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How to put your kids to Sleep

  • 01 August 2017
  • By Alphonse Reddy

Kids need sufficient sleep as they are still growing and sleep is almost as important as their diet in determining their full potential. Kids between the age group of 3 to 5 years need minimum of 10 hours of sleep. Those between 6 to 12 years need minimum of 9 hours. Teens, 13 to 18 years of age need minimum of 8 hours if not more. If a kid is well slept, the benefits observed are plenty. With adequate number of sleep hours, a kid is inclined to be more cheerful, have better attention span, social skills and emotional wellbeing.

Here are five ways to ensure your kid catches enough winks-

  1. Set a fixed bed time
    Ensure your kid is in bed at the same time every night. While you could make weekend an exception, be careful not to disturb their regular sleep pattern. Even if there is a party or an occasion that can’t be helped, do not let the time gap be too much from their routine bed time.
  2. Stop TV viewing two hours before
    The light from the screen is known to reduce production of the important sleep hormone, melatonin. Ensure your kids get to watch TV but not too much and not too close to bed time.
  3. Dim the lighting
    Create a sleep inducing environment. Kids are naturally hyper active, important to create a conducive surrounding so their system calms down and knows it is time to wind up.
  4. Have a family sleep routine
    Kids love to imitate their parents. Try and set your routine according to the needs of your kid. Ideally whole family should turn in around the same time so the kid understands it is time for sleep.
  5. Have a secure Bed environment
    You could have sheets chosen with the help of your kid and a teddy bear or toys around the bed that gives reassurance. Even a bed time story or poem that helps him/her settle in for the night is a good idea to add some comfort.

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