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How to deal with summer related Health hazards

  • 15 April 2016
  • By Alphonse Reddy

Health risks are associated with every season. To keep all kinds of infections at bay we need to be wise enough and take necessary precautions. After all it is better to exercise caution than regret. However, we all sometimes succumb to nature’s fury and are resigned to our comfortable bed. It is important for us to know how to safeguard ourselves against all eventualities.

Here’s your guide to taking care of potential health threats of the season with preventive measures and necessary solutions if need be.

Heat Stroke

A severe form of hyperthermia, is known as heat stroke. It happens when the human body absorbs more heat than it can dissolve. Due to the failure of the body's temperature-regulating mechanism when exposed to excessively high temperatures this condition is marked by fever and even unconsciousness.

Solution: Immerse yourself in ice to lower the temperature of the body, or take a cold shower. Heat stroke can be prevented during summer by drinking lots of water, wearing light and loose clothes, and not exerting yourself.

Prickly Heat Rash

The people most at risk for sunburn are also most vulnerable to heat rash or prickly heat rash, which emerge when heat irritates the skin, particularly around body folds.

Solution: Use cooling powder as often to absorb extra moisture, bathe as often and try to avoid the heat as much as possible. Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream can relieve itching and irritation.

Heat Exhaustion

A rapid pulse, a result of your body overheating, and heavy sweating are some of the symptoms of heat exhaustion. Heatstroke is the most severe and heat cramps the mildest among the three heat-related syndromes.

Solution: Take adequate rest. Have a cool bath, sponge bath or shower, and drink any cool beverage that is non-alcoholic. Use light clothing. Rest and if nausea continues see a doctor.


Dehydration is marked by muscle cramps, light headedness, heart palpitations, dry eyes and mouth, dry skin (where sweating almost stops), and nausea.

Solution: Re-hydration with lemon water, coconut water, or any other water replacements that contain electrolytes. Lot of fluid intake and rest are important.

Food Poisoning

This is the time when you have to be very careful about eating out. Warm weather temperatures can cause bacteria to multiply at a rapid pace. These bacteria can produce dangerous toxins that will make you sick. The bacteria cannot be seen with the naked eye, nor can you smell or taste them. Animal products and dairy and all things containing dairy should be kept below 40 degrees F. To prevent food poisoning, discard all foods that have been left unrefrigerated, especially if in the sun, for more than two hours. It is also advisable to boost your immune system and have strong digestion to minimize effects of bacteria consumed accidentally.

Solution: Stop eating and drinking for some hours. It is usually said food poisoning clears within 48 hours. Try drinking clear soda, clear broth or peppermint tea. Add a tablespoon of crushed cumin seeds in soup. You could also keep an Ayurvedic fix called Amritdhara at home.


The ultraviolet radiation burns the skin when you spend long hours under direct sun. Sunburn symptoms are patches of darkened skin peeling away.

Solution: Try staying indoors during 10am and 4pm when the sun light is at its peak. Prevent sunburn by using sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are physical barrier type sunscreens that protect you from both UVA and UVB rays.

Foot Infection

Sweating and humidity can increase your chances of foot infection during summer.

Solution: From medical stores you can buy anti-bacterial powder. To get rid of the bacteria scrub your toes and feet thoroughly. Consult a dermatologist for dreadful skin ailments.


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