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How does Hydrotherapy help Sleep better?

  • 27 July 2018
  • By Shveta Bhagat

Did you know exercising in water is not only good for your joints but also sleep. The benefits of hydrotherapy are manifold and have been recognized throughout history and used in traditional remedies. Bath houses have been around for centuries to promote good health. From the Romans to Russians, everyone has been indulging in hydrotherapy in one form or the other to relieve muscle stiffness and promote blood circulation. Bathhouses became extremely popular in Europe by 17th century and in U.S.A the first public bathhouse is reported to have been built in mid 1700's.

Hydrotherapy or “Pool therapy” or “Balneotherapy” suits all age groups and puts the body in balance controlling the production of stress hormones, stimulating the immune system and banishing any body pain with renewed blood circulation. Our bodies when exposed to the sensation of water or the hot or cold stimuli, readjusts itself and overtime become strong. Nothing beats hydrotherapy to put mind and body at rest.

Hydrotherapy is also known to banish blues and often prescribed for symptoms of depression. Especially exposure to cold water helps us return to a natural state of balance by activating the sympathetic nervous system, facilitating blood flow to the brain and core, and increasing blood levels of beta-endorphin. It also helps cure any bodily inflammation, which is strongly linked to depression. Exercise too is considered to have similar effects so exercising in water just gives double the results.

During our millions of years of evolution as primates, we were routinely subjected to “physiological stressors” (like temperature fluctuations or even brief dips in cold water), which lead to the cascade of certain beneficial chemicals in the brain and body. Researchers hypothesize that depression could in part be caused by the nearly complete lack of physiological stressors in our comfort-driven, climate-controlled society.

With hydrotherapy we could deal with many physical and psychological issues that could be coming in the way of sleep without even our knowledge. Challenges such as blood pressure imbalance, anxiety, headaches, constant fatigue, digestive issues and pains of any kind can disturb the quality of our sleep. It can all be treated accordingly by water therapy. It is mainly the pressure and temperature of water that when set right help in combatting specific issues.

In parts of Europe and Asia there are spa programmes designed keeping in mind medical history of guests. With different temperature baths and many kinds of hydrotherapy treatments of all kinds, a lot of elderly couples prefer to check into these natural rejuvenating centres rather than be making rounds of doctors.


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