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How to sleep well during fasting

  • 27 September 2017
  • By Shveta Bhagat

Fasting and its effects on sleep


Fasting has been part of our lifestyle for centuries with people previously fasting for religious purposes and now with science backing up the benefits of fasting it has turned into a diet culture with fads like intermittent fasting, OMAD taking over.

Sleep during intermittent fasting

While fasting is observed as a call of devotion to the Almighty and a test of our self-control, we should not be left sleep deprived. In different religions fasting means eating at only certain hours or giving up certain foods that drive our sleep as well. In Navratri, Shivratri and Ekadashi one has to let go of flour and grains, in Ramadan one can eat only before sun rise and after sunset, and in Lent, the fasting time for Christians abstinence is again key. It is interesting to note that any change in eating hours or habits has a direct correlation with our changed sleep pattern.

Fasting and insomnia



Intermittent fasting has proven benefits that help us sleep but in the beginning it might be a different scenario with people experiencing insomnia due to the sudden changes. This happens mainly due to the fact that intermittent fasting causes changes in the body such as the increase of growth hormones, metabolic rate and insulin levels.

Intermittent fasting can also affect the circadian rhythm as the body takes time to get adjusted to the change in the meal timings which in turn disrupts the sleep timings.

Lack of food consumption can also trigger insomnia if the fasting is not done correctly, a large enough calorie deficit can alter the daily functioning of the body including the sleep schedule causing insomnia.


Tips to stay fresh during fasting.


  • Stay Hydrated One can use this time to feel better and sleep more peacefully. Wherever allowed one should stock up on alkaline vegetables and fruits like cucumber and watermelon. One may stay hydrated with coconut water, butter milk and lime water apart from clean water. The human body comprises 80% to 60% water. When we are born we contain maximum percent and the least by the time we die. It is also one reason why we sleep our best when young and worst when old. A good quantity of water in our system ensures proper functioning of our cells, crucial for our mind and body. If we are properly hydrated our brain cells will stay in balance and ensure we have a good night’s sleep.
Detox the body during fasting
  • Detox Mind & Body Sleep is interrelated with our hunger pattern. Intermittent fasting can make the brain more active and hence make it tough to fall asleep. Hence, it is even more important to set a sleep routine and stay away from gadgets as much as possible during this time. Disconnect from usual addicting habits and spend more time with nature. Go for a walk in a lush green park every day. Attune your body to your new routine and stick to it. Let this be a time for self-contemplation and detoxification. The more detoxed your body feels, the clearer your thinking and deeper you should be able to sleep. Get a massage if you can, that will ease your muscles to rest and help in the detox. Have a green tea or chamomile tea to calm you just before bed time.
  • Take a Nap If at home or have a personal cabin at work, try and take a nap to keep you rejuvenated. All forms of fasting require some sort of self-restraint Napping has proven to recharge our cells, reduce the chances of a heart attack, calm the nervous system and boost productivity. The half and a hour can prove to be a golden chance to keep you healthy and going.
  • Avoid Coffee and soft drinks Avoid stimulants like coffee, soft drinks and chocolates that can come in the way of staying rested and sleep. Especially closer to sleep hour, keep all stimulants at bay.
  • Do things you don’t at other times Spend this time in sitting like old times with family and friends and sharing stories and remembering God. Watch a nice film that you want to share with loved ones.

All these tips should help you not only sail through but even enjoy your fast. Sleeping during fasting now shouldn’t be a problem with our affordable bed mattresses available with us.


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