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Enjoy the festive season while staying fresh

  • 20 September 2016
  • By Alphonse Reddy

With festive season around the corner, and holidays abound, let’s rejoice and make the most, while not losing our Sleep, after all we want our “feel good” factor intact.

As the fairy lights deck houses, invites start to pour in and late nights become a high probability, let’s not neglect our health and follow some basic Must-Do’s:

1) Stay hydrated. Catch up on sleep whenever possible, and sleep like a child would do. If you can’t help sleep late, try and make up at the earliest.

2) If you drink alcohol, keep it moderate, especially if next day is work.

3) Have juice of at least one lemon every day, to get your vitamin c dose.

4) Drink two liters of water a day.

5) Try not eating or drinking too close to sleep time.

6) Resist being on the phone too much. Lesser distractions will make you feel more rested.

7) Darken your room, so morning light doesn't disturb you and you can sleep just a bit longer.

8) Moisturise your face and don’t forget to use a toner before that at night. Will help your skin rejuvenate faster.

9) Share any work load. Ensure everyone shares work responsibilities, so some are not getting stressed working overtime yet meeting social engagements, while others have a free run.

10) Shop Online to save time. This is also one time when families under tension begin to squabble. Do whatever is most convenient and remember the whole idea of festivals is to share the joy and keep peace.


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