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How to catch up on sleep, post party season!

  • 27 December 2015
  • By Alphonse Reddy

Party poopers here's your guide to surviving the season..

With all the goodies tucked in, unpredictable timings and alcohol consumption, your health does become vulnerable to a setback. Only way to counter it is ofcourse sleep and more sleep.The run up to New year’s can be hectic, with everyone wanting to catch up one last time before the year winds up. You could be deluged with invites and finding it hard to wrangle out of them. Be it partying nonstop or an all-nighter, it does take a toll finally on your energies, skin and well, sleep cycle.

But given the inevitable circumstance, experts can only advise how to best manage it.

  • Firstly if you know there is a hectic social schedule coming up, ensure you don’t start an all-nighter with any degree of sleep deprivation. Ensure you are well rested (of course with our soft mattress online) before the season kicks in. You can’t actually bank your sleep but it does make the effects less pronounced.
  • While you might feel euphoric initially, there is always a gradual wear off the next day. Infact you might have a problem concentrating on your usual chores. It is best then to limit your movement and not volunteer more work than one can do.
  • A nap is a real energy booster. If possible have one whole sleep cycle which is about an hour and a half to get you through the day. If you can’t manage that even a shorter nap will help. A study at NASA on sleepy pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness by 100%.
  • Try and get sun light to energize you and to reset your internal clock. Natural sun light is the best mood enhancer as well, so if you have the blues or generally a headache, it’ll help you feel lighter.
  • Snack on proteins rather than carbs, even if your body craves so, as carbs make you sleepier.Higher protein snacks include a small handful of nuts or wasabi peas instead of chips or biscuits. Always choose water or diet drinks if you want to keep awake. Fresh coffee is another option.

Finally remember even if you are unable to sleep on usual hours, there is no harm in catching up in between as that is the second best thing to do. Better than going without enough sleep. Try and catch up on deep restful sleep with right mattress whenever in between your daily chase and busy evenings.  Sleep is afterall the best bounce back!


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