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How well does an Ortho Mattress contribute to quality sleep?

  • 10 August 2020
  • By Alphonse Reddy

Relaxing and relieving your body involves an important step that of alleviating your body pain. Simple as it may sound, how often do we pay attention to chronic pains and body aliments? We allow these to build up to a point where a doctor’s or physiotherapist’s consultation will be deemed necessary. Though it may provide you some temporary relief, you need to choose the right sleeping mattress type in the long run for the comfort of your pain points. Whilst the obvious choice is an orthopedic mattress, it pays to find out how it is different from other mattress types in terms of quality, build or construction, material, weight, temperature, comfort level, firmness level, size, budget, etc. 

An ortho mattress is specifically built with materials and construction that help alleviate chronic pains and orthopedic problems. While this is the intended function, its comfort level can be another subject of discussion. Orthopedic mattresses act on several regions and points in your body including shoulders, back problems and joints.

Construction materials used in orthopedic mattresses:

While there are several types of orthopedic mattresses available in the marketplace, you can also find different kinds of construction and material options:

1. Inner springs coil:

The main factor that’d help you select orthopedic mattresses with innerspring coils is what your pain points and ailments are. They come with pocket springs that account for a high volume to support your body pain points, unlike spaced ones that apply more pressure. In addition, the internal upholstery is constructed of a sturdy innerspring coil system and the outer support is built for comfort. The inner springs are designed to support the pressure points and entire body, whilst the outer layers can enhance comfort levels. In typical cases, you can also choose innerspring coils based on your needs that strike the right chord between support and comfort.

2. Memory Foam: 

Looking for supreme comfort? It wouldn’t get better than a Memory Foam mattress construction as it can sink lower, and is ideal for moderate pain. It works on the contours of the body and cushions your points for sublime comfort. Memory foam mattresses are perfect for middle-aged professionals and executives whose active lifestyle demands proper sleep. The only slight disadvantage is that you may need to put in some effort to get out of the mattress based on your physical condition.

3. High Resiliency or HR Foam: 

HR Foam is another recommended mattress option for orthopedic issues.  It is characterized by high resiliency, i.e. it can bounce back to return to its original shape and form with tension, making it an excellent orthopedic option. The design of the HR foam is such that it not only cushions and contours the pain points and body, but offers the same comfort level as that of the memory foam. The selling point of HR foam is resiliency which makes it a preferred option of use cutting age groups. Elderly and people suffering from body ailments can’t sink in the HR foam easily, when stashed against the properties of a memory foam.

4. Rebonded foam mattress:

A rebonded foam mattress is another popular orthopedic mattress type; it eliminates potential points to produce greater stress. Compared to memory form or innerspring mattress, rebonded foam mattress accounts for a superior support experience, and duplicates the spring-like action, which it illicits from its construction features. Rebonded foams are made up of a combination of several foam densities that are shredded and re-bonded, subjected to mechanical pressure, into new chunks or blocks of uniform and standard High Density Rebonded foam material, suitably cut into required sizes.

In addition, it functions like a spring without any hassles or requiring any maintenance, but would supposedly lose its structure with extended use. It accounts for a comfy experience, besides offering support for important pain points including lower back, spine and shoulders on the whole.  Though it does not score very high on the comfort level, it’s a topper in alleviating body pain and preventing pain related to body stress. Rebounded foam mattresses are suitable for all age types.

Ways by which orthopedic mattress prevents back pain or body

Any orthopedic mattress is generally made considering the materials and construction that support the shoulders and back. Whilst most mattresses are constructed with sleep glade material replacing general types, orthopedic mattresses is a notch further. Right from the use of materials, construction to thickness and size, everything is made and put together to offer appropriate support and comfort to help relieve and eliminate any form of pain.

Orthopedic mattresses help support the spine and maintain its natural ‘S’ shape in such a way to eliminate pains or damage because of bad posture. A sedentary lifestyle or age-related back pain or other ailments can lead to serious discomfort during sleep, which is why orthopedic mattresses are built to provide the right comfort levels. This said it should be noted that using orthopedic mattresses alone cannot reverse or treat your condition. You also need to adopt the right lifestyle changes and medical care, as prescribed by your doctor or physician, to be able to prevent or reverse chronic pains.  However, the right orthopedic mattress can prevent the condition from turning more acute or severe, making your back, lower back and shoulders lie in a relatively natural sleeping position, and avoid an awkwardly uncomfortable position for extended periods. However, you should go for orthopedic mattresses only if you think you are exposed to the danger of certain body pains and ailments worsening due to incorrect/poor sleeping positions.

Back pain has been a growing concern, especially between the age group of 40 and above, as poor/inadequate sleep affects the quality and quantity of sleep. This also explains why manufacturers have come out with innovative orthopedic mattresses types to suit different ailments.  Though back pain is common these days due to work stress and other lifestyle factors, it should never be treated lightly as its intensity can vary from mild to severe. Some cases may even require the expertise of a professional. Therefore, it is important first to understand the type of back pain that you’re going through. This will help you decide whether to consider buying an orthopedic mattress, visiting an orthopedic doctor or physiotherapist, or look for alternate medical treatment. If you think selecting the right orthopedic mattress brands will contribute to quality sleep, you’ve obviously taken the right first step.



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