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Top 7 plants for your bedroom to help you sleep better.

  • 31 July 2018
  • By Shveta Bhagat

Some greenery in a room brings a sense of harmony and always lifts the mood of a place. Apart from making a house look and feel nicer house plants also work as a natural air purifier so they also have health benefits. They lend a Zen affect to one’s surroundings and help oxygenate the air. To have a good sleep, spending time to buy the best mattress online always matters. Likewise you have to spend time to choose the right plants for your bedroom because indoor plants help you relax and have a good night’s sleep.

To add character to your personal space and to ensure better sleep bring home these house plants.

Here are the top 7 plants for your bedroom.

1. Jasmine
Positive effects include lower stress levels, improved quality of sleep and a good mood. With its extensive vines and clusters of pretty trumpet-shaped flowers jasmine plant can make your bedroom more beautiful. Compared to other houseplants Jasminum Polyanthum is very easy to look after. Its soothing smell is an added advantage.

2. Gardenia
Cape jasmine or Gardenia jamsinoides apparently has the ability to induce sleep and works almost like prescribed sleeping tablets. According to a study conducted in Germany, on a neurotransmitter known as GABA these flowers had the same effects as valium. Indoor gardenias does not require direct sunlight but for them to thrive they have to be kept in a bright room. But if you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, instead of resorting to any pills investing a little time in one of these beautiful blooms could be a healthier and economical solution.

3. Lavender
Lavender is one of man’s common natural remedies for many things. It is a great cleaning agent and is used as a fragrance for scented clothes, soaps and shampoos.  The powers of lavender do not stop there. Lavender plant can in fact help treat insomnia and anxiety disorders. Researchers have found out that inhaling its scent can set free sedating and soothing effects.

4. Snake plant

Snake plant
To improve oxygen purity place a Snake Plant indoors. They are easy to maintain and costs little. They are perfect for the bedroom. In a study carried out by NASA this plant was one among the 12 air improving plants. Another plus point is that it is also hardy and won’t wither away easily.

5. Scented Geranium
When you have a houseplant which always smells wonderful there is no need for any room freshener. The fragrance is supposed to help put nerves to rest. Scented geranium belongs to the family of the ordinary household geranium, but flowers less frequently.  But the fragrance of its leaves makes up for it and comes in an astounding array of scents: rose, apricot, nutmeg, lemon, cinnamon, mint, ginger, pineapple, lime, chocolate, coconut, and more. It grows in fairly high light as it prefers sunny, warm, dry conditions. You can use the leaves in your morning tea.

6. English Ivy
English Ivy has also made it to NASA’s list of best air-purifying plant due to its ability to absorb formaldehyde. English ivy can easily grow and survive in moderate temperatures. It requires medium sunlight exposure.

7. Daisies

These flowers can bring brightness and cheer in an instant and lift up your spirits. With orange, pink, white and yellow they should be a welcome addition to any room. Apart from their good looks there are health benefits as well. They help you breathe easy by releasing oxygen at night while you snooze. Daisies are definitely recommended if you suffer from apnea or allergies. Just ensure they get sufficient water and sunlight.


Which plant is the best for your bedroom?

It all depends on what your preference is, are you looking to enhance your decor, to purify the air or most importantly to provide a good night's sleep?Once you're certain of what you're looking for you can compare the pros and cons of each plant and decide which one is best for you.

Word of Advise: Remember to clean the leaves once a week at least if you have indoor plants. It is similar to changing the filter in your air purifier!

With improved greenery and increased oxygen levels, all you need is the best bed and mattress for an unperturbed sleep.


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