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Handpicked Teas for Blissful Sleep

  • 22 August 2017
  • By Shveta Bhagat

Tea as we know it, has soothing and refreshing qualities and hence part of our daily fix. A blend of certain superior tea leaves also has the potent value to calm us and give us peaceful sleep.

Radhika Batra, owner of Radhikas Fine Teas & Whatnots says, “Tea isn't just black or green, but a beautiful infusion of good mood and good health. Certain blends can restore well being with their special alchemy and even ward off sleep struggles.”

Radhika, a celebrated tea sommelier who first introduced the idea of fine teas in India, studied different kinds of tea leaves from various regions, understanding their key benefits, before turning into something of a Tea therapist.

Here are her top picks of Tea blends good for Sleep-

Jasmine Peal Green Tea

When the scent of Jasmine flower meets the goodness of Green tea, you have the exquisite and refreshing Jasmine Pearl Green Tea. Sourced from the uphills of Qingdao, China, this tea carries the essence of the mountains and its running water at its core. Carefully handcrafted and blended into pearls, this artisan tea is a sight to experience while the pearls slowly and beautifully unfurl in your tea cup, turning the water around into an aromatic infusion.


  • Feelings: Refreshing, Calming, Romantic, Happy 
  • Antioxidant level: 5 
  • Caffeine level: 1 
  • Time of the day: Luncheon, All Day 
  • Origin: China

Blooming Big Bud Tisane
Handpicked specially from the Fujian province of China, the Blooming Bud infusion is known for its visual appeal. This artisan tea is a work of art where the finest green leaves are bundled around a flower and further sewed into small balls. When steeped, they bloom into a splendid floral arrangement or 'a drama in a vase's as we love to call it. Relaxing and meditative, the blooming bud infusion is mild, earthy, sweet and aromatic on your taste buds.


  • Feelings: Calming, Romantic, Happy 
  • Antioxidant level: 5 
  • Caffeine level: 1 
  • Time of the day: Luncheon, All Day 
  • Origin: China

Chamomile Flower Tisane

Each Chamomile flower specifically handpicked from China’s Fujian province, and is dried keeping the essence intact. An infusion so pure and calming that it is often referred to as the comfort tea by tea lovers. Watching the chamomile flowers bloom in your teacup is a meditative experience in itself.


  • Feelings: Calming, Romantic, Happy 
  • Antioxidant level: 5 
  • Caffeine level : Nil 
  • Time of the day: Quiet Moment 
  • Origin: China

Chrysanthemum Flower Tisane
This tea is made of the finest Chrysanthemum flowers that bring to you a fine infusion. It is organically grown and is devoid of any pesticides or synthetic oil. It is most relaxing and leaves you with a sense of happiness.


  • Feeling: Calming, Romantic, Happy 
  • Antioxidant level: 5 
  • Caffeine level: Nil 
  • Time of the day: Luncheon, Quiet Moment 
  • Origin: China

Hibiscus Rosella Flower Tisane

Sour, vibrant, fruity and beautiful - this artistic tisane is your cup of tea if you're looking for something happy and tangy to uplift your mood while calming! A native of Thailand, this fruit is dried and packaged in Phuket to seal its fragrance and freshness as is before it reaches your cuppa.


  • Feelings : Happy 
  • Antioxidant level: 5 
  • Caffeine level: Nil 
  • Time of the day: Luncheon, Evening 
  • Origin: Thailand

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Tisane
A native of Thailand, this tisane is made from Butterfly Blue Pea flowers. The flowers are grown and sourced from the mountainous regions of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in Thailand and treated to give you a mesmerising blue-coloured infusion.


  • Feelings: Refreshing, Calming 
  • Antioxidant level: 5 
  • Caffeine level: Nil 
  • Time of the day: All Day 
  • Origin : Thailand

Do you think drinking a cup of tea is more than enough for a great sleep, think again – our range of both firm as well as soft mattresses including Memory Foam Mattress, Ortho bed Mattress and Latex Mattress.


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