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How to Sleep after an argument

  • 15 October 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat

Firstly always try and resolve an issue, but in life we have to deal with people of different personalities, and it is not always up to us. However for our own peace of mind and better sleep, we can only hand out the olive branch and look for truce.
Everyone knows how hard it is to calm down after a fight especially if with your significant other. It always makes one restless and the racing thoughts make it tough to go to bed.

Here are few ways to pacify your unsettled self-

  • Do not keep returning on the war path, exchanging words left unsaid. Instead exercise self control, if possible get some alone time, away from the scene to collect your calm.
  • You may resort to a hot water bath and put on some zen music
  • A Hot chocolate works to knock you off better than alcohol. Anything done in rebound will only exacerbate the situation
  • While you may call a friend to relieve your thoughts and feel lighter, remember too much of it may not help as the reel will keep playing in your head, making you feel more pitty for yourself.
  • Don’t beat yourself about the fact you fought. Fighting is natural, especially with close ones. Tell yourself these things happen and as long as you committed to finding a solution to improve the relation, it is all good. Sometimes a fight is even necessary to make you get to the bottom of an issue.
  • Sleep it off. Remember not to be impulsive and finally ease yourself to sleep. The security of your bed and mattress and the promises the pillow assures you, helps you wake up with more clarity and feeling better equipped full of hope.

So deep breathe, say a little prayer, dont let an argument go out of hand and finally shut yourself from the going ons with a good night sleep. If bed be your paraclete, then buy mattress online from us today.


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