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Different Stages of Sleep

  • 26 March 2017
  • By Alphonse Reddy

Over the course of night we get different kinds of sleep. Here are the different stages of sleep we pass through.

Sleep stage NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement)- This sleep state comprises 4 stages of sleep apart from REMS:

Sleep stage 1 - Sleep occurring after we wake up is a stage of NREM. Its decisive factor consist of slowing to theta frequencies with a low-voltage EEG, EEG vertex spikes, less than 50% alpha, and no sleep spindles, slow rolling eye movements; REMS or K-complexes. Four to five percent of total sleep happens in Stage 1.

Sleep stage 2 - A phase of NREM sleep with K complexes and sleep spindles and next to a rather low-voltage, mixed-frequency EEG conditions; high-voltage delta waves may encompass up to 20% of stage 2 epochs; generally accounts for 45-55% of total sleep time.

Sleep stage 3 - A phase of NREM sleep marked by not more than 50% of the period (30 second epoch) consisting of fewer than 2 Hz EEG waves and more high -amplitude delta waves; a "delta" sleep stage; with stage 4, it constitutes "deep "NREM sleep; only in the first third of the sleep period that it usually appears; it constitutes almost 6 percent of the total sleep time.

Sleep stage 4 – Stage 4 and NREM stage 3 are almost similar except that slow, high-voltage EEG waves cover 50% or more of the record; Out of the total sleep time NREM stage 4 usually takes up 12-15%. It is in stage 4 that sleep terror, somnambulism, and sleep-related enuresis episodes generally start.

Sleep stage REM – Studies conducted on all mammals this stage of sleep is found. In this stage brain metabolism is increased and brain activity is extensive. And in humans bright dreaming or illusionary imagery occurs. This stage is also known as paradoxical sleep because resting muscle activity is suppressed in the face of this powerful excitation of the CNS and incidence of natural rapid eye movements. The EEG is a fast-frequency, low-voltage, non alpha record. Out of total sleep time stage REMS usually comprise 20-25%.

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