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How to Party hard yet get good Sleep

  • 11 November 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat
How to Party hard yet get good Sleep

Guess what, there is a balancing act even for partying till you drop and sleeping like a baby! You could achieve that balance by doing just some right things to stay feeling healthy and happy.

Here are some easy ways to get good sleep after a night of partying-

1) Replenish nutrients
It is a good idea to pop a vitamin to restore the nutrients lost while drinking alcohol. Vitamin B is supposed to be a great choice, as while drinking the vitamin supply dips. Other options can be thiamine, folic acid, and magnesium sulfate that can help as well. Do not overdose or have too many either.

2) Eat some proteins
Before you start your evening, have a solid meal to help regulate your body’s absorption of alcohol. A nice, slow-burning meal with protein and some carbs or fat will introduce the alcohol to your bloodstream gradually so your body can process it without overworking itself. Red meat is known to be a good choice because it has a high concentration of protein and B vitamins, which help process alcohol byproducts in the body.

3) Hydrate yourself
That last glass of water at bed time is very important as it will help ease the discomfort and hydrate you. Also whenever your eyes open in the middle of the night, do not forget to gulp this most natural fix. In fact you could also try ginger and peppermint tea once home from your frantic partying. Any herbal drink that soothes the stomach is a good idea, to ensure you have a restful sleep.

4) Do some Exercise
If you are not too tired, despite the marathon partying, find time for some gentle exercise every day. Make a schedule and stick to it no matter what. It could even be just a half an hour walk, to get your blood circulation going and make you feel fresher and lighter. Most importantly it will help beat the blues and ensure you don’t overdo anything as you’ll be conscious of health. Most importantly it will help you sleep well.


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