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How to Sleep well during Exam time

  • 26 October 2017
  • By Shveta Bhagat

Given the pressure on students nowadays, they often end up trading their sleep with examination pressure, especially those in board classes. However it is only when you have been getting good sleep consistently does your brain function the best. Here are some ways to keep calm and get enough rest before giving your tests your very best shot.

  • Eat Right
    Don’t eat too late into the night, which you will be tempted to do while studying. Eating heavy stuff and late into the night can impair sleep and leave you feeling restless the following day. Have your dinner around 7pm and later sip on hot cocoa or have snacks that contain tryptophan which the body uses to make melatonin, that helps in good sleep but will not immediately put you to sleep either. Avoid coffee as it will temporarily give you a kick and help you feel awakened but in the longer run, disturb your sleep. Also, snack on Omega 3 nuts and seeds such as flaxseed or pumpkin seeds to give you extra energy during this time.
  • Set a timetable
    Have a fixed study time as far as possible while taking breaks at intervals to stay refreshed. Don’t procrastinate as it would send your studying capacity into flux and your system too. If your body is tired, you may take longer in absorbing the same information. Take a walk for a glass of water or even reward yourself after one part is finished, by playing your favourite mindless game on the phone. Important for your brain to zone out too and not be overloaded.
  • Exercise
    Don’t stop going outside to refresh yourself. Do take a walk or play a sport even if for just half an hour, it is only going to boost your brain power and relieve any stress. Exercise triggers hormones that help us reach our full potential. Some of these include- Serotonin that boosts our mood, Dopamine which helps attention span, Norepinephrine motivates and stimulates the mind. Don’t forget the increased blood flow with a good work out that helps neurotransmitters improve our cognitive function. Exercise will only further help you reach your target goal.
  • Meditate
    Do some guided meditation/breathing to shut off your mind, recharge and increase the power of concentration. Studies show fewer revisions are required and confidence gets enhanced as you set a daily meditation practice. You can take out even just 15 minutes to sit quietly in a room with a lit candle, you could imagine you are breathing out any stress and breathing in confidence. Nadhi Shodan Pranayam or Anulom Vilom pranayama is considered most helpful. You could also try some yoga. Surya Namaskar is supposed to relieve any strength and build confidence and strength of mind apart from keeping the body energized.
  • Homeopathy
    You could couple all the above tips with some Homeopathy if still need calming. Remember Homeopathy is free of side effects and hence safe to take. The Homeopathy helpful in beating exam stress include Argentum Nitricum, Gelsenium and Lycopodium. It is always better to take the meds straight from a Homeopath, rather than picking up from a shop as you may not know the exact quantity required.

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