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How to ditch the Sleeping Pill

  • 19 October 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat

With increasing demands made on us comes anxiety that plays havoc with our sleep, and finally pushes us to turn to sleeping pills for an undisturbed sleep. At a stage where lack of sleep begins to reduce productivity and cut into the quality of our lives, it is an evil temptation that hooks us. And like we all know, anything addictive can’t be a good thing in the long run. For all its instant relief, the side effects only take us further away from getting a good night’s sleep.

Here is how to wean off the bad habit of sleeping pills-

Reduce intake
You could cut your intake by half after you are convinced the sleeping pill is only adding to your grogginess and ruining health. It is time to regenerate your body naturally by sleeping the real way, minus any unnatural aides. Initially your body will resist as it is used to a certain dose but make a consistent effort night after night, until your body adjusts to its original rhythm and you learn to once again sleep the right way.

Learn to Rest your mind
Remember your body is not a machine, it does need to rest and recoup before you once again hit play. Just a pill or external pick you ups or copious amount of coffee is not going to help your cause. To be able to sleep at will and reenergize in a busy schedule, you need to learn to calm down and relax yourself. Don’t become a slave to your thoughts, instead master the art of controlling your restless self to be able to do everything, which includes sleep, with that much more finesse. Adopt a meditation routine and to ensure you stick to it start by joining a group.

Stick to a routine
If you have been on the sleeping pill for long, and are determined to get off it, appoint someone to monitor your routine and banish your fleeting fancy of returning to the old way. Every time you are tempted to return to your old way, focus on the many benefits of going clean, de-toxing and pumping more energy into yourself. Make a firm plan chart that includes exercise, right diet and adhering to fixed timing for everything including bedtime and rise. Keep at it until you begin to feel better and find yourself leading a healthy, restful life.

With your firm sleeping plan ensure you go for a firm mattress for an unperturbed sleep.



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