 and not more than 50% of the period (30 second epoch) consisting of EEG waves less than 2 Hz and more than 75 uV (high -amplitude delta waves); a "delta" sleep stage; with stage 4, it constitutes "deep "NREM sleep; appears usually only in the first third of the sleep period; usually comprises 4-6% of total sleep time. 
  • Sleep stage 4 - All statements concerning NREM stage 3 apply to stage 4 except that high-voltage, slow EEG waves, cover 50% or more of the record; NREM stage 4 usually takes up 12-15% of total sleep time. Somnambulism, sleep terror, and sleep-related enuresis episodes generally start in stage 4 or during arousals from this stage. 

Sleep stage REM - the stage of sleep found in all mammal studies, including man, in which brain activity is extensive, brain metabolism is increased, and vivid hallucinatory imagery, or dreaming occurs (in humans). Also called "paradoxical sleep" because, in the face of this intense excitation of the CNS and presence of spontaneous rapid eye movements, resting muscle activity is suppressed. The EEG is a low-voltage, fast-frequency, non alpha record. Stage REMS is usually 20-25% of total sleep time.


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